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Nintendo plans to push further into development for smart devices, and is exploring the idea of hardware, the company said during its annual shareholders meeting. Polygon passes along comments made by Nintendo’s GM of entertainment planning and development during the meeting, in which he said the game-maker is considering building physical controllers for smartphones and tablets.

One of the biggest takeaways from Nintendo’s annual general shareholders meeting was its decision to dedicate a large portion of its efforts on developing new software for smart devices, like smartphones and tablets. Takahashi is leading the smart device development team at the company, and said Nintendo is looking into both hardware and software development for different types of games and experiences. 

“Physical controllers for smart device applications are available in the market and it is possible that we may also develop something new by ourselves,” Takahashi said. “I believe Nintendo’s way of thinking is to look at whether action games are really not impossible (without a physical controller for smart device applications) to create and how we can make it happen to create such a game.”

Industry watchers have long called for Nintendo, who has been struggling to sell consoles in recent years, to focus more resources on mobile titles. The company initially rebuffed the thought, but is obviously beginning to warm up to the idea. Earlier this year, it released its first game on iOS called Miitomo, and it has other titles coming this fall from its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem franchises.

Source: Polygon

  • racerhomie2

    nintendo on its knees, I like it

    • Jon20

      They are doing things all wrong. I don’t know why they are fixed on doing Hardware when Software (Games) are where they need to focus their efforts. Apple and other phone making companies have already supplied the the hardware that they want, they just need to give us access to th games that we love. No one wants to carry around an extra accessory when they can just whip out their phone and start playing. No one wants to play that “Miitomo” crap. We want the classics like Mario Bros., Zelda and Metroid. Come on Nintendo…get with the times!!!

      • Ethan Monteon

        They do this because they know people like you will pay top dollar for their 3DS systems to play those classic games. (They sell them on eShop)
        Not only that but they also know that the games they release could generate piracy which of course doesn’t do them any good.

      • Chindavon

        Most if not all their games are already pirated. Load them in a blank cartridge to play on their 3DS. Controllers for mobile phones have been done before and no one buys them because it’s a hassle to most folks.

      • Anonymous

        i agree with you, just give me the classic games on ios, and ill pay top dillar for them. I don’t want the controller for my phone. Ipad okay or my apple tv also okay. Until then i got my emulator’s and ROM’s.

  • Chindavon

    Who wants to lug around a controller to play on their smartphone? Unless it’s an all in one phone case that folds out to be a controller, no one’s gonna buy one.

    • Number216

      Speak for yourself. There’s a number of people who will willingly carry around a controller to play games with so they don’t have to deal with shoddy touch screens.

      • Chindavon

        More power to Ya. I just don’t see people buying one.

    • Anonymous

      Im with you on that if its used for my phone. Tablet i possible would… Apple tv i will buy one.