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The runaway success of Nintendo’s Pokémon GO continues to take the Internet by storm, with a new Survey Monkey study indicating that in terms of daily active users the augmented-reality title has officially become the biggest mobile game in the United States’s history, just a week following its launch on iOS and Android. After initially launching in the United States, New Zealand and Australia, Pokémon GO is now available on the German App Store ahead of its expected launch across Europe.

Bigger than Twitter, about to overtake Google Maps

Pokémon GO draws more daily active users than such smash hits as Clash Royale.

During its first 24 hours of availability, the game had more daily active users than Slither.io and Clash Royale. Days later, Pokémon GO amassed 21 million daily active users, overtaking King’s insanely popular Candy Crush Saga.

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At its peak, Candy Crush Saga claimed 20 million players in the United States each day, or 93 million daily active users around the world. The strong numbers for Nintendo, Niantic and Pokémon Company’s latest mobile title prompted Survey Monkeys to call Pokémon GO “the biggest mobile game in US history.”

Pokemon GO daily active users Survey Monkeys chart 001

“Plus, as unbelievable as it sounds, Pokémon GO Android could surpass Google Maps itself as the largest user of Alphabet’s mapping data,” said the company.

The latest Internet phenomenon

Yesterday’s update squashed numerous bugs while fixing an issue with the app requiring full Google Account access, although some Reddit users are now complaining that the new version prevents them from signing into the app via a Pokemon Trainer Club account.

According to the PokéSteal fan page on Twitter, additional virtual reality features could be in the works in the form of Google Cardboard support.

Pokémon GO is a free download from the United States, New Zealand, Australian and German App Stores and contains optional In-App Purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.

Source: Survey Monkey

  • MrTarek

    That’s a rule in life , Dumb Games/People always get famous fast ! So I’m not surprised by these info

    • How the heck is this game dumb? It makes people go outside and interact with others.

      • mrgerbik

        Its dumb. People should be ‘going outside and interacting with others’ regardless.

    • TechnoBuff

      I get your point even though i wont call it dumb.
      Simplistic games are always popular for some reason. Just like Candy Crush….Makes no sense but i am sure some experts have a rationale why.

    • JulianZH

      Someone doesn’t have a childhood.

  • *Reads one paragraph*
    Oh hold on. I see a Pikachu! I actually didn’t though.

  • xian678

    There’s an update for it, out now

  • n0ahcruz3

    I like it so far, cause i like to walk/jog on the daily basis. So instead of opening health apps(eg. Jawbone, fitbit etc.) i open pokemon Go lol

    • Hopefully you have a battery pack or a battery case for your phone.

  • James G

    I hope the success here encourages Nintendo to bring more IP to iOS/Android and at a more rapid pace. Good for Nintendo.

    I haven’t played the game (nor any other pokemon game) but from what I’ve read/seen they have a win on their hands for sure.

  • Y2J

    Is anyone else having an issue with the AR Mode?

    • Timothy

      If you’re on the iOS 10 beta, there are issues with AR for everyone. Otherwise, I’m not aware of any reason it wouldn’t work unless you’re on certain Android phones.