Pangu iOS 7.1.1

Pangu released an English version of its iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak tool on Friday, which gets the same job done as the Chinese jailbreak tool that was released over the weekend.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3 device with Pangu on Linux, Mac, and Windows with the new tool.

How to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 with Pangu

Since the tool is now in English, that means more people can read what the tool is trying to say, which helps to not only better diagnose error messages, but also to make sure that you’re clicking on the right buttons.

Just like the Chinese version of the tool, the English Pangu jailbreak works with all 64-bit iOS devices. Those include:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPod touch 6G
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro

To jailbreak with the English version of Pangu, follow these steps:

1) Download the IPA file and Cydia Impactor from our downloads page.

2) Connect the device you want to jailbreak to your computer via an MFI-certified Lightning to USB cable, then make sure to disable your passcode and disable Find My iPhone on the device itself.

3) Next, open the Cydia Impactor file you downloaded. If you are on a Mac, you will be asked to drag the app to your Applications folder, so do that:

Drag Cydia Impactor to Applications folder

4) Now you can open the Impactor app itself, and you should see this interface:

Cydia Impactor Interface iPhone

5) Drag the IPA file that you downloaded over the top of the interface.

Drag IPA file over Cydia Impactor Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

6) You will receive an Apple Developer warning. Just click the blue OK button.

Apple Developer Warning Pangu OK

7) You will now be asked to enter an Apple ID, so enter your login and then click the blue OK button:

Apple ID Pangu Impactor

Note: We recommend using a burner Apple ID, so you should probably make a new Apple ID for this process. On the other hand, regular Apple IDs will provide you with a certificate that lasts 7 days, while developer Apple IDs will provide you with a certificate that lasts 1 year. You will have to repeat this jailbreak process every time the certificate expires.

8) Next, enter your Apple ID password, and click on the blue OK button once again:

Apple ID Password Pangu

9) After signing in, Cydia Impactor will display various kinds of text at the bottom; just sit tight and wait:

Cydia Impactor Text at Bottom

10) Once it’s finished, you should see the Start button all over again on the Cydia Impactor app. At this point, you’re done with this app and can close it.

Cydia Impactor Interface iPhone

11) Check your iOS device’s Home screen, and you should see the Pangu app icon.

Pangu Home Screen

12) Open the Settings app on your Home screen and navigate to General > Device Management.

Trust Pangu Certificate

13) Tap on the certificate you see here, and then be sure to tap on the red Trust button to trust the certificate so the Pangu app can run on your iOS device.

14) Now go back to your Home screen and launch the Pangu app.

15) You will be asked to allow Push notifications for the Pangu app, be sure to allow them before moving on.

16) Tap on the Start button within the Pangu app.

Pangu English Start Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

17) Now lock your device by pressing the sleep button. You will see these notifications on your Lock screen very shortly:

Pangu Jailbreak Lock Screen Notifications

18) Just keep waiting, as the device it getting ready to respring. The storage getting full notification lets you know that Cydia is begin written to your device’s storage.

19) When the respring is complete, you can check your Home screen and you should see Cydia.

Home Screen Cydia Pangu

20) Launch Cydia and allow it to refresh your sources.

Cydia iOS 9.3.3

Congratulations! You’ve just jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 with Pangu!

Wrapping up

The jailbreak process for iOS 9.3.3 isn’t very difficult at all, and really, anyone can do it. The fact that the tool is not only in English, but also cross-platform, means that just about anyone can do it!

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Will you be jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 now that the tool is in English? Share in the comments below!

  • Jason Brain

    Does this fix the iPod touch 6G reboot issue?

    • iPod touch 6G is supported now.

      • Jason Brain

        Yess!! iOS 9.3.3 JB, here I come!

      • Mouhamad Ali Naksho

        help me plz

      • malhal

        Thanks yes it just worked for me using the IPA linked from the downloads page thanks for posting that.

  • Benjamin Poli

    Does it work with 32 bit?

  • Fredydeekrueger

    Cydia closes as soon as I click on it ๐Ÿ™

    • Run the Pangu app as said in the tutorial. It’s not initialized yet.

    • ืงื™ืจื• ืกื•ื›ืจ

      re-jailbreak bro

      • Fredydeekrueger

        I have re started and ran the program but cydia still crashes when i launch. I might start all over.

      • whowhatwhywhen

        did you get this to work? I am having the same issue (cydia shuts down when i launch it)?

      • Goldar…

        mine does too after i re-jailbroke it again

      • Digitalus

        Having the same issue here. Cydia crashes immediately after running the Pangu app, even with Airplane mode turned on during the re-jb phase. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

      • Goldar…

        yeah i had to restore my iphone and then jail break it again and it worked. that should do the trick

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Did a fresh iphone restore, I might have been dragging junk from my previous 8.4 Jailbreak.

