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Apple on Monday released a new commercial for its iPad Pro line. Titled “What’s a Computer,” the ad spotlights the firm’s latest and most powerful tablet, showing off various productivity and multitasking features that one might desire from a PC.

This isn’t the first time Apple has suggested that the iPad Pro is powerful enough to replace your computer or laptop, but it is the first time it has done so blatantly in an ad. It’s so flagrant, in fact, that it almost has a Microsoft Surface feeling to it.

Apple announced last week that it sold 10 million iPads during its fiscal third quarter. That’s down .9 million units from Q3 2015, and iPad sales are dwindling, but revenue from iPad was actually up for the quarter, largely thanks to the success of iPad Pro.

What do you think of Apple’s latest ad? Do you think the iPad Pro can really replace a computer?

  • Y2J

    Until I can charge, sync, and jailbreak my phone from it, no.

    • Blip dude

      This!! Don’t get me wrong, the Surface stays at home way more often than the iPad, but the iPad still relies on the Surface for syncing so nope.

      • Chris Friend

        People still sync with iTunes? Really? I haven’t had to sync with iTunes in AGES. Everything is streamed from the cloud. I can buy and rent everything from iTunes on the device and re download it later, and iCloud syncs everything like photos and contacts. I guess if you have a HUGE library of your own stuff then you’d still sync with iTunes but even then there are better streaming alternatives.

      • Blip dude

        You pretty much explained the problem right there. Streaming is the issue here. I don’t want cloud services, I don’t want nor need Apple on everything. iCloud, Really?? Yeah. . . Noooo.

        Streaming?? Yeah sure I do that too but I don’t own the music, and there’s stuff in my library that isn’t on Apple Music or iTunes for that matter, so my library fills in that hole. Don’t even get me started on iTunes Match. Movies, don’t need to buy or rent them. I get free legal digital copies of movies. But I also enjoy Anime that I sure can’t get from Apple or other streaming services legal, so my rips fill in that hole.

      • Rei

        Pfft. Once you subscribe to say…Spotify, every song on that network is legally yours to listen to, you could also just use Netflix for anime or even crackle for that matter. Dropbox is an easy way for you to store all of your files on the cloud, did I mention that with Spotify Premium you could have an unlimited amount of songs to your library as well as download all of the songs that you want as long as you have the storage? And people with a huge amount of songs and movies could just easily stream it. Why aren’t you looking towards the future? If anything, with your logic you’re also saying that you don’t want to even use the intenet as a whole, why hate on the Cloud when it allows you to have unlimited amounts of storage? “Pay for More?”, just use multiple accounts, who else has over a terrabye of music? Oh, Spotify. e.e

      • Blip dude

        Spotify?? Pff, can’t believe I even believed that hype. It’s both overrated and it still didn’t match my library at all. No streaming services really have what I want, and everything they do have I already have. Also, the one benefit I at least get from Apple Music is that I don’t to switch back and forth between apps.

        Already use Dropbox and a few storage But guess what?? Everything requires huge Data or WiFi. Why the hell would I use up data when I can have it locally stored.

        Why aren’t I looking towards the future?? Because it’s not here yet.

        Of course I’m not going to use the Internet as a whole. Why the hell would one put their eggs in one basket like that is beyond me. I find it sad when I’m on campus and the network goes down and then the college kids can’t save their work because they decided to heavily rely on storage services instead of also having a backup flash drive.

        I hate to break to you, but the entire future won’t heavily rely on cloud storage. And really having multiple accounts?? That’s a bigger inconvenience than just syncing from a computer.

        Also, the one time I decided to use the cloud, it ate through 10GB of data in 30 min and NEVER restored the 5GB of backup that I had. How the hell this happen is beyond me, Apple, and AT&T. They just said sorry, gave me another device and lost 1/3 of my monthly allotment.

        So yeah, the future isn’t here and cloud storage isn’t ready either. It’s good for a few documents but that’s it.

