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Apple on Wednesday issued an updated diversity report, showing progress in its efforts to beef up the hiring of women and minorities. The iPhone-maker is one of many Silicon Valley firms that has been criticized for having a mostly white, male workforce—particularly at the executive level.

According to the latest numbers, 56% of its US employees are white and 69% of its global staffers are male, but there has been a boost in new-hires. Apple says 54% of the US new hires added within the last year are minorities, meaning their new hires are more diverse than current workers.


We see diversity as everything that makes an employee who they are. We foster a diverse culture that’s inclusive of disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, and service to country. We want all employees to be comfortable bringing their entire selves to work every day. Because we believe our individual backgrounds, perspectives, and passions help us create the ideas that move all of us forward.

Creating an inclusive culture takes both commitment and action. We’re helping employees identify and address unconscious racial and gender bias. We’re cultivating diverse leadership and tech talent. We’re continuing our advocacy for LGBTQ equality, investing in resources for Veterans and service members and their families, and exploring new ways to support employees with disabilities. We’re also strengthening our common bonds through on-campus groups, events, and programs.

In addition to diversity, Apple has also made some strides on the equal pay front, saying it’s achieved pay equity in the United States for similar roles and performance. Women employees now earn $1 for every $1 male employees earn, and the same with minorities versus white employees.


Source: Apple

  • nonchalont

    That’s great of Apple. Leading by example. It’s a good cause. A lot of companies do that already. Apple is not the first of course.

  • pnh

    How about just hiring the most qualified candidate for the job regardless of their color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation? Their statement basically says that if you are a white straight male you may get passed over for someone less qualified for the job. Not good for the company and not good for society in general when you tell certain demographics they don’t have to have the same qualifications.

    • Vince Reedy

      If people felt and acted that way racism would die off. Of course we need to do it the opposite way to just make it worse.

    • Rob

      I agree, this was exactly my thoughts as I was reading the article. I’ve applied for a job recently, and when it came to stating my ethnic origin & gender for the sake of diversity it occurred to me that someone of an ethnic minority is more likely (with similar qualifications and experience) to get the job than me because I’m a white male. I wish everyone would stop trying to be so politically correct & being so afraid of offending people of different races / genders. We’re all born with the same potential, NOBODY should be given preferential treatment.

    • Tommy

      you are totally right. Thats like the airline industry not hiring super qualified white pilots because the need more diversity. This is truly wrong.

  • S.Curry

    Now how many of them are actually American Citzens?

    • Jose Gonzalez

      I just got hired I am not american citizen… Thanks apple for giving everyone in the great USA a chance! Viva la Raza!

  • Rook Flair

    Don’t let too many black and Latinos up in there. We be f*ckin sh*t up.

  • Burge

    So Apple are saying they will hire minorities over the right person for the job. Who cares what minority they are and it’s not something you should be boosting about. You hire the right person for the job and that’s it and that’s what you should be saying. Being a minority should not even come in to it.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Too much political correctness nowadays…

  • John Smith

    This is stupid. Ppl should be hired by their qualifications and skills, not by race or sexual preferences. The way apple is doing is Crooked Hillary way of thinking.

    • Burge

      Apple are not hiring on the fact of being a minority Apple are boasting about the fact as though it’s something to be proud of. If I was one of the minority that was hired by Apple I would want them to say I was hired because I was the right person for the job and that’s it, not go around saying that I’m a minority who was hired by Apple.

      • John Smith

        So what’s changed that they are hiring more minorities now? Suddenly minoritied got more qualified and skilled than whites? Stop being blind.

      • Burge

        It’s not who got hired it’s the fact that Apple are marking a song and dance about them hiring a minority and not the fact it should be the right person for the job whether that person is minority or not, being a minority should have nothing to do with it and should not be advertised about as Apple have done so here.

        The person hired might be from a minority but that’s not why they was hired so why make something of it. This is Apple just trying to look good to the rest of the world about who they hire.

  • Mustang5Oh

    It’s sad a company has to show people graphs about who they hire to appease liberals these days. Stop hiring based off of color, gender, male, female or whatever. Just hire the best person for the job regardless of who or what they are. Ugh this PC nonsense has to stop!

  • Lizmay

    Affirmative action rarely makes for a good company. This is mearly racism towards whites.

  • Lizmay

    Stop the hate Apple.