Pangu App Jailbreak

The jailbreak for iOS 9.2-9.3.3 has been out since last weekend, but it wasn’t until Friday that Pangu got to launching an English version of the once Chinese-only jailbreak tool.

As we know many of you were holding out for an English jailbreak and for a few updates to the tool for stability, we’re curious about whether or not you’ll be making the jump now that the English tool is out.

English vs Chinese jailbreak tool

The jailbreak tool that was in Chinese worked just as well as the one that’s in English today, but since Cydia would be installed with a tool that you couldn’t even read, it intimidated a lot of people.

Now that you can jailbreak your device with a method that is purely English, you don’t have to worry about not understanding the jailbreak process.

With the new jailbreak process released on Pangu on Friday, all you do is open Cydia Impactor on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux box and side-load a special IPA file onto your device. This IPA file installs the Pangu jailbreak app, allowing you to jailbreak your device and install Cydia.

The process is a little different than that of the Chinese jailbreak tool that was launched on Windows over the weekend, but it still gets the job done. We have a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 with the English version of Pangu, which will help guide you through the process if you’re still intimidated.


For the most part, stability is the only thing still holding people back from jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 apart from the language.

As far as stability goes, the jailbreak runs very smoothly, and it doesn’t impact the device’s performance.

There are only two problems that we face in this jailbreak, and those are: 1) it’s semi-untethered, which means you have to run the jailbreak app on the device every time you reboot your device, and 2) you need to re-sign the IPA every time your certificate expires which can range from 7 days for free Apple ID users to 1 year for subscribed Apple developers.

The semi-untether process isn’t difficult at all; all you have to do be re-load the jailbreak app every time you reboot your device All of your jailbreak tweaks will stay on your device and your device will still be jailbroken after the process. All of your jailbreak teaks and extensions will remain on your device even after your certificate expires and you renew it.

No, it’s not as fluent as an untethered jailbreak, but honestly, you can’t expect the best of the best all the time. That would be a very spoiled way of thinking. The jailbreak developers have worked hard to produce what they have, and this is what we have to work with right now. For all we know, they’re saving their untether exploits for iOS 10.

Not to mention, there was once a time when tethered jailbreaks, which actually required connecting your devices to a computer to reboot, were a real thing, and many people jailbroke despite the burn-backs.

As far as the re-signing goes, it really only takes 10 minutes of your time every week to do this. If you were lucky enough to get the enterprise certificate before Apple revoked it, then you won’t even have to waste any of your time for an entire year. How great is that?

What will you do?

With that being said, will you be jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 now that an English tool is out to make things a little easier?

Wrapping up

Despite all the confusion surrounding the jailbreak, we hope to clear up a lot of the confusion in the posts we make at iDB, so we highly recommend staying tuned and reading all of our tutorials and pieces about the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak so you can get a level-headed understanding of what’s involved and how it works.

Some of the links you may want to read up on include the following:

Let us know your thought process about jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 in the comments below!

  • erkut ter

    Need 32 bit.

  • iBanks

    Nope. I’m good with iOS 10. Though I really miss GuestMode.

    • mybulker

      Miss that too! Girlfriend had my guest mode password and my phone was always boring to her :o)

      • Jayy


  • aw81

    Glad this isn’t as bad as some people have made out, semi untethered isn’t a massive issue to be honest.
    Im even glad I have to plug my phone in once a week, I won’t forget to back it up in iTunes now!
    That said, Ive noticed that I need way less tweaks than I used to, apple have slowly added many of the features I once jailbroke for.
    I really only use activator, swipe selection and ccsettings now.

    • Rei

      I know that this is obvious, but have you tried any of the repo exclusive tweaks yet? There’s a lot on HYI or BYA, all of the ones that you’ve never heard about too!

      • aw81

        There will be a lot of tweaks I’ve not heard of as I stopped reading about new ones a while back, I was happy with what I had and prefer to have less for stability anyway.Maybe ill look into some new stuff now I’m jailbroken again.

    • Damian

      There is literally zero issues. And the jailbreak itself is super stable.

      • aw81

        Well, I don’t know about super stable, It broke my gps first time i used it last week but I’ve not tested my sat nav app since I re jailbroke to be fair…
        Other than that its been fine and like I said, the certificate thing is no problem to get round, I think people are just a bit lazy

  • O’Dwayne Davis

    Tbh the only reason why I would jailbreak is because of iCleaner

    • Eliijah Moss

      There was a app that claimed to have the same capabilities as iCleaner sometime ago. I can not remember what the name was, but it did work.