      • Max Steel

        did it work after that?

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Yeah it did, jailbroken. Still a bit nervous when the 7 days go by. I might downgrade if I have to do this every 7 days.

      • Rei

        What is your certificate? BE CAREFUL, you might be throwing away a very valuable certificate!

    • I was having that issue with the Safari method, so I tried this one. It finally launches Cydia, but the repos are coming up empty. Zero files are working.

  • mybulker

    Thanks, I updated my phone after having to get a new one though apple care and had it on 9.02 Jailbreak with a lot of tweaks but doing fine without a jailbreak. With that said, I think waiting for a fully untethered jailbreak is the best option.

    • There likely won’t be an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3. Untether is likely being saved for iOS 10.

  • Glauber Mello

    “Network Connection Was Lost” always this error while downloading IPA iPhone 6s 9.33 file, I guess that’s because many people is downloading same time.. Someone with the same problem ?

    • Fredydeekrueger

      I just downloaded mine from the pangu website and no problems.

      • Glauber Mello

        But IPA file is not available on Pangu website…

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Click on Download & Help > and at the top of the page it says download.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    OK, so I had jailbroken via the web, how can I get the English version of Pangu?

    • Side-load the new Pangu app with Cydia Impactor.

      • fallows_you

        can you tell me how to do so?

      • Rei

        There is a tutorial above.

  • Rahimo

    OK!! This sounds good! but .. can you guys explain that 7 days trial part?? it looks spooky and shady !!

  • Camelwalk

    You guys failed to mention that using this method you will have to plug your phone into your computer and re-jailbreak when the CERT expires which apparently is every 7 days

    • Rahimo

      Not just that … you need to create a new Apple ID every 7 days !!!!
      I’m wondering, is the PP jailbreak using the same method? I mean, do I have to re-jailbreak with PP tool every 7 days??

      • Camelwalk

        I’m gonna try later. PP tool I believe replaces your Apple ID CERT with an enterprise CERT good for 1 year. You can also pay for a developer account and link your Apple ID to that and that would also give you a CERT good for one year. Now there’s also a way to get a free limited developer acct and link your Apple ID to it, however I have not personally tested this method and have not heard if anyone has had any luck with this. Just google you’ll see there are a few options.

      • Diego Milano

        What do you base on to say you’ll need a new Apple login every 7 days?

      • No you don’t need a new Apple ID every 7 days.

      • Rei

        You don’t need a new apple id .3.

    • piLi

      I was also wondering about this. Is it really the case, do we have to re-jailbreak even 7 days?

    • You do not need to re-jailbreak every 7 days. You need to side-load the app every 7 days. Explanation here:

  • Jason Brain

    Impactor keeps crashing on me. Please help

  • Rahimo

    @anthonybouchard:disqus and iDownloadBlog Team, thank you for all these information, but we want a straight and clear explanation about the 7 days trial, and what shall we do after it expires?? thanks in advance ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jason Brain

      You just have to reinstall the jailbreak app with Impactor

    • Fredydeekrueger

      Make your id an app developer one.

      • Rahimo

        it costs a 99$ per year!!!

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Negative, i just posted a link but it says hold on, this is waiting to be approved by idownloadblog.

        search how to create a free app developer account on idownloadblog. the date published is dec 24 2015. im not paying anything.

      • Rahimo

        REALLY???? I’ll search !!!

      • Zohar

        No. Free developer accounts give you certificates that only lasts 7 days.

    • Diego Milano

      I think they need to collect the most common questions and come up with a good FAQ, but the truth is since the jailbreak was released during the weekend, we won’t know for sure how this expiring jailbreak works and what it entails until, well… this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think I’m staying put but won’t jailbreak my main device until I know for a REAL FACT it’s safe to do it.
      Some of my questions are:
      What does it exactly mean you’ll have to run the tool once a week (or whenever the certificate expires)? Does it mean you will have to do it after 7 (seven) days EVEN if you DO NOT reboot your device? And also, it means you’d need to rerun the Pangu app on your phone again but REDO the ENTIRE process from your computer (namely, using the IPA with Impactor, etc.), correct?

      • Rahimo

        thnx @anthonybouchard:disqus and all iDB team ^-^

  • ravinigga

    I have a problem I didn’t install anything but when my iPhone is jailbroken rotation is now on all apps even games that’s isn’t supposed to happen like landscape and portrait

    • Logan

      same how do you fix this?? PLEASE!!

      • ravinigga

        I fix it just reboot my device and uninstall unnecessary tweak, I think mine was splitify didn’t work

      • Rei

        Use a tweak that forces the rotation to be in a specific mode per app.

