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When it comes to your devices, your contacts are some of the most important parts of socializing on them. In some cases, creating what’s known as a contact group is incredibly useful.

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about contact groups and how to make them on

What is a contact group?

A contact group is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a group that you make, that consists of many of your contacts. They’re useful for work, school, or even for conversations between you and your friends.

You’ll make a contact group whenever you’ll be needing to get in touch with a high volume of people at once. They come in handy when you don’t want to message each and every person individually, because when you go to start a new email or text message, you can just input the name of the group and it’ll automatically fill the names in to To field of everyone who is in the group you made.

How to make a contact group with

For whatever reason, it looks like Apple has removed the ability to create a new contact group from the stock Contacts app in iOS, but it can still be done on the Mac and on

We already have a tutorial talking about how to make a new contact group on the Mac, but if you don’t have a Mac, then you’re limited to

To make a new Contacts Group with, follow these steps:

1) Launch your favorite web browser and navigate to

iCloud website Safari

2) Sign in with your Apple ID and then click on the Contacts app from the list of web apps.

iCloud website contacts app

3) Now, click on the + button at the bottom left of the web app, and click on the New Group button.

iCloud website new group contacts

4) When you get to the next interface, you can name your group whatever you want it to be. We’ll name ours iDownloadBlog for this tutorial.

Create new Contacts Group Rename it

5) After you’ve entered a name, tap on the Return or Enter key on your keyboard to save it.

6) Click on the All Contacts button on the sidebar to return to the list of all of your contacts:

All Contacts Sidebar

7) Select a contact from your contacts list, in this case I’ll pick on Andrew, and then click and drag that contact into your newly-created Contacts Group:

Drag Contact to New Contacts Group

Note: You can repeat step 7 as many times as necessary for each and every contact you want in the group.

8) Now you can open your newly-created Contacts Group, and you should see that person’s name in your group.

Contacts Group new with added contact

And you’re done! You’ve just created a new Contacts Group on, and you can use it with any of your iOS devices or Macs that are connected to your iCloud account.

Now, you can enter the name of your new contact group into the To field of your Messages app or Mail app on your Mac or iOS devices, and the contact information of the people you’ve added will be filled into the field automatically.

Wrapping up

It’s really useful to take advantage of contact groups in iOS, on the Mac, or anywhere else on your Apple device environment. Doing so makes sending bulk messages, or starting group conversations so much easier.

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  • I would be more interested in deleting groups… Can’t find the damn option anywhere… and I have some ghost groups.. :/

    • TorgoKong

      Select the group and hit the delete key. Or if you like mousing around more, select the group and click the gear icon in the lower left, and choose “Delete.”

  • Marcus

    The thought never occurred to me that Contact groups would be useful… Wow. This is actually awesome. Thanks for posting Anthony!

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