AirMail for Mac and iOS teaser 001

Following its major revamp of the Mac app, the powerful email client Airmail 3 has now received its first point update on the Mac App Store, bringing out a few missing features. In Airmail 3.0.1 for macOS, a free update for existing users of the app, you can take advantage of a brand new Unified VIP feature which brings together emails from the app’s built-in VIP contacts received across all your accounts. BusyCal 3 users will appreciate the ability to connect their calendars from within Airmail 3 and everyone will love many other features available in this release.

Speaking of integrations, Airmail 3 now supports saving attachments to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Droplr and OneDrive services. New Print and PDF actions allow you to wirelessly print emails or save them as PDF documents.

The app has expanded actions that are available to users on rules, snoozes, redirects, bounces and so forth, and a new Reply reminder will ensure you don’t forget replying to a message at a later stage.

Airmail 3.0.1 changelog

Here’s everything new and improved in this release of Airmail 3 for Mac:

  • New Unified VIPs
  • New Save To iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Droplr and One Drive
  • New PDF action
  • New Print action
  • New BusyCal 3 integration
  • New Reply reminder
  • New Actions on rules, Snooze, Redirect, Bounce etc.
  • Improved Search and Smart Folder
  • Many minor fixes and Improvements

As mentioned, this update is available at no charge for those who own the app.

Grab Airmail 3 for $9.99 from the Mac App Store.

  • Satyam Panchal

    Is this app better then spark?

    • Jack Wong

      Good question!

      I think I would stick with Spark because it is free and it does what I want.

      And I hate to see the number 3, it makes me feel like they will release a new version every few months…

      • Satyam Panchal

        They need to update fast my iCloud get lock twice.

  • Paul Natsch

    I had to delete Spark the other day because of the server issues they have been having that are locking people out of their iCloud accounts, including me. After resetting my password twice I had enough. Too bad because I really like Spark. If the new versions of Mail in iOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra aren’t improved enough perhaps I might look into purchasing Airmail.