  • So you have to re-jailbreak every week? Does that mean reinstalling every single tweak and source?

    • Diego Milano

      No, the way I understand is just rerunning the tool from Windows (or Mac or Linux) every time it expires but both tweaks and their setup will stay intact on your device, but they won’t load until the device is re-jailbroken with Impactor.
      There are still some unknowns though, I would rather wait for this weekend unless someone knows some answers for a fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, you just need to side-load the Pangu app on a weekly basis. The tweaks and everything will still be there.

  • Tommy

    yesss so mac support now?

  • Ducky

    Decided to do it using Xcode, will be much quicker when it comes to redoing it after 7 days, same as Kodi on my ATV4

  • Rondog

    Gees, compared to the last jailbreaks we had this a very, very, bad move on tha part of Pangu. I would have preffered waiting for a jailbreak like the older versions. Such a big HASSLE, I’m just going to wait and if my certificate expires, so be it, but I’m still not updating to ios 10. Hopefully we’ll get an easier way to jailbreak. It’s as if these guys are going BACKWARDS instead of FORWARDS. What a waste of time.

  • Prince

    no .. my iohone is jailbroken in ios 9.0.1 (:

  • wwian

    The issue for me… is having to redo this every 7 days… I think that would be annoying enough for me to un-jailbreak 9.3.3.

    • You aren’t having to re-jailbreak every 7 days, just side-load the app. It’s a 5 minute process.

  • @anthonybouchard:disqus or anyone else: I’m getting a message that says, “Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2: No such file or directory)” every time I open Cydia. I’m unable to load any sources or packages. I googled it and others have mentioned this problem in the past, but no one has ever mentioned a solution. Any ideas?

    • It sounds like a permissions issue. Your jailbreak may not have installed correctly. You may want to attempt a restore and re-jailbreak?

      • I finally got it to work! I had to do an iTunes restore. The iCloud restore wouldn’t remove the Safari jailbreak.

        Thanks for this article! Oh, also, check number 18 in it, @anthonybouchard:disqus, because the wording is off. Figured you would want to know.

  • Muhammad !

    i’ve been updating iOS 9 straight from my iPhone, can i JB ?

  • TK421

    Hi all. If I buy a developer cert for the cert issue, is the jailbreak steps the same? Thanks.

  • Rondog

    You seem to think that applying the jailbreak every time it is revoked by Apple is no big deal but you must not have much to do. What I’m saying is that if and I bet a lot of people agree with me, I would have rather have waited a bit more for an untethered jailbreak. I used to download movie box and Apple just kept on blocking it, until I just gave up, and said to hell with movie box. It’s really frustrating, at least to me.

    • I work ~70 hours a week and I don’t find 5 minutes of my time “much to do.” You are not re-jailbreaking your device every time. You are just side-loading. Your jailbreak doesn’t go anywhere. I agree an untethered jailbreak would be better, but one’s not available so it’s pointless to fret about that.

  • Mouhamad Ali Naksho

    its not working after my pass he start working than stop and say mash -o imput file /private/var … help my plz

    • Were you already jailbroken? Just curious.

      • Mouhamad Ali Naksho

        no it first time

  • Mouhamad Ali Naksho

    help plz

  • Nabeel hammad

    Is it unthethred??? Or semi thethered ??

  • Mouhamad Ali Naksho

    its first time i try jailbreak my ipad mini and it doesn’t work see my photo

  • Scott

    Wait, so will I have to Re-Jailbreak every 7 days? (Note in step 7)

  • Mohammed Naflan

    I jailbroke by device last night and was going smoothly and suddenly realize a issue with a location so i restarted my phone then open pangu then click start and lock my device. Then my phone restart but no jailbreak

  • KJ Rogers

    Anyone know why after I jb I can’t play a single song from the music app? It crashes every time I click on a song. It worked fine right before I downgraded from iOS 10.

  • Vince Vinluan

    I can’t rejailbreak my ipad pro, after pressing the lock button, my device keep respring like several time but no luck. Anyone rejailbreak ipad pro?

  • Koen Chiau

    Hi All,

    I am willing to join the fun, but no luck till now (iPhone 6Plus-64GB, 9.3.3, no passcode, no Find My Phone, no Touch-ID, airplaine mode: tried on & off.

    Below error pops up on me, when trying the Pangu / Impactor scenario.
    (22PP chinese tool also throws back a non-comprehensible error message at me).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Samir Jahdiel Marrero Marrero

    Pokemon Go is crashing after doing the JB, can someone help me to make the game work? Also Miitomo crashes.

    • MILDEW

      It detects the jailbreak
      Install “ta Protector 8+” add the app to the list, you get to list one without having to pay anything, and that should block the game from detecting the jailbreak.