      • O’Dwayne Davis

        I think you’re talking about PhoneClean. It’s good but it’s doesn’t clean app caches

      • Eliijah Moss

        Yup. That’s it. There was also a battery app that’s not in the App Store anymore that did the same thing. Battery doctor I think it was? It said it would clear the cache, but every time I opened the app back up, it would read the same thing.

    • Mark S

      Wow to each their own. I have never cared about that program.

      • O’Dwayne Davis


    • Yep, that’s the best program on the jailbreak circuit. Wish you could use that without a jailbreak.

    • :D

      There are similar tools on OS X that clean up your phone. Sorry I can’t remember the names.

  • Mark S

    No and ONLY because of the certificate nonsense.

    • Rei

      It’s easy to counter it, and there are instances where people glitch it onto their phones without a certificate under a rare circumstance. There is a way to keep it forever but nobody knows how yet lol

      • Bill

        Someone is working on that right now. I was reading a thread where the guy was talking about it and said it’s currently running on his phone, he was having a bunch of people with different devices beta test his method for keeping certificates valid indefinitely.

  • David Harrell

    I regret holding off. Loosing out on Pangus enterprise signed certificate. I wonder if a jailbreak tweak could be created to resolve it? Otherwise I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.

    • TornBodies

      I had the so called pangu signed enterprise cert woke up today At the 7 day mark & my apps were back to normal i could open cydia but not apply any tweaks had to remove and re jailbreak im just gonna keep installing week to week until im ready to go back to ios 10 to use my apple watch again which is on watch os 3

      • Jason Bjerke

        Usually I would jump on the JB day 1, but the iOS beta 10 has me staying stock for now. If it becomes untethered I may jump on it.

    • Nick

      If you use the Chinese windows one, it gives you the enterprise one. I just did it on my iPad Pro yesterday and it says enterprise certification

    • Paul Edmund

      If you use the Chinese version you get the one year cert. Just back up, restore, use Chinese tool and restore back up.

      One the phone reprints the cert turns into the 1 one year type.

  • Tim

    With the certificates all over the place, I’m good with my iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak.

    • Rei

      It’s untethered so you’re good regardless. I’m untethered on 7.0.4 and 8.0, as well as our current semi-tether 9.3.3.

    • Damian

      Trust me, iOS 9.0.2 is super shit comparing to iOS 9.3.3

      Speed improvements are very noticeable

      • Jtzll Fy Niaina

        People keep saying that but I have been on ios 9.0.2 and have had 0 glitch or negative experience compare to my friends that are having so much needless shitty problems with their updated jailbreak of 9.3.3 or 9.3.2 etc. I have 128gb to back up and restore and honestly, the itunes back up just won’t back up my apps and tweaks the way I need them backed up so there’s always having to tediously deal with reorganising and all of that on top of backing up and restoring such huge amount of data. I’m happy with 9.0.2 and I’m staying right here. Besides, the reason why you need to upgrade your phone every next generation is because they keep making the software heavier.

  • Prince

    No … My iphone already untethered jailbreaked …. ios9.0.1

    • Damian

      Really not a good iOS to be on tbh

      • Jtzll Fy Niaina

        According to you. There are many, many people happy with ios lower than 9.3.x

  • I really regret it. My most favorite tweaks keep on crashing/sending me to safe-mode. That spreadsheet was totally false on some tweaks working. {And yeah I tried all sorts of stuff, I even rejailbroke and only installed certain tweak.}

    • Rei

      Maybe it isn’t compatible with your device specifically 😛

  • mahe

    jailbroken since hour 1

    The Chinese version DOES NOT install some other Chinese app IF you UNTICK the checkbox (as it was in all other Chinese jailbreaks before) before the first time jailbreaking …
    I’m wondering why no-one recognized this and everyone is ignoring this …
    And I’m wondering that this is missing in every tutorial … lol

    • Diego Milano

      What tick?

  • So optimistic

    Can I still JB if I update my 6plus to 9.3.3 though my device and not iTunes?

    • Burge

      No. You will not even be able to updated the device via OTA as it’s already jailbroken.

  • leart

    hopping for a 32 but jb 🙁
    even that I have access on a developer account, I’ll not jailbreaking my iphone…
    respect for pangu team anyway.. I’m pretty sure that jailbreaking today is way more difficult than what it was before..

  • Like I said before, to much nonsense in the long run for me to even attempt to put something like this on any of my devices. and with my dev account, side loading and building apps from others codes on google there’s simply not a need for a jailbreak. It’s simply not the same as it use to be, though I wish it was.

