iPhone 7 fully functional leak NowhereElse 001

We’ve seen our fair share of iPhone 7 mockups and dummy cases, but these are all based on rumors. Not once in the past did we see images or videos showing a prototype, if not a fully assembled iPhone 7. Well, that may have changed today as French blog NowhereElse.fr re-published photos from a Weibo account of what site owner Steve Hemmerstoffer described as a possibly functional iPhone 7. The images depict a device with Apple-like fit and finish, the display turned on and showing what’s unmistakably the iOS interface.

UPDATE: The claimed device has been caught on video, too.

The device on the images appears to run Apple’s internal testing software, called SwitchBoard. Geekbar, the Chinese team who leaked these photos, specializes in device repairs. Not much can be said about these images that we haven’t gleaned from prior leaks.

And here’s the video.

The consensus out there is that the next iPhone will drop the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of Lightning and Bluetooth headphones. There should be two speaker grilles at the bottom for stere sound, the antenna lines should run only across the top and bottom on the backside and there may be a new dark blue or space gray-like color option.

The 4.7-inch model should have a larger camera hole with a curvature while the 5.5-incher is said to come with a dual-lens camera. The new iPhones should be unveiled next month and come in 32/64/256GB storage tiers.

Let us know what you think of these images in the comments.

Source: Weibo via NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate)

  • This almost makes me want to switch to android but can’t because of iMessage.

    • Troy


    • John Smith

      Whatsapp is better..

  • Ken Naron

    That OnePlus3 is looking better and better.

  • Chris Wagers

    I’m going with fake but that’s just my opinion.

  • Nuno123

    Regardless of how is going to look like it will sell very well. Seems ugly and no innovation that justifies spending my money.

    • GreaterLengths

      Yeah because unlike you and me there are still way too many idiot fanboys who will go out and buy one anyways. Hence the reason will continue to “resize and recycle” older devices over and over again. SMH

  • John Smith

    Big ass bezels, same design… Bye Apple I’m buying a Note 7!!

    • Was thinking the exact same thing.. I’ll wait till next year.. if that device doesn’t wow me.. I’ll probably make the jump as well. I’ll miss imessage and how it works with all my macs but enough is enough with the same old stuff.

    • iFlasher

      Lol you are going to experiment te worst multitasking ever (Apps reloading even with lots of GB of RAM, Apps crashing, Browser no keeping tabs opened). But hey, no one talk about this and talk of another things less important…

      • stevefe84


      • iFlasher

        Try yourself.

      • stevefe84

        I did. Still nonsense.

      • iFlasher

        I like the way you use dots. Good Day.

    • GreaterLengths

      What do you mean “same design”? This is crApple innovation at it’s finest! lol

      What’s sad is these dumb ass fanboys who will still go out and buy one on launch day anyways, even though they already have last years model which is 99% identical to this years. SMH

  • rockdude094

    All aboard the android train choo choo

    • John Smith

      Count me in!!

    • Bill

  • Ara Rezaee

    Well I have to upgrade this year no matter what (current daily device: 5S), gonna be one painful purchase.

  • Ric D

    Apple releases these videos to mess with Android users.

  • eXoguti097

    That camera better have OIS

  • czbird

    Sooo ugly 🙂

    • smtp25

      yep – that’s what I think too. I’ve been waiting a year for this too, can’t with to throw by Galaxy S4 out