I have a big gripe with the Facebook Messenger app ever since Facebook decided to launch a major UI change without letting me know in the change log first. And now, I’m stuck with an annoyance right smack in the middle of my conversation list when I open the app.

Fortunately, there is a way to hide these annoying ‘Favorites’ and ‘Active Now’ sections, even if temporarily, and we’ll show you how in this tutorial.

An annoyance that seems forced…

Ever since a couple of updates ago, the Facebook Messenger app has been showing sections for your Favorite contacts and those that are Active Now right in the middle of the conversation list. It makes it annoying and more cumbersome to use the Messenger app as a whole, because you have to scroll down to see the rest of your conversation history.

And of course, do you think Facebook mentioned this in one of their change logs? No! Of course not! Facebook loves shoving unwanted updates and features down your throat, and that’s probably precisely the reason they never mention these changes in the change log despite promising to “highlight new features as they become available.”

So, how do you hide those annoying sections? Well, I can tell you it won’t be permanent. It’ll last a few days, maybe up to a week, before you have to do it again, but it certainly is possible to hide them.

Hiding the Favorites section

To hide the Favorites section from the Facebook Messenger app’s conversation list view, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, and make sure you’re in the Home tab.

2) Tap and hold on any person’s profile image inside of the section, then release, and you’ll see an Action Menu appear. Tap on the Hide All button.

Hide All Favorites in Facebook Messenger

3) In the next pop-up you see, Facebook even warns you that the change will only be temporary, so just tap on the Hide button.

Now the Favorites section will be hidden from the Facebook Messenger app, but it will return in a few days. You might just have to keep going this over and over. I know… it’s stupid.

Hiding the Active Now section

Hiding the Active Now section is a little different in execution, but still possible. Here are the steps:

1) Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device and make sure you’re in the Home tab.

2) Swipe to the left on any person in the Active Now section until a gray Hide All button appears.

Hide Active Now Section in Facebook Messenger App

3) Tap on the Hide button that appears in the pop-up prompt that tells you the change will be temporary.

And now you’re good… at least for a few days until it returns. Just like the Favorites section, you can count on having to do this again in the future. Nevertheless, at least you can see your whole conversation list without interruptions now.

Wrapping up

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I really hate this new feature Facebook implemented in a recent Messenger update, and I wish there was a permanent way to disable these sections from appearing in the Facebook Messenger app.

If you had the same gripe, I hope you found this short guide helpful. Pay no attention to all the blurs I had to make in the screenshots, I just like to respect the privacy of my Facebook friends.

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  • NolesFan

    Thank you for the tips!

  • Fede777

    My home is different, I only have the ongoing conversations.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Same here, old UI

    • CAIO MARIZ®

      The same, i want the new one

  • Saudor

    I can’t remember the last time I updated. I’ll stay on that lol

  • David Ruiz

    man I love you <3

  • Jake Whitaker

    Thanks for this, iDB.

  • sorrento

    Thks… Really helpful !
    And BTW, since the FB update like 2 days ago: version 60.0 I believe, my FB app crashes every time I need to open it so the only way now to open it is through Safari 🙁
    Any recommendation ?
    Thks guys.

  • Just Wondrin

    I hate this. All I want to see are recent conversations. I had to turn off chat on FB except for close friends and because suddenly I was getting unwanted calls from strangers (“friends” on FB doesn’t mean I want them calling me), and I don’t want strangers asking to “message” me.
    Thanks for the tips. I used this on Android, it’s a little different. Unfortunately, when I turned on the “Hide” option, it said that although I had turned the favorites banner off, that it would turn back on if new notifications came in. What a crock.
    I’m at the point of uninstalling Messenger altogether.

  • Elena

    Yes, it’s really helpful. I have one more question. My “favorites” actually are not my favorites. The first 5 are, but the rest? With some of these people I didn’t chat three years ago.. So how’s that possible?

  • Bence Kundla

    Facebook should give an options menu where we can set these things off forever. Cause its ****in’ annoying !!

  • Lauris Olups

    Thank you, works on Android as well!

