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This morning, Nintendo shares finished trading another fourteen percent higher following the release of its crazy popular augmented-reality game, Pokémon GO, which launched on the App Store on July 6. Put simply, Nintendo shares have doubled in value since the launch of Pokémon GO, BBC said.

The report adds that thanks to the game, Nintendo’s market capitalization has now surpassed that of another Japanese giant, Sony.

This puts Nintendo’s overall market value at 4.36 trillion yen, which works out to about $38 billion, or £28.8 billion. By comparison, Sony’s market capitalization topped 300 billion yen this morning.

Gerhard Fasol of Tokyo’s Eurotechnology is adamant that the tremendous boost to Nintendo’s share price thanks to the game is indeed justified because “If the market thinks that’s what a company is worth, then yes, it is justified.”

“Pokémon still has huge potential—just think of the intellectual property rights to the characters for instance,” he explained. “A massive potential waiting to be harvested.”

“The last time that Sony had a hit that could maybe be compared to Pokémon was probably the Walkman,” he pointed out.

Of course, the stock’s vertiginous rally may not last as it all depends on the stickiness of the game, which recently expanded to 26 European countries, sans France as Nintendo wanted to pay respect to the victims of the Nice terrorist attack.

Is the game’s surprise success sustainable, do you think?

Source: BBC News

  • Well duh. It’s Pokemon in the real world!

  • Satyam Panchal

    It just time waste game tho

    • Dany Quirion

      Why do you care? Its not your time

      • Satyam Panchal

        Why do you care about my comment?

      • What

        Why do you care about his comment?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        C-c-c-combo breaker!!!

      • Rowan09


    • mrgerbik

      Agreed. But when you think about it, all vids are a waste of time. Its their purpose: to pass the time while being entertained.

    • Gerald Qato

      It’s not a waste of uime since it’s a fun game and I enjoy playing it. + that it did a great job making wanting to go out all the time and taking the longest way possible

    • racerhomie2

      yeah, tell your countrymen to stop watching porn too

      • Satyam Panchal

        And yeah tell your countrywoman to stop making porn too

      • racerhomie2

        lol ,no I am ok with it

      • Satyam Panchal

        Hahah xD

  • Bugs Bunnay

    It’s crazy how it’s packed at all those pokestops

  • Wilber Alexander Flores

    The fact that it is Pokemon is money in the bank. Regardless.

  • Micke på taket

    Yepp, its money in the bank for sure.
    This is to me the ultimate proof of mankinds stupidity and struggle to kill time in many peoples meaningless lifes. I know its a very negative point of view but its only a new way for people to Escape their missery and tristess,,,
    Sad but true

  • TechToch

    it’s just a “Trend” people will forget about it and stop playing it after 1-3 months !

    • mrgerbik

      Unless they stay on top of it and introduce other features like battles with other players etc

      • Jay Dee

        There is battles with other players…

      • Tobias9413

        No there isn’t. There’s battles with gyms that other players drop Pokemon at but I can’t battle a friend one on one for fun at anytime.

    • racerhomie2

      lol ,no bro ,some people might go away ,but most are already fans of the franchise

  • Chindavon

    I could only imagine how much they’d make releasing their flagship games here and there on iOS and Android. They can milk this out easily for two decades.

    • racerhomie2

      not on Android,for crying out loud.The quality will diminish.

      • Chindavon

        Yes, true. I guess no one pays for games on Android. lol

  • Y2J

    Flappy Bird on a MUCH larger scale?

  • :D

    I used it while on a run. It was a lot of fun until the servers crashed and I couldn’t get back in. They need to fix that.

    • Bugs Bunnay


  • I wonder if this will persuade Nintendo that a full iPhone Pokémon game is the way to go

    • Tobias9413

      Honestly hoping that they drop sun and moon on mobile somehow now that they see how much they made from this. Probably won’t happen but there’s hope.

  • Nathan

    Too bad the WiiU is doing crap.

  • Ernie Marin

    They’ll lose all that money when the NX comes out.

  • Dao Sasone

    They should allow those who have pokeman cards to be scanned n use it as powers during battles. A way to add value to the cards