All our lives we’ve heard far-fetched promises of a future where our games, TV and movie experiences are fully immersive in a virtual reality platform. And now, the sci-fi daydream is a surprisingly affordable reality with The Virtual Reality Box Headset, available for a limited time at just $18.99.

With a stylish white “Stormtrooper” design, the Virtual Reality Box Headset turns your smartphone into a VR-capable device. Just set your phone into the sliding tray, while the one-size-fits-all design allows you to adjust the headset, lens distance and focus for an optimal fit, even while wearing glasses. The VR Box Headset is compatible with phone models running up to and including iPhone 6s Plus.

The accompanying VR app uses your phone to render a set of stereoscopic images, which your eyes then process as a single 3-dimensional image. A variety of apps in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store will help you explore the world of Virtual Reality, getting you in on the ground level of this exhilarating new era of entertainment tech.

Play VR games in virtually limitless new worlds, watch movies with incredible immersive depth in a virtual cinema, or explore dedicated VR demo apps with a wide range of accessibility. Your Virtual Reality Box Headset is now 36 percent off for a limited time, with international shipping available.