water warning

It appears that Apple has added a feature in iOS 10 that can detect if there is liquid in your device’s Lightning connector. As seen in the above images, posted to Reddit by u/lucioghosty, if liquid is detected, iOS 10 warns you to keep the port clear until it dries.

The alert takes up the full screen, and apparently stays until you either disconnect whatever Lightning is plugged into the port, or you tap the Ignore button. Note that tapping Ignore pops up another warning saying, “this may damage your iPhone.”

It’s unclear which iOS 10 beta version this feature was introduced in, and which devices will support it. The original Reddit poster noted that he was running iOS 10 beta 3 on an iPhone 6s, and others in the thread reported seeing it on the newer iPhone SE.

So what does this mean? Well iPhones have long had chemical strips to detect water damage, but this is obviously going to be much more helpful to users. Some have also speculated it may be related to the iPhone 7, which is rumored to be waterproof.

We haven’t worked up the courage to test this feature on our own devices, but if you happen to get this alert, let us know what device and beta you are on down in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

  • jennyzeroo


    • How is an alert that could save your phone from being permanently damaged annoying?

      • therealjjohnson

        Because it shows this message every time I plug my charger in. It’s not wet.

      • WorldGangStar

        I’m having the same issue every time I plug in my charger

      • therealjjohnson

        Mines is an 3rd party aftermarket one. Is yours also?

      • Keano Botelho

        Im using an apple wire and it still says it. Its just a bunch of bs rn

  • Bill

    Hmm.. I’ve heard similar claims before…

  • Jack Wong

    Isn’t this too late already?!

  • rockdude094

    Hinting iPhone 7’s water resistibility

  • Since having water in that port while charging could irreversibly damage the phone and charger, I see this as a cool phone saving feature as opposed to a sign of water proofing. Doesn’t matter how waterproofed the phone is, any phone design I’ve ever seen will still have major issues charging under water.

    Since Apple’s lightning cables are designed to not charge the phone until some preliminary authentication checks are completed, I think this is yet another reason to look for cables that are certified by Apple as opposed to cheap knockoffs.

  • Orangel Suarez-Perez

    I have an iPhone 6s with iOS 10 on the latest beta. I was power washing and my phone was in my back pocket although it never got soaked or wet, mist and moisture activated this warning when I plugged my phone to charge. It took about 4 hrs before it stopped so I assume it dried

  • PK

    This alert has been popping up on my phone 95% of the time whenever I plug my phone in. I’ve tried multiple charging cords and it still happens. Phone hasn’t been around water and it’s not that humid to be causing a constant problem. A friend running the same Beta version is having the same issue. I think it’s a bug with the newest beta

    • gypsydonut

      Definitely occurs for some as bug. I get this 100% of the time.

      • Raoni

        But can you connect your iphone to iTunes? Because I get this message 100% of the time as well and after this my Itunes don’t open my iphone anymore.

  • Adam Carroll

    6s Beta 10.0

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Nifty little tweak.

  • I’m getting false positives all the time.

  • The feature seems pretty buggy for me currently. I have been used both Beta 3 and updated to Beta 4 on my 6s. Simply plugging in a charger gives me this error. Similarly I have noticed that on my test device, plugging any non-apply connector gives this error.

  • Keano Botelho

    I got it on my plane iphone 6. My phones just updated to the 4th beta and i think the warning is just some bs. I cleaned the charging wire so that there was no moisture and used a tissue as well as a blow dryer to remove any possible moisture in the charging section of the iphone.

  • Anna Brackett

    Dropped my phone in the dog’s water bowl today and this could have saved my phone! Definitely not annoyed. I thought it was dry.