Apple seeds fourth beta of iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra to developers

By , Aug 1, 2016

iOS 10 Lock screen unlock options space gray iPhone screenshot 001

Two weeks following the release of the third beta of iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple on Monday issued iOS 10 beta 4, macOS Sierra beta 4, watchOS 3 beta 4 and tvOS 10 beta 4 to members of the Apple Developer Program. The public beta of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra matching the latest developer-only releases should be released tomorrow to public beta testers enrolled with the Apple Beta Software Program.

NOTE: Wallpapers seen on the iOS 10 Lock screen screenshots top of post can be downloaded from our Wallpapers of the Week series.

Here’s a summary of OS updates Apple released today:

  • iOS 10 beta 4 (build number “14A5322e”)
  • macOS Sierra beta 4 (build number “16A270f”)
  • watchOS 3 beta 4 (build number “14S5302d”)
  • tvOS 10 beta 4 (build number “14T5308d”)
  • Xcode 8 beta 4 (build number “8S188o”)
  • Safari 10 beta 4 for El Capitan and Yosemite

Release notes for iOS 10 beta 4, macOS Sierra beta 4, watchOS 3 beta 4, tvOS 10 beta 4 and Xcode 8 beta 4 are available from Apple to those who have access to Dev Center.

The latest betas can be installed on developer-only devices with a prior beta, over the air, using the Software Update mechanism. If a proper Apple-provided configuration profile has been installed on the device, the update prompt should appear automatically.

Here are the changes found in beta 3 of iOS 10, tvOS 10, watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra.

We’ll be highlighting any new changes, tweaks and new features discovered in the most recent betas here on iDownloadBlog as we encounter them. You can contribute by posting your own findings down in the comment section.

Apple will release iOS 10, macOS Sierra, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 this fall.

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  • Jimmy Shadow

    Emojis are different!

    • Y2J

      Can you post a screenshot?

      • [RECON1]


      • Steve Harold

        I tired to describe them but my post is being approved. Apparently talking about the gun emoji and LBGTQ flag set it off. Sad!

      • [RECON1]

        Funny how Apple put a water pistol, but still have swords, knives and a bomb…

      • Steve Harold

        Funny when you send a water pistol to someone and say let’s play with these, and it shows to them as a real gun

      • Y2J

        Ah thanks man. Real MVP! I’m not sure how I feel about the new look. I think I like the old ones better

      • [RECON1]

        There’s the water pistol

      • Y2J

        Wow so they turn the gun into that but leave the bomb wtf that’s stupid

      • Sergey Karchmit

        They should’ve changed it into a water balloon.

      • Y2J


  • Jose Gonzalez

    Im not a dev and my update is not showing on my iphone 6plus but update did
    show for apple watch ios 3 ?

    • Troy

      Maybe your on the public beta

    • AlphaPoppy

      Same for me

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Reinstall cert

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Got it to show by installing dev cert again all good ….update

  • James G

    Bug fixes woot! New emojis! And they’ve sped up animations!

  • john snow

    Date on widgets panel

  • Troy

    Have they added a clear button on the up next part of the music app?

  • Sammy Angor

    New sound when deleting a text, switching to the emojis or using the space key

  • besrate hogsa

    Can’t wait to find out the new changes and fixes in beta 4

  • john snow

    Return of stars in Music yeeaaah

  • Scotow

    I’m still on iOS9 and about to jump on iOS10.
    Just wanted to know what happen when you try to send iOS 10 iMessage to iOS9 people. (thump up, heart, …) ?

    • besrate hogsa

      they can’t see the images since they are not on ios 10
      but it will let them see it in a text mode

      • Scotow

        Ok thank you for the info.

      • Steve Harold

        They can still see the normal pictures just not the new stickers, or effects.

  • Miqdad

    The sound for space bar and back space is different in beta 4 compared to the rest of the keyboard

  • Akshay Arora

    Hows the battery life?

    • HardTakeR

      same question …

  • Steve Harold

    The new emojis are horrible!

    • [RECON1]

      Yeah. I like the older ones bettter too

  • Justin de Vreugd

    maybe its just me but on my 5s the controlpanel looks smaller

  • James G

    Watch beta 4 was able to be installed on my Apple Watch without connecting to a dock or charger. Was on my wrist all day and the update went through.

  • Sammy Angor

    I miss cover flow lol

  • weztimonial

    Notifications now in the middle when you 3D Touch

  • Beta 4 seems to have a SIRI dictation Youtube search bug. You can dictate a search within the app but not outside of it like before

  • Peter Colbeth

    I Can’t update, to beta 4 , every time I try I get a fault message firmware damaged, is there anybody who knows how to solve this problem
    Many thanks

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Mind creating a detailed post regarding the newcomers, iDB?

  • Zack Morris

    I had zero issues with ios 10 beta 3 but I am having a few issues with beta 4. Anybody having their cellular data failed to connect message about every 5 minutes? Its like the cellular data keeps resetting. I am also having problems with certain links. Sometimes I need to tap several times before a link will open in safari. this issue started as soon as i updated. never even see this error prior.

  • Omar D. Plumey

    Anybody have issues with the bank of america app crashing with this beta vs last beta?