    • besrate hogsa

      What? are you kidding me!
      Not in the present state
      But a windows 10 tablet can replace a laptop PC
      Apple needs to do more work to make that happen

      • Y2J

        I’ve definitely considered the Surface in the past, especially the Surface 3 since it did away with RT, but I’ve ultimately decided I want to wait and just get a MacBook (Air probably.) I would love it if Apple would make an iOS/macOS hybrid for iPad Pros and use that to replace the MacBook Air.

      • Rei

        I would like that, especially because of Apple’s simplistic style that they came up with.

    • Rolf Bause

      Well, you could have used the browser JB – well, at least for a week 🙂
      Ok, now you would need a PC or Mac again of course already 😉

    • Sharkey311

      The whole jailbreak craze is tired, dude. What is the point of syncing your phone with your iPad? Charging would be pretty nice in a pinch I guess but what about the battery on the iPad Pro after the iPhone is charged?

      • Y2J

        If they want the iPad Pro to replace a computer it would have to do those things. Otherwise, if I buy an iPad Pro when my laptop breaks, how do I sync my iPhone if I’m out of iCloud storage (which I was until yesterday when I had to upgrade my plan). All I’m saying is that if they want it to replace computers you need at least one fully functional USB drive and you’d have to be to download computer programs.

      • Blip dude

        So far a Jailbreak is what gets an iPad one step closer to it becoming less dependent on a PC, and closer to it becoming a PC itself. A Jailbroken iPad also further proves one other point, the hardware isn’t the issue here (though a USB port will be Extremely useful), the software is a major issue.

  • Jamessmooth

    Its really, really darn close to replacing my computer. The only time I ever take my surface out of my bag is to check for updates and recharge it after a few weeks. I also upload pics to it from my iPhone and back them up with a portable hard drive, and to open the random file that the iPad has issues with. Apple needs to add back light and a caps lock light to the keyboard… maybe a few other stand positions too.

    • besrate hogsa

      You are kidding yourself
      iPad is still a glorified iPhone
      NOT even close to replace a computer

      • Chris Friend

        I disagree. There are plenty of people who have replaced their computer with an iPad. It does what MOST consumers need. Web browsing, text editing, and media consumption. The whole office suite is there, and that’s usually all people need.

      • besrate hogsa

        you can do all of those things you mentioned on the iPhone
        Does that mean. it replaces your computer?

      • Rowan09

        It replacing a computer means that people no longer use their computers but use an idea instead. Smartphones as a whole is replacing the need for a computer and so is tablets. Not everyone needs a traditional PC and now they have choices with smart devices.

      • besrate hogsa

        I agree with you, that there are people who are using their mobile devices as a computer
        but read the article

        can the iPad replace a computer?
        and the answer is No

      • Rowan09

        I understand, but it can replace a computer because not all people use a computer the same way.

      • Chris Friend

        Well yeah. There are people who own an iPhone and nothing else. There are people who own an iPad and not a computer. If the device fits your needs to YOUR satisfaction, then it can be your computer. My mom doesn’t use a computer anymore. She uses an iPad. She does all her work (making her powerpoints and editing her work documents) on an iPad. She doesn’t need a laptop. I still use my laptop because I still occasionally need access to higher functions, but I’d say it’s about 60% iPad and 40% laptop for me, and that number is changing daily as the iPad can start to do more things.

        You complain about me making a bold statement but you’re making a bold statement that because you can’t use an IPad as your main computer, NO ONE can. That’s false. People have replaced their main computer with the iPad and other similar devices since the first iPad came out. IT just matters if it can be used for everything you need it to be.

        Also consumer needs and what you can do on an iPad are entirely appropriate for a discussion on if an iPad can replace a computer…

      • Blip dude

        This I can totally agree with. I’m actually 80% iPad, 20% surface, but because in my personal experience the iPad just can’t do that critical 20% of the higher functions and programs that the iPad just isn’t capable of.

        I can truly see being able to go all iPad, but until there is at least one USB port and give it a hybrid OS to unlock it’s true potential, I’ll still be needing a Surface or MacBook 20% of the time.