  • Satyam Panchal

    Can’t because I don’t have 64bit device need 32 bit

    • :D

      I think it’s the other way round

  • behnam

    the best jailbreak ever that i had since iOS 6.0.2…stable and awesome

  • Damian

    Jailbroken ios 9.3.3 is amazing
    So worth it upgrading from iOS 9.0.2 and 10.0.

    Whoever hesitates about this jilbreak, should stop and just jailbreak. No regrets

  • ShawnTXDFW

    I’m curious as to why the holdup on Cydia being updated to allow purchases. This would be a Saurik thing wouldn’t it?! Does he not care to upgrade Cydia?

    • Lee

      Saurik has been posting on Reddit. I guess he’ll want to ensure the JB is safe and then update Cydia.

    • aw81

      Saurik does lots of things the community finds strange but he usually has a very good reason (He sometimes explains it in long blog posts but most people don’t bother to read them as they are complicated)
      Im sure he’ll get round to it soon enough.

  • MSiqueira

    In its current state, not a chance for me.
    (I’m at JBed-9.0.2 though, so it’s not that hard to stay put)

    I consider myself an early bird when it comes to jailbreak, but in this one there’s too much dealbreakers in one JB alone.
    1) Not untethered
    2) Apple id (a fake id is a workaround – and a bad one – not a solution)
    3) (the worst of all) Certificate demands ReJB every 7 days.


  • Lyndon Coleman

    Don’t download the English version the certificate expires in 7 days so you will have to rejailbreak it every 7 days. Download the Chinese version the certificate expires in 1 year

    • TornBodies

      u have to make sure the chinese version is 1.2 the original one the enterprise cert has been revoked

      • Lyndon Coleman

        Yeah I downloaded the 1.2 version from YouTube everythingapplepro

  • aw81

    All the people moaning about the semi untether lol
    We’d have killed for such a user friendly jb back when untethered was a regular thing…
    Its honestly not that bad guys, its worth it to be updated to the latest software.
    I hate being stuck on older iOS versions, always some app that won’t work or an annoying bug.

  • Cones1r

    Seems like a hassle. I’ll stay on 9.0.2 untethered.

  • LeMerlot

    Done already – and super happy with it 😀

  • Chris

    Nope, iOS 9.0.2 works perfectly fine for my needs. That and 99% of the tweaks I use are stable.

    • votdfak

      This. 9.0.2 till 10 jb. I am not in a hurry.

  • 5723alex .

    “will you jailbreak?”
    No need.

  • zoLa siWisa

    I hate the seven day re-install new certificate. Jailbreaking is not going to be as free no more. I will not be surprised soon this will take effect. Though I cannot front, Jailbreak is fun and all the features the iPhone does. Keep me excited. I still wish freedom could be cool as when it has started from ziPhone iOS 1.0. That was the great deal. Now developers are all about that money no more as fun as it used to be. Sorry to for winning

  • Mike M. Powell

    Nah, unless I send my watch to Apple I’m fine with ios 1 beta, feels to b back on stock and being worth it 🙂

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Heard that a few people have been robbed off by pangu, many incidents have been reported where some amount was deducted from PayPal accounts

      • Axl Feliciano

        seriously how do you get into your PayPal account through your Apple ID and use 2 step verification i mean really

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Idk, Im on iOS 10 beta and I have no intentions of reverting to iOS 9.3.x and then JB my phone, pangu has done a great job but this semi tethered/ half baked solution is not very compelling , I will stay on iOS 10 for the time being. And yes I have 2FA activated, since I used my apple watch to unlock my Mac.

  • Diego Milano

    Hmmm, interesting, I’m gonna give this a try, I must be blind cause I swear I didn’t see this before. 🙂 Thanks for the FYI!

    • mahe

      Because it’s hard to see, special if you have set a low brightness.
      This checkbox is there only at the first run of the app.

      • Diego Milano

        I saw it this time, thanks for suggesting this! Anthony or iDB should DEFINITELY take notes of this ASAP! 🙂

      • mahe

        I doubt this will happen …

  • James G

    Sticking with iOS 10

  • iOS 10 treating me so well. I’m super double minded, been waiting for jb since I bought 6S and now I’m on ios 10

  • e brake

    I wonder if it was ever possible to jailbreak with the English app with the 1 year cert. Was that method ever blocked by Apple??

  • Micke på taket

    JAilbreak is so 2010 , get over IT ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Crome Yellow

    No I won’t be jailbreaking for 9.3.3. My devices are already working beautifully with the untethered jailbreak of 9.0.2 so until a new untethered jailbreak comes out I am staying like this. I also have a non-jailbroken ios 9.3.3 device.

    Also apparently this jailbreak won’t work with tetherme and I use that app a lot.