iPhone 7 Plus dummy NowhereElse 004

The industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack may not be the only widely-used feature that is thought to be on the chopping block for the next iPhone. A new batch of high-resolution photographs that surfaced last evening appear to show off a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model that doesn’t seem to have the Mute switch on its side.

The photos were posted by French bog NowhereElse. The same publication released a set of images yesterday that gave us the clearest look yet at the iPhone 7’s subdued antenna lines.

The site obtained these new shots from the same trusted Chinese source.

As you can see for yourself, the photos show what looks like a Smart Connector on the handset’s back, fueling rumors that the flagship iPhone 7 Plus model may include other exclusive features beyond a dual-lens camera.

The Smart Connector could be used not only for magnetically attaching certain peripherals to the iPhone 7 Plus, but also for wireless charging—another feature said to be exclusive to the 5.5-inch handset.

These dummy iPhone 7 Plus cases also show a dual-lens camera system on the back, in line with prior rumors. One of the photos appears to show off a fully assembled 4.7-inch device. Note that lack of branding is normal for pre-production parts.

iPhone 7 dummy NowhereElse 003

The Power/Sleep button and Volume Up and Down buttons are still present on the sides of the case. Curiously enough, one of the images clearly depicts a clickable Home button rather than its digital, non-moving variant that the rumor-mill said would presumably lay flush with the front face of the phone.

What do you make of the possible removal of the Mute Switch from the iPhone 7 Plus?

Source: NowhereElse.fr (Google Translate)

  • Corey Hawkins II

    Liking the looks and all but I’m more excited to grab my tools and pop the hood for a look inside.

  • BAiNZy3

    I recon that the iPhone 7 plus is just a new image of a bad example of old mock up, which forgot to add the mute switch

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    No Mute Switch, how am i supposed to put my phone on silent mode. LOL

    • Rowan09

      The same way all new iPads are put on silent with the volume button.

      • Abhijeet Gupta


      • BrS

        Does it click into place to visually show that it is now muted, does it take only a single press of the volume button and can it be muted without unlocking the device?

  • tariq

    I moved to android after the 4S. I don’t iPhones. But the side switch was so useful when I did have it. I’m sure many iPhone users agree, hope they don’t remove it.

  • Innes

    The duel cameras looks like Benders eyes!

  • Anonymous

    Mute switch is over rated, as percomments down below. The ipad has solved this issue from rowan09. With rise to wake you can see the screen, and than simply hold down the down volume key. Makes things look cleaner, and you can keep the functionality!

    • BrS

      Must be possible with a single press to switch off sound and single press to restore to previous volume. Can the iPad do that?

      • Anonymous

        You could easily make the iphone do that. Long hold colud put the phone in silent mode, once in silent mode a sinlge press on volume up would restore to pervious volume limit. Also what i just suggested i do believe that is exactly how the ipad works, and it also meets your requirements of a sinlge action requirement.

  • Jamessmooth

    I’m fine with no mute switch. one less part that gets broken and makes waterproofing closer to reality. with the instant awake feature, it wont be hard to pick up the phone, swipe up, and mute thru control center.

  • Scott Curry

    The lack of a mute switch may also mean this will include the same feature as the Apple watch, in which you just hold your hand over the sensor for a few seconds to mute.

    This makes the most sense to me…

  • I’m not sure I get some of these rumors. Wireless charging seems like such as gimmick as you still have a wire that goes to a “puck” that attaches to your device. If your device needs to be charged while you’re using it, holding the puck in place while using your device is actually incredibly annoying.

    Removing the headphone jack also doesn’t make sense to me. Back when Apple removed floppy disks (which is the common comparison I hear) there was something much better available. With headphones the wireless option isn’t necessarily much better. Even assuming the quality is 100% the same with 0 risk of dropped connection or pairing issues, am I the only one that would miss the wires? I personally wouldn’t want to have to charge my earbuds nor would I want to worry that if one pops out it could fall to the ground, get lost or worse. Also there’s something nice about being able to pull out an ear bud to listen to something for a moment and not have to hold it in your hand. I’d also think that the ability to use the mic and playback controls would become more clunky once they are integrated directly into the earbuds.

