Titan charging cables are virtually indestructible

By , Jul 25, 2016

Good charging cables are no easy task to find, particularly ones at a good value. Pets chew through them. They get crimped, twisted and frayed to no end, from everyday use. If you’re fed up with cable fragility, Titan Charging Cables are the solution. And for a limited time, they’re offered at 24% off.

With two layers of industrial-strength steel, Titan Charging Cables are the most rugged and durable cables on Earth. Chainsaws, sledgehammers, even vehicles are useless in breaching the strength and physicality of these virtually indestructible cables.

They’re primed to take on the go, meaning you can loop your cables to a keychain, belt loop, backpack, climbing apparatus – whatever your life may call for.

MFi certification ensures your device remains secure, while a 19-inch full extension allows you to easily connect to your USB port for access anytime, wherever you need it.

For a limited time, iDB readers can take 24% off the retail cost for a final total of just $22.49.

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  • Linton Findlay

    How about a proper review, instead of this repeated advertisement post

  • Burge

    Give one to my daughter she’ll decimate it. I’m still using the one I got with my i5s 2+ years ago. It’s not what it’s made from it’s how you treat it.

    • Christopher Lim

      But not everyone can afford to never travel.

      • Burge

        Travel ?? What the heck you on about, It’s how you take care of it. I’ve still got a 30 pin lead I got with the 3GS I had and nothing is wrong with it works perfectly and that’s been around Europe many times until I got the 5s lightning cable and that’s going strong.

      • Christopher Lim

        What about travelling twice a week, for most of the year, then even more during the holidays. And being brought around for use with a power bank on a regular basis.

      • JZ

        I agree with Burge, it’s how you treat it. Even if you travel every day, if you take the time and effort to take care of your belongings, they’ll last longer than if you didn’t. It’s that simple. If you’re a klutz who stays home, it’s no different than traveling and using it outside all the time.

      • Burge

        So your saying if you travel be it a lot or a little you don’t look after your belonging because you travel, erm sorry but no that’s just not looking after your items and traveling has nothing todo with it all. My daughter is only 14 and she does not go traveling yet and she’s had more lightning cables than me she’s had around 7 in less than 1 and half years. I’m still using the one I got with my 5s the one for my 6 is still in the box unused, in fact I’m now using the 5s lead for my iPad as I’ve made my 6 have wireless charging.

      • Christopher Lim

        Travelling does have a thing to do with it. They have to be wound up and unwound more that the ones that would stay on the bedside, and bringing them out to use on a power bank also exposes them to more sun, making them more susceptible to cracks as the rubber harder. And lets be serious, if you’re going to travel, most people are not going to have a case to keep cables, it’s going to end up rubbing against your bag’s inside too the more you insert and remove it.

      • Burge

        Tell that to my daughter who doesn’t go travelling she can destroy cables and they live in her bedroom, so your traveling excuse does apply here.

        It’s how you care for your belongings and it’s as simple as that. Your trying to find an excuse for damaging cables and it’s the lack of care that’s the issue. It’s not how or where you use them it’s the neglect that you show a piece of wire.

      • Christopher Lim

        Sure, treat it as an excuse, but it is a reason. Travelling and the requirement to constantly move cables is a reality for some people. We cannot constantly find safe and harmless places to keep a wire, life is too short for that, heck, we don’t even keep laptops like suitcases anymore. So, facing the normal use for cables which for me and I dare say all of my friends, includes winding and unwinding on a regular basis on top of bringing it everywhere, Apple’s cables tear very much more easily. Especially when you compare it to other cables provided by other manufacturers. Lack of care? WTF? you want people to put their cables in bubble wrap and solid cases every time they finish using them?

      • Burge

        I’m not saying put it in bubble wrap I’m saying if you don’t look after something will don’t expect it to last. And if you say someone travels a lot then they can expect to break more cables then these people should know better on how to look after what could break and if you are going to keep saying traveling more will break cables then it’s quite obvious that the cables are not being taken care off and that’s my point. You can have any cable and it’s how you take care of it will determine how it will last. Traveling has nothing to do with it it’s taken care of it and how you treat it will make it last.

      • Christopher Lim

        Paying the same amount of care to a non-mobile cable and to a frequently moved cable, the latter will take more damage since if for example, taking care is winding it up and not leaving it on the floor to be stepped on, on immobile cables, that will be the end of story, until you come back to it, however, on a cable that is moved a lot, after that, you put it in a bag, subject it to a lot more friction, bringing it out could also subject it to heat and sun, while it the bag, it could also get moved and get twisted. So, to scale it up on any magnitude that doesn’t take it to the ultimate, having a cable that is frequently being brought around will still suffer more wear and tear than a cable that is left in a place without much interaction. Many of those factors that cause wear and tear are also much more inevitable for a cable that is brought around, since you cannot always predict what the cable will do in your bag, also, moving it will always cause more friction etcetera. Even if you do take extra care, like attaching a spring to weak points, and putting it in a separate compartment of the bag to avoid getting damaged by other objects, removing it from the head to reduce risks of twist (all of which I do), the inevitable will still occur.

      • Burge

        so basically it’s how you care for it.

        If you start swinging it around but don’t travel your saying it will last longer because you don’t travel, it’s not that fact you travel it’s how you care for it whilst traveling. As I’ve said my daughter doesn’t go off traveling but has had more cables then me because she doesn’t look after them.

      • Christopher Lim

        Actually yes, if you throw the cable around, if you don’t travel, it stays there where it landed, nothing, if you just threw it in a bag to bring it around, you could easily have it landed next to something sharp in the bag, or to get it twisted broken in transport. Let’s say, (for arguments sake) you treat the cables like god and put them in front of your face on top of palms. If you don’t travel, you can stay in a perfectly ideal condition, but if you travel, no matter what, you will meet temperature and humidity changes, you will face higher chances of other things snagging on it and other factors. So yeah, how you treat them does matter, but the need to travel on itself is a factor that will prevent you from doing so at all time (unless you put it in a suitcase in foam) and therefore take a toll on the cables. But all things said, Apple’s cables are still among the most fragile I’ve ever had.

  • Michael Sweeney

    I recall the first time I took a chainsaw to my charger….
    Can it handle water?