As great as Apple’s reputation for making great devices, their charging cables still leave quite a bit to be desired. Prone to falling apart after what seems like only a few weeks, the charging cables you’re provided with your iPhone are often frustratingly limited in functionality.

But a solution has been found in the reliably durable Extra-Long MFi-Certified Charging Cable, now offered in a 2-pack that’s 81% off.

The Extra-Long iOS/Android Charging Cable delivers two cables for the price of one, at a ridiculously low cost.

No more hovering over outlets: thanks to the cable’s 10-foot length, you’ll enjoy an extremely convenient charging experience.

The iOS Extra-Long Charging Cable’s tip features an adapter that makes it compatible with both Lightning and micro USB devices, so you’re not hunting around for various cords for different purposes.

This cable plugs in via USB, whether to your computer or a wall adapter, and tackles all the duties of your standard charging cord–including transferring music and data, syncing information, and charging your device.

Grab a set of two Extra-Long MFi-Certified Charging Cables for the price of one, with free shipping included. Pick up a 2-pack for just $14.99, available for a limited time only.

  • Vasilis 2

    80$ initial price? This is a joke right? You can find similar cables in amazon starting from less than 20$ and from a company that actually exists and offers support, Anker for instance…

    • Well, one 10-ft Anker Lightning cable is regularly $50 on Amazon (currently on sale for $14) So they aren’t cheaper than this deal for sure, which gives you 2 10-ft long cables for $15.

      • basilis

        At least you admit that you edited original post. Now there is a slight margin to call it offer. Previously not.

      • The only thing I edited in this post was the length of the cable, which wrongly said 6 feet. Correct length is 10 feet each.

      • Vasilis 2

        It makes all the difference in my argument though.

  • Mustang5Oh

    Article says they are 6 feet but the site says 10 feet…

    • Oops. Post edited to reflect the correct length, which is 10 feet

  • Nick Dee

    eBay 3 10ft for 6.00 free shipping – work just fine

    • Alright alright you win. You can find cheaper elsewhere.

      • Nick Dee

        Just trying to help people out that’s all. Not being a smart as@