  • Little Big Man

    What can i do now?

  • NandoNY177 .

    Cannot unzip file error -_-
    how can i fix this issue?

  • Chris

    Any way to add 5 or 6 icon wooden dock? It requires a reboot?

  • Mohamed El-Sayed

    Is the JB through the web gone?

    • Rolf Bause


  • Muhammad Hesham Nabegh

    how can i fix that please help thank u!

  • Muhammad Hesham Nabegh

    how can i solve this problem

  • Hernรกn Trentini

    Does the iPhone has to be connected to wi-fi?

  • TokumeiNo

    It doesn’t support IPod touch 5G?

  • Hernรกn Trentini

    Does the iPhone has to be connected to wi-fi?

  • Rizz

    Dear all, I’m new with this jailbreaking thing and just want to know what is burner Apple ID means and how to make one?..Thank You for your help.

    • Rolf Bause

      Burner ID means: another Apple ID, you don’t normally use – like a trash mail basically.
      But if you don’t want to go through that hassle of doing that, you can also try this (it works, even if you are NOT jailbroken yet).

      I can’t post links here, search on this site for: “How to get the 1-year enterprise certificate”
      And follow the steps from step 3.

      • Rizz

        Thank You so much. =)

      • Rolf Bause

        Actually, better start from step 2, not 3. A reboot before starting sth. like this is almost never wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Rizz

        is this iFunbox only available on Window?

      • Rolf Bause

        No, it’s for Mac too ๐Ÿ™‚ But you can also use iMazing (if you have that) – it basically doesn’t matter.
        But if you have never done this before I’d simply go with iFunbox. It will work on Mac almost exactly the same (the installer may look a little different then the Windows version of course).

        But other than that, you simply go step by step.

      • Rizz

        Ok, thanks for the info. will try it.

      • Rolf Bause

        Oh, one more thing. If you are finished with the jailbreak.

        First thing you have do is: Go into Cydia, click on “Search” and search for “Apple File Conduit “2””, click on it and then hit “Install” in the top right corner and then click on “Confirm”.
        This will give you access to your iOS 9 filesystem.

      • Rizz

        Sorry for late reply..I’ve done with the jailbreaking now my phone has jailbroken. Yeah..But, just curious what Apple File Conduit 2 for?..I’ve been reading from somewhere else as well for this jailbreaking thing and they also give an advise to install that Apple Files Conduit 2 thing first.. =)

      • Rolf Bause

        Yaaay! Apple File Conduit 2 It’s for for being able to access all parts of the system partition I think… so that the re-jailbreaking with the app will work ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Rolf Bause

        So, how did it go :D?

  • whowhatwhywhen

    does not work, tried following these instructions to the tea twice, even after a restore. Cydia gets installed, but when I try and open Cydia, it says ‘loading’ and then disappears. Anyone know what to do to fix this?

  • Dharyin Colbert

    I downloaded the .ipa from the downloads page, followed the tutorial etc. but I’m still getting this. Anyone know how to fix it??
    Please and thank you.

  • Marco

    Reinstall jailbreak each 7 days, smh..Ill wait for next one and keep ios 8 jailbreak then. This one not really usefull

  • Seon Shaw

    is it untethered?

  • Romesh Lal

    Hello, Jailbreak is done few times but cydia crashes every time after one second wenn i start

  • pdw

    plz help

  • Bob

    I’m using an iPod Touch 6G, iOS 9.2 (on another page it said it would work, if I have to update to 9.3.3 I will)
    I get up to step 17, but when I lock my iPod it resprings instantly and doesn’t install Cydia, how do I fix?

    • Carissa

      Same thing happens to me. Did you find a fix?

  • Non Nin

    Hello, Please help me:
    i did JB (english version) for 6s plus, all was installed ok, cyndia and pangu without probelms, all official programs working without problems, also pangu ipa writing that Jailbreak succeeded, but still i can’t install cracked ipa from itunes or syncios.
    Official ipa installation from istore or syncios going ok, but when i trying to instal cracked than writing that sync problems or this 0xE8000001 with itunes (or at when en E).
    So, maybe someone can say what i need to do to install cracked ipa?
    I installed english version JB on pangu, maybe i need to instal china version ? Maybe this JB works full better ?
    I can’t understand how ir possible: pangu ipa writing that JB succeeded for ios 9.3.3 but i cannot install cracked ipa, very strange.
    Does someone find the same problem ?

  • Fahimul Islam

    Suppose i have jailbroken my iPhone 6, later to unjailbreak it – i will restore via intunes to ios 9.3.3….. Later wen ios 10 will be released will i b able to upgrade to ios 10 without being blocked???