Lightning EarPods video 001

Following blurry photos of an alleged Lightning-based edition of the EarPods, Apple’s stock iPhone headphones, a new video now gives us a far better look at what appears to be fully functional headphones resembling the EarPods, except they connect into the iPhone’s Lightning port.

Published on YouTube channel EverythingApplesPro on Friday and first discovered by French blog, the 60-second clip shows the headphones connected via Lightning to an iPhone running iOS 9. They work as you’d expect, including controlling playback via the in-line Play/Pause and Volume Up and Down buttons.

As you can see for yourself, volume control seems to be working fine in the YouTube app, as does the Play/Pause button. However, the narrator didn’t test the EarPods’ in-line microphone. The headphones look genuine but there’s no way to accurately assess if what we’re seeing on the video is in fact a legitimate Apple product.

Here’s your first look at the supposed Lightning EarPods.

The EarPods apparently leaked from Chinese parts suppliers.

It’s unclear if Apple will ship Lightning-based EarPods in the iPhone 7 box or their wireless, Bluetooth-powered counterpart. It’s also unknown if the iPhone 7 box will include a rumored Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter, just the headphones, both or none.

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  • Andrieux Querido

    So no play and charge on the same time

    • I am pretty sure Apple will offer you an optional $19,95 adapter just like they do with the MacBooks 😉

    • igorsky

      Everyone always uses this example like it’s make or break. Not everyone uses their iPhone in this same way so no play and charge is not a big deal to many people.

    • John Smith

      In 9 years of iPhones I did that once or twice. Stop crying

      • Andrieux Querido

        OR you can stop being an ass, i do this all the time.

    • Marlon

      Huge deal for me especially when traveling and I need my portable charger while listening music…. not the phone for me.

  • Macs

    The lightning connector doesn’t fit in the apple ecosystem feels like a 3th party connector

    • besrate hogsa


      • S.Curry


    • Bill

      I’m not sure what you mean, especially considering Apple designed the lightning connector and is exclusive to their products. That’s like saying the Ford F-150 doesn’t fit the Ford ecosystem. What?

      • Macs

        No, it’s about the quality of the replacement parts take your lightning cable and compare the shape (it’s a thin shape divided in two the bulky one and the thin one holding the cable) but the one shown in the vid it’s bulky and rounded not fitting in the apple design line

  • QP

    a very bad idea

  • Jamessmooth

    If they go this route, I would imagine there will be some sort of wireless charging. I just feel like if they use the charging port for the headphones, there has to be some other way to charge. Then again, I don’t know about folks here, but I VERY rarely use both lightning and headphone port at the same time.

  • Josh

    These gotta be 3rd party, they look cheap and clunky. The lighting connection looks to big and bulky along with the volume switch, they are just to big and POS looking to be apple.

  • xoFoxtail

    This sucks for people (like me) who like to listen to music as they’re falling asleep. I need to make sure my phone charges for the next day.

    Or if I’m on a bus or plane and need to charge

  • DMS

    Anyone else think that this might be easily faked? Sure, parts for iPhones leak all the time, but I imagine it would just take some off-screen wireless headphones, a tweak to hide the bluetooth logo on the screen and a guy with enough time to attach a lightning cable to headphones (and make it look realistic)

  • mxml

    This video is clearly fake look at 0:43 when he presses up it takes two seconds to go up. At 0:40 he says this is the pause button and the video pauses but there is no sign of him clicking the button whereas two seconds later when he unpauses it is clearly visible and audible. He probably uses a bluetooth headset and a second person to recreate the functions