  • dreambit

    I HATE both the active now/favourites bars and the change they made to messenger emojis. The emojis just arent the same now and dont express the emotions as good as before imo :/ I wish they would at least let me CHOOSE. Would it really be that hard to add an option in the settings tab to let me pick which emoji style I want and make the favourites/active now not visible? But as usual, facebook thinks they know whats best for ALL their users. Really starting to dislike messenger now because of all the useless and annoying UI changes. I dont know who’s thinking up all the ‘brilliant’ ideas but it worked perfectly before. Please for the love of god change it back and leave shit alone! 🙁

  • ChasNorrisJr

    While I haven’t reached that threshold of pain using Messenger — yet!
    I was actually trying to ‘unhide’ the list of people active on Messenger
    So I guess I’ll ‘patiently’ wait for it to return…

  • Martijn Beemsterboer

    How can I unhide my favorites? Anyone?

    • Ahmed Radwan

      Please advise how can I unhide my favorites back again ??

    • Ahmed Radwan

      Valid point.. please advise how can we unhide the favorites list back ??

      • dan03br

        Up! I’d like to know that too.

    • I’m going to try reinstalling the app to see if that would fix it

  • Ahmed Radwan

    Please advise how can we unhide the favorites list back ??

    • dan03br

      Up! I’d like to know that as well.

    • johnny hanna

      anybody tell you about your problem ?

  • Yaya2012

    I really hate most of the features in messenger. For example: Why do I get notifications every time I end a video chat? That is very annoying and pointless. Why must I receive a notifications every time I add someone as a friend? They are overloading us with pointless notifications when all we want is a simple inbox with video.

  • Trafalgar

    oops.. I want to bring active section back. How I do it?

    • dan03br

      I would like to know that too.

  • Sy

    I want to find out how to get sections back after accidentally hiding them with whatever update they just did. Any help please?

    • dan03br

      It’d be nice nice to know.

  • Steven

    What if you accidentally hid the active now and want it back?

    • dan03br

      I’d like to know how to add it back too.

  • dan03br

    How can I add these sections back? Thanks in advance.

    • Cbro

      Did you ever find a way to add them back?

      • dan03br

        Turns out there is no way to add them back… They come back every once in a while automatically. It sucks, I know :/

      • Cbro

        Wow. Sounds like a design flaw. Have yours come back? Is so, how long did it take?

      • dan03br

        Yes, apparently the favorites section come back according to the frequency on which you chat with your favorites as per Messenger’s statistics, the bots suggestion section comes back when there is an update to a bot or there is a new bot. That’s what I’ve read and what I’ve noticed in my experience.

      • Cbro


      • dan03br

        You’re welcome.

      • Kareem Fares

        i hidedd active friends and favorite how to undo this

  • Cbro

    Any ideas on how to undo these? I want my favorites list back, but I can’t find a way to bring it back.

  • Oskaras Buikus

    How to make favorites on?

  • Maria Miramontes

    How do I get them back?

  • johnny hanna

    how to unhide the favorites and active section on Facebook messenger on iPhone 6 s

  • charles corp

    how do i get my favorites and active now back on my face book messanger

  • Meow Fernandez Amar

    how to unhide my active& also my favorite???

  • Jennie Persson

    Oh my, for one week ago I got this notis roll down message that “X is now active, click to get to your last conversation.” This is getting me nuts. I dont want others to get notic if im active and I don´t want to get notice when people are active. If I want to wright to someone, I´ll do that. I can´t find anywhere to turn this off. Instead i´ve tried other things: I have been hiding the active now row, turn of the notice in settings (when I get message). But I still have the same problem. I even deleted the app, but there is not possible to whright messages in the facebook app without messenger. Omg, do I need to transform into another way to communicate with friends and family?

    • Ledsteplin

      Most of the time, active just means on Facebook.

  • Roopesh Limbu

    Every ones asking how to unhide. So to unhide ,for the android users, clear the data of the app. If you don’t know how to clear the data then Google it and remember clearing data won’t delete your messages but you will be logout.

  • Rob Xcon

    How do I unhide people active ?

  • Jowl Suñaz

    I hate it too… i just want a plain chat app…

  • Yelena B.

    Truly, Anthony, have you figured the way to undo “Hide” command? Seems like there’s no way around?
    Please update.

  • dark09172092618

    How to I get it back?

  • Nancy Horton

    Good read! Thanks! Now I’m wondering if it shows me active, last active, etc. while I use the pages manager app? When I am using that app, it’s for business, and I prefer to not be interrupted.