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Pokémon GO took the mobile device nation by storm. The game has already been downloaded so many times that it’s hit the top free app charts on both the iOS and Android platform, and it seems you can’t go anywhere anymore without seeing amateur Pokémon trainers wandering about.

In this piece, we’ll discuss the importance of PokéStops in the game, and what you can do to utilize them to their fullest potential.

What are PokéStops?

A PokéStop is basically a location of interest that you can move into close proximity of to utilize a variety of features.

Pokemon go Pokestop tutorial

Every time you open the Pokémon GO app, and you look at your map, you may occasionally see what looks like a little blue cube floating in the air. Sometimes, you’ll see pink confetti raining down from it. These are PokéStops, and as a Pokémon trainer, you’ll want to visit these as often as possible because they’re very useful.

The many uses of a PokéStop

As you walk up to PokéStops, which are scattered all throughout your area, the floating blue cubes will transform into what looks like a floating blue PokéBall. This means you’re close enough to use the PokéStop.

Collecting items

To use it, just tap on it. You’ll get an interface like the one below:

Pokestop tutorial collecting items GO

This particular PokéStop, entitled “Awkward Words Bench,” is a landmark at a local beach in our area. When we tap on it, we’ll see a photo of the location, and the background will be blue. What you want to do is swipe on the round photo, and the PokéStop will provide you with items.

The items will always be completely random, and it takes about 10 minutes for the items to respawn again, so don’t be afraid to wander away after collecting your items; you can always come back for more later. Some of the items you can get from a PokéStop, depending on your level include:

  • PokéBalls
  • Great balls
  • Ultra balls
  • Master balls
  • Incubators
  • Potions
  • Super potions
  • Hyper potions
  • Max potions
  • Eggs
  • Lucky eggs
  • Revives
  • Incenses

After you take the items, the background will turn pink. The floating PokéBall on your map will also turn pink, and when you walk away from it, the floating cube will be pink as well. This simply indicates that you’ve already drained the PokéStop of its items, and it will turn blue again when more items are available for the taking.

PokéStops will have all kinds of different names and photographs depending on your area, so this is something to keep in mind.

Luring Pokémon

PokéStops are also useful for luring Pokémon. If you’ve ever noticed what appears to be a pink-colored confetti raining down from the PokéStop on your map, this means that you or someone else has implanted a lure into the PokéStop, and this increases Pokémon activity in the area surrounding the PokéStop.

Anyone can place a lure into a PokéStop by tapping on the white pill-shaped slot at the top of the PokéStop while you have it open. If you see a pink lure in the white pill-shaped slot already, then that means someone has already placed a lure. If it’s empty, and you tap on it, you’ll be brought to your items bag to place one.

PokeStop Lure

Lures are only temporary, but they’ll last a great deal of time. You also don’t have unlimited lures, so be sure to use them wisely. You’ll want to place them in areas where you plan on staying for a while, because you wouldn’t want to waste a lure and then leave your location, as it wouldn’t help you, just the others who visit the area instead.

Why to play in PokéStop-rich areas

Ideally, you want to go for walks in places that are rich in PokéStops. Why? Because you want to keep the PokéBall and item supply incoming so that you don’t run out. Nothing feels worse than running out of PokéBalls, because then you’ll have to either do a lot of walking to collect more balls, or you’ll have to buy some with in-app purchases.

When you play in PokéStop-rich areas, you’ll typically also see a lot of other Pokémon GO players. This is a good thing, because often other people have already placed lures, so you don’t have to waste your own, and this means you can benefit from the lures and catch lots of new Pokémon. You’ll also occasionally hear other players shout, “Hey! There’s a [insert Pokémon name here] over here!” and this is your signal to start walking over to them to catch that Pokémon you don’t yet have and really need.

Additionally, if you’re playing in a place with lots of PokéStops, you’re going to collect lots of other useful items, such as potions and revives, which are going to be useful in gym battles, and when the time comes, player versus player battles. Of course, the latter isn’t available in the game just yet.

Wrapping up

PokéStops play an essential role in playing Pokémon GO, and if you’re going to make a fun evening out of it, it’s a good idea to utilize them and play in PokéStop-rich areas. Take advantage of their constant item dispensing, as well as their Pokémon-luring capabilities to get the most out of your Pokémon GO experience.

If you’re not already playing Pokémon GO, and you want to give it a try, you can download it for free right now from the App Store.

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Stay tuned to iDB for additional Pokémon GO tips and tricks. If you want to know how to do something specific, let us know in the comments!

  • :D

    You should do an article on the hacked version that lets you walk around in the game from home – you don’t even need a jb for it
    I use it to hatch my eggs

    • I wouldn’t recommend hacks unless you have a second account. You’ll get banned.

      • jaimem17

        That’s not true Parsoon, I have the tweak because I live in a dangerous city where I can’t walk without danger and I haven’t been banned.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Can you say that with certainty? Been using a tweak called PokemonGoAnywhere from a private repo since day one. I know the risk and I am testing it with a dummy account

      • :D

        You can get soft banned for 4 hours – I don’t think you can get permanently banned at the moment. That said, I keep things really low key and have never even gotten soft-banned. I only use it locally to hatch eggs and always walk slowly.

        I do prefer to go out and do the catching myself, though. I’ve met so many people and gotten so much exercise. I use it while running, cycling and just strolling through the parks etc. It’s a lot of fun but sometimes the hacked version is nice as a helping hand. For some people it may even be a necessity, e.g. They live in a rough area, are sick/disabled or have no Pokemon nearby etc.

    • nonchalont

      How do you do that without a jb?

      • :D

        You have to install a second version of the app (both versions can be installed side-by-side) using either Xcode or an app installer. Check YouTube for instructions – takes about 5-10 mins.

  • Martynet

    Is there any filter or app to hide all the pokemon shit? Like articles, tweets, fb posts etc? I would really love that.

    • there’s a chrome extension

    • :D

      Embrace it!

  • Would have been decent to mention that the source of all the Poke Stops is Ingress 😉

  • The infamous park in Sydney (suburb of Rhodes) where there are 3 pokestops overlapping, there are lures there 24//7 and there’s almost always a crowd at what used to be a quiet child playground. Residents threw waterbombs at one point lol.
    There’s water and bush nearby so there’s so many opportunities for rare pokemon!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    You can get master balls from these?! Long beach is packed full of these pokestops!

    • Smegmatron

      I’ve been mastering my balls since age 13… If you iniw what I mean

  • Sleetui

    For those concerned about being banned in Pokemon Go. If you use a GPS spoofing hack where you basically are “teleporting” everywhere you want instantaneously then you will for sure eventually be banned. If you use hacks that “walk” then you will be fine. Unless you’ve walked and turned off the hack and “teleported” back to your original location. That will probably soft-ban you. Causing you to not be able to catch Pokemon for a certain amount of time.