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Saurik has made some changes to the Cydia Store on Tuesday that will be music to the ears of jailbreakers who want to download paid jailbreak tweaks on the newly-jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 firmware.

Among those is a new fail-safe to make sure you don’t pay for tweaks that don’t work.

Cydia purchases enabled

For the first time since the launch of the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu, jailbreakers can now purchase jailbreak tweaks from Cydia. This is a huge change, because previously, those who jailbroke iOS 9.3.3 were limited to installing free jailbreak tweaks unless the paid tweak was already listed as “purchased” in the user’s Cydia account.

There is a small caveat to this change, however. Saurik notes that purchases are only unlocked for jailbreak tweaks that have been marked as “supports iOS 9.3.3” by the developer. This means jailbreak tweaks that haven’t been updated in ages are still unpurchasable at this point in time.

For example, LocationFaker9 has not been marked by the developer with iOS 9.3.3 support despite working on previous versions of iOS 9, so Cydia gives us this error message when we try to buy it, noting that our iOS version is not supported and doesn’t let us install it because we don’t already own it:

LocationFaker9 not supported

If a new paid tweak is released in Cydia and it has been marked as compatible as iOS 9.3.3 by the developer, then Cydia will now officially let you purchase it and install it on your iOS 9.3.3 device.

Self-service refunds

For the first time, Cydia is also getting a new self-service refund feature. This feature allows jailbreakers to request and receive a refund for any jailbreak tweak that they purchase from Cydia within 24 hours after their purchase as long as the jailbreak tweak has been uninstalled from all of the users’ devices.

This makes it so that when you purchase a tweak that doesn’t actually work, or doesn’t perform as expected, you can get your money back instantly without the hassle of contacting a potentially hard-to-reach jailbreak app developer to ask for a refund, and then potentially get denied.

Saurik made the announcement this morning on Twitter along with noting that he had unlocked purchases for iOS 9.3.3:

Saurik Self Service Refunds

The self-service refund feature will actually move jailbreak developers to work harder to fix their bugs, as those who purchase tweaks with bugs in them are going to use this feature a lot more often, meaning the jailbreak developers aren’t going to make any money unless their tweak actually function as expected.

As a result, this feature may actually help the community as a form of quality control, giving users a legitimate dispute process through the Cydia store for products that don’t work as advertised.

The feature is used by tapping on the Automatic Refund button that appears under the green “Package Officially Purchased” banner on tweaks that you’ve recently purchased:

Cydia Automatic Refund

Tapping it takes you here, where you can get your automatic refund:

Cydia Automatic Refund 2

Wrapping up

With iOS 9.3.3 now officially supported for Cydia purchases, it would seem that the jailbreak has been deemed stable by Saurik. Despite the fact that there remains a ton of confusion about the certificates and questions about semi-untethered booting, we have pieces that explain each of those in detail.

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  • Tommy

    what methods are there to paying in cydia?

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel


  • John Doe

    The developer said it would be fixed by Christmas… Let’s see now how it’ll take!

    • Automatic refunds only work for tweaks purchased within 24 hours. It sounds like you bought that tweak a long time ago.

      • John Doe

        I think you’ve miss understood.

      • Well you said he said it would be fixed by Christmas and then said you’d see how “it” would take. So it wasn’t clear if you were talking about trying to return it or trying to purchase it, and since you said “if it would take” I assumed you were going to try and submit for a refund.

        I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood you. A little detail in what you’re saying goes a long way.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Relax, buddy, it ain’t your fault.

  • igobythisname

    Awesome! I just updated and jailbroke 9.3.3 this weekend!

  • nonchalont

    This is great news for the community. Holds the developers accountable for quality work.

  • Eric Draven

    Still cant purchase anything. CleanLock shows its updated for ios 9.3.3 but Cydia still shows not able to purchase. Anyone else getting this? Ive tried a few of the updated tweaks and its the same thing

    • The developer may have said “updated for iOS 9.3.3” in the Cydia description, but that doesn’t mean he marked it as iOS 9.3.3 compatible yet. He will still need to do that.

  • Rondog

    Great update but still not working. Maybe it takes some time to take effect.

  • Bret Smith

    I need something like locationfaker9. Any suggestions? On 9.3.3

  • Mark S

    The refunds are awesome since a couple developers didn’t care to give me a refund in the past. No problem I’ll never support them again. I forsee people trying to abuse this refund however but I’m sure Saurik will just block someone when it’s there 10th refund of the day or week.

  • Steve

    Great! CameraTweak 4 is out!!!!!