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Reuters reports that Apple is currently under fire in South Korea as the country’s antitrust regulator launches an investigation into “some matters”, without disclosing further details. Jeong Jae-chan, the head of the anti-competition body, said during a parliamentary hearing Tuesday that the agency was taking a closer look at Apple’s business practices in the country.

According to local media, the agency was reviewing details of Apple’s contracts with South Korean wireless carriers earlier this month.

The Korea Times said a week ago, citing industry sources, that the nation’s antitrust watchdog was investigating Apple over the terms of its marketing contracts with local mobile carriers.

Apple’s “unusually strict” terms with carriers were also scrutinized by the European Union regulators back in March 2013.

Six months later, an arm of France’s finance ministry launched an investigation of its own into Apple’s contractual terms with French wireless carriers.

Source: Reuters

  • igorsky

    I’m sure Apple will be treated very fairly by South Korea, a country that’s pretty much run by Samsung. What a joke.

    • TechnoBuff

      There goes that divisive line of thought…. ..
      As if a sensible rule of law does not apply in other places.
      FYI Apple plays dirty like everyone else

    • Shinonuke

      An apparent critical thinker like yourself surely see how Apple’s ruling in the U.S. can be….

  • Apple can just forget about South Korea.