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Apple on Thursday launched a new bug bounty program, in which it will pay researchers cash for discovering vulnerabilities in its products. The announcement was made at the annual Black Hat security conference by Apple’s head of security engineering Ivan Krstic.

Several major technology companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have long offered similar programs, but Apple has remained a holdout until now. The iPhone-maker will pay anywhere between $25K and $200K for exploits, depending on where it is and what it does.

The bug bounty program is invitation-only, at least for now, and researchers must provide a proof-of-concept on the latest iOS hardware. In an interesting move, Apple says if you’re willing to donate your bounty to an approved charity, it will match it—up to $200K.

Source: TechCrunch

  • Chris Wagers

    Pangu missed out on some

  • The Guy

    Well, say goodbye to jailbreaks!!!

  • Jayy

    Now the people who know how to find new jailbreaking exploits will have an enteral debate of whether or not they should release the tool to the public or make a cool $50 – 200k lol

    • Lit

      Well I think the money was always there, it just wasn’t offered by Apple. Didn’t some guy/company offer $1M for jailbreak before?

      • Jayy

        Yeah some Asian company offered one million if anyone could produce a web based jailbreak tool. An yeah there was always money that could be made, but that was always an uncertainty. Now people can contact Apple directly and know for a fact if they will get paid or not for what they found.

  • hkgsulphate

    if I were the jailbreakers I’d rather get the 200k seriously

    • Rizaldy Chaniago

      fortunately you’re not one…

    • it’s not all about the monies now is it, for hackers its notoriety and fame! 😉

      • Kaptivator

        Everyone has their price…