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Now a few weeks in the iOS 10 and watchOS 3 betas, Cody and Sebastien touch base to see how their experience with the software updates has evolved. The duo then talks about Apple Watch 2 rumors, the inevitable disappearance of the headphone jack on the next iPhone, and the short-lived Tidal purchase rumor.

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  • Jay H

    You forgot the biggest thing of them all when discussing the iPhone headphone jack removal. Apple waited until there was a decent version of Bluetooth. I can see apple going with Bluetooth 5 and will have an awesome phone. People will buy and it and all have been just a waste of time even discussing it. Bluetooth 5, projected for release in late 2016 to early 2017, will quadruple range and double speed of low energy connections while increasing the capacity of connectionless data broadcasts by 800 percent. It achieves all this alongside its industry-leading power performance. With the major boost in broadcast messaging capacity, the data being transferred will be richer, more intelligent. This will redefine the way Bluetooth devices transmit information, moving away from the app-paired-to-device model to a connectionless IoT where there is less need to download an app or connect the app to a device. See? Make sense now? Later dudes.

    • Melvco

      Actually I’m pretty sure I mentioned BT 5 in discussing connection options for wireless headphones, but with heavy skepticism. I admire your excitement for a technology standard update, but we’ve been promised significant improvements like this several times in the past, and honestly the Bluetooth I’m using today doesn’t feel much different than the Bluetooth I used 5 years ago.

      • Jay H

        Thanks. I can’t see how we changed in speeds so fast with WIFI and Bluetooth didn’t keep up. I think if it works like it says it will then we will be in for a surprise. 🙂 Even using airdrop. ( Bluetooth and WIFI together ) one to sync and connect and one for throughout is pretty great. Photo transfers are quick as heck. If we can have that sort of thing with only Bluetooth I’d be happy. I am happy with the current Bluetooth too but would be that much happier. Add some distance and I’ll be like a kid in the candy store without a parent.
        Can you imagine a good wireless Bluetooth headset with built in DAC. I’m ready for it. Much needed update. Why can’t the future get her sooner? Later guys. We will see what happens.

  • Doesn’t matter to me cause the old version is enough