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If you believe certain analysts, supply chain chatter and reports from outlets like Mac Otakara, Apple’s next iPhone will feature an all-digital, touch-sensitive Home button flush with its front face. A pair of new rumors, first discovered by AppleInsider, have now reaffirmed that the iPhone 7’s non-moving Home button won’t physically click when pressed, instead simulating a click with vibration much like the trackpad on MacBooks uses haptic feedback to provide a click sensation.

New reports from Chinese outlet Storm.mg and the reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara claim that the new Home button will no longer physically depress when pushed, speculating the solution would aid in making the device thinner and more waterproof.

It’s unclear if the reengineered Home button would also sense pressure. Prior rumors have made claims that a future iPhone may hide Touch ID, the proximity and ambient light sensor, the earpiece and the front-facing FaceTime camera behind the display.

Finally, the Mac Otakara report has reaffirmed previous rumors alleging that the forthcoming device, which may be called ‘iPhone 6SE’ and should launch on September 19, would be offered in the existing Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold colorways, in addition to a new dark shade of black “akin to the latest Mac Pro”.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is said to include an improved camera with optical image stabilization, a feature previously found only on the flagship 5.5-inch model which itself should gain a dual-camera for better zoom and 3GB of RAM.

Other rumored features of this year’s iPhone refresh include an Apple-designed ‘A10’ chip, stereo sound, pro-class waterproofing, no 3.5mm headphone jack and more. Deutsche Bank predicted that the new phones would ship with a Lightning-to-audio dongle in the box as Lightning-enabled EarPods are believed to be sold separately.

Space Black iPhone 7 mockup courtesy Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Source: Storm.mg (Google Translate), Mac Otakara (Google Translate) via AppleInsider

  • Joonyaboy

    This makes more sense than most rumors. Placing a “button” there moves technology forward without disrupting practicality and familiarity. Also paves the way for eventual waterproofing.

  • Bob Bobsledge

    Would be awesome, but I hope there will be at least some kind of indentation so that your finger “rests” at something. All flush with the front would feel weird IMO.

    • Greg Warren

      Not to mention, if it sits flush with no differentiation, it would be hard to tell if you are pushing on the Home “button” or missing it if you aren’t looking. This isn’t something you would do often, but there are times.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        It seems plainly obvious via the leaked pics that it will look and feel identical and lose the depress functionality. Guaranteed.

      • Greg Warren

        It can lose the depress functionality without losing the different feel from the rest of the bezel. If it is slightly concave/indented, that would suffice to give it a different feel than the rest.

  • Jamessmooth

    If this is true, and the space black color is true, I’m excited. That space black color is SWEET! The new home button could be really cool… swipe down on home button to open notification center, swipe up to get to control center? Exciting.

  • Al Fresco

    Finally incorporating virtual home into the hardware.

  • askep3

    Removing the 3.5mm jack is not a feature

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Well, it’s about fck’n time. Really the only thing I’m excited about. Ok, maybe the 3 gigs of ram on the plus model has piqued my interest. Never enough ram for IOS gaming.