      • Shinonuke

        In essence, your iPad have replaced a computer. The argument goes back and forth: can a laptop replaced a desktop PC? No as there are certain requirements that a laptop can not do without a desktop PC. If you find yourself using 80% laptop and 20% desktop PC then you have replaced your work with a laptop. Complete replacement? No but in essence/technically you. For me, I used the iPad and iPhone 95% (I quantified it as such since I only use a desktop/laptop to apply for jobs). An iPad is a watered down version of a PC. So yes you have replaced your laptop. Comparing the ARM’s designed with a Intel Atom, the ARM architecture outperforms the Intel Atom. Don’t forget that the Intel Atom is consider a computer, or “netbooks”, which is still a computer.

  • Rolf Bause

    Only if you are living in the Apple bubble…

  • Rowan09

    It’s getting close but not there yet.

    • besrate hogsa

      No,it didn’t even started

      • Rowan09

        Not true. Specs wise the iPad Pro is good, but it needs a file system especially to be even mentioned as a replacement in my book.

  • Ernie Marin

    It’s not even in the same planet, they need to stop this false advertisement, in fact look at how they didn’t show one single game because in the end computers have the graphics and processing advantage Tablets will never have. Right now Tables are using processors PCs had 6 years ago and almost quarterly we see new PC components, as opposed to tables that can only be upgraded by getting a new one.

    • Rolf Bause

      I personally couldn’t care less about gaming on my iPad or Mac…

  • Arvs

    Yes, it can replace your computer. But to an extent only. Everything is almost a chore still, even with the current “Innovations” of iOS.

    *Switching apps is still a chore, even though you have a Bluetooth Keyboard paired with it.
    *No mouse pointer. A Smart Pen can never replace a good old Keyboard and Mouse combo. (I don’t know but Android has this way back, why couldn’t iOS implement this too.)

    For now iPad can still be considered generally as a Media Consumption Device. Yes you can easily upload/edit photos & videos, edit documents. But that’s just about it.

    I guess it all falls down to an individual’s specific needs. One can consider it as a laptop/computer replacement. If he/she doesn’t play hardcore games and mostly do social media updates and editing documents. While others needs more than what the current iOS + iPad could offer.

  • CSK

    Not even close.

  • Gersham Shams

    Allot of you guys CLEARLY don’t know what a PC (personal computer) is. A desktop or laptop computer has a lot of benefits/features that the iPad Pro can’t match (e.g. high end gaming) and in the same way the latter has its benefits/features the former can’t match (e.g. Portability). But they are both PCs in the sense; just, for different consumers. One thing is undiable though – tablet are the PCs of the future; if you have a mac and one of the latest iPad you will certainly find yourself using the latter way more.

  • Josiah

    In the productivity aspect, it is getting close. In the gaming aspect, it will never be able to replace a computer. There will always be things any computer can do 100x better than a tablet. But with the innovations of mobile software and its new and improving multitasking ability, it can make up for some of the functions of a laptop. It can’t totally replace it and never will be able to, but there are some things that it can do a bit better with it’s touch screen than the laptop can do with its trackpad. Even with all that said, if I do get an iPad, it will never replace my MacBook Pro. It may have a lot of potential and ability, but it can never match everything my MacBook can do toe to toe.

  • Kay Dhaliwal

    This ad makes more sense for Surface Pro

    • Rowan09

      Yet the surface Pro is not selling well, maybe it’s because people don’t need a touchscreen computer.

      • Rolf Bause

        The Surface is neither very good at being a computer, nor at being a tablet, imho.
        I’d rather have 2 devices.

  • mahe

    “it might you wonder, hey, what else can I do”
    One word: nothing

    You can do great things on the iPad pro, but you can’t replace a Computer, Surface, Mac, MacBook …

  • Mallouk Malek

    Very simple! change the OS of the iPad then I will Replace my pc with any iPad, but for the time being, my crappy 5 years old pc will do the tasks iPad will never do, regardless of it’s super power !

  • TwoSim

    When your Mac hardware is down, u can find via Time Machine, when u iPad don’t works , you have to download all the apps another time.and have to sync with iTunes .

    • Rowan09

      You can download all your apps from the App Store

      • Or just restore from your last iCloud backup?!

  • :D

    Needs mouse/trackpad support

  • Marcus

    If it doesn’t have a full blown file system explorer (like Finder) then it’s not a computer. Also it should be jailbroken out of the box (like any computer).