    I also don’t understand the purpose of the dual cameras. Can someone explain that? I’ve seen some cameras do this before to take 3d pictures but it’s always been a pretty gimmicky feature IMO. Is this what people think Apple is also doing?

    Anyways, there’s a lot more that I’m confused on, but the good news for now is that if Apple does release something in line with the rumor mill I’ll get to keep my phone for another year. Might do something fun with that extra cash 🙂

    • Rowan09

      Since it’s rumored to have no headphone jack wireless charging is a must l, especially since it was also rumored to have lightning connected headphones. The dual cameras is suppose to give you a wider range for your pictures, along with some other features I don’t know. The LG G5 explains some of the features, but I’m not sure what else.

      • BrS

        It’s just means another attachment that has to be carried around to use the vast majority of headphones. I highly doubt quality headphones are going to be switching to wireless anytime soon. It simply means more hassles compared to simplicity and quality of a wired connection.

      • I wonder what this would do to Apple’s beats headphones lineup? Currently a LOT of people buy their headphones to use with non Apple products and if Apple suddenly puts a lightning cable at the end of them it would force people to go wireless or switch brands unless they have an iPhone.

        But even the crowd that owns iPhones is going to have a rough time trying to plug that proprietary iDevice connector into their laptops and I’d think after what happened with the original iPhone Apple would have learned its lesson about trying to get people to use a headphone adapter 😛

      • So if I understand this right, since the iPhone already supports bluetooth headphones the only real change is that Apple will introduce a lightning cable headset? So the phone would still come with a corded headset as always, it will just have a different connector? I guess while I’d prefer that over all wireless, it seems like an unfortunate move if true as it would force people to buy adapters and to be unable to charge their phone and listen to music at the same time on anything other than AirPlay speakers or the built in ones.

        Thanks for the info about the LG I’m going to go look that up. Because this rumor in particular has me scratching my head 😛

      • Rowan09

        The rumors are either Bluetooth or lightning. They will need to include wireless charging to me if they go the Lightning headphone route.

  • HamptonWalley

    The Plus version looks really bad with dual camera and smart connector, but the normal size nice as always before.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    No mute switch? Hell no.

    • Digitalfeind

      Why is that??

  • igobythisname

    That one with the oversized lens looks like a REAL BAD JOKE!! LOL!! No way that’s the iPhone 7!

    • Lui

      Agreed, however it is, unfortunately. Ive should be fired.
      Other question. I understand that larger phone can be better, however I do not understand why they are making functional difference between normal and plus. If I want to have all features, I have to go for that oversized shit.

  • Austin

    well.. my phone is always on silent? how does this work? press down button all the way?

  • Jake Platt

    Good move if true. Mute switch is unnecessary, and the phone looks a lot cleaner without it. Not to mention it’s just an added component that can break down, like many I’ve seen.

  • Chris Gaunt

    The rose color photo shows 3 bumps on one side which is like the volume and mute switches still.

  • BrS

    The mute switch is one of the iPhone’s cool features. I regularly have people telling me they wished their phone had the same highly convenient and useful feature.

  • Kurt

    I personally am a fan of the mute switch. I am one of those that always is checking to make sure my phone is on silent. Like in a meeting or something where I don’t want to pull out my phone I have the confidence of knowing it is on silence by feeling the switch. Its just a thing of mine. I check it every 10 minutes lol maybe a little OCPD(obsessive compulsive personality disorder). Not being able to check my phone without pulling it out of my pocket would give me anxiety! Crazy, I know! Also, one of the rumors I heard was ditching the space grey and going back to the black like previous iPhones. I would rather have black than grey.

  • Pompadour

    Why dont they show the bottom!!!