iPhone 7 Plus blue mockup Unbox Therapy 003

An earlier report from Japanese blog Macotakara alleged that the next iPhone might bring out a new deep blue color option, later described as being closer to a “dark Space Black,” similar to that used for the Space Black stainless stell Apple Watch.

Be that as it may, a new video from Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy shows off an iPhone 7 mockup with kind of blue-ish, purple-ish tone to it. It’s “a very unusual color for Apple and it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the product line,” says Hilsenteger.

This iPhone 7 Plus mockup was produced by a Chinese company called BeSound, which is working on Lightning-based earbuds for the iPhone 7.

Other than the blue-ish finish, this mockup also gives us our best view of other rumored features of the upcoming handset, including a dual-lens system that will likely be absent in the standard iPhone 7, and three vertical pins on the backside that may suggest a Smart Connector or wireless charging.

Other notes of interest include a pair of speaker grilles and no headphone jack at the bottom, a protruding dual camera with a curvature to it on the backside and subtler antenna lines that only run across the top and bottom of the device.

Would it be cool to see an iPhone in this shade?

Source: Unbox Therapy

  • Y2J

    I don’t like that blue, I liked the one that was shown a few months back that was a lot darker.

  • Jamessmooth

    I must say, I don’t know if I like the blue better or Hajeks renders of space black. I like them both!

  • Jake Platt

    I must say I really am quite surprised at how identical the new model looks to the iPhone 6s. It has killed nearly all the anticipation I am used to feeling for new iPhone releases. Not only is the design identical, but they’ll piss a lot of people off in the meantime with an even bigger camera hump and no headphone jack.

    • Neil Urban

      Aesthetically, it’s a smaller update because they are purportedly planning a big overall of the hardware design for the iPhone 8 next year, which is to honor the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary.

  • Dao Sasone

    I just want better functionality out of the phone.

    • ^^THIS^^ For me the lack of no real back button doesn’t make sense for productivity. Sometimes I can get to a certain part in an app and there is no clear way of going back to a previous page/image/link/whatever.
      There are two things I wish Apple would do a) Add a proper back button b) Make their apps readily available across platforms (This one over time I believe will become a real issue for Apple if they don’t embrace other platforms)