2017 Honda Accord

Japanese car manufacturer Honda currently uses Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system in the 2016 Accord and Civic, as well as in the 2017 Ridgeline.

Today, the company announced that CarPlay will be returning in the 2017 Accord which will be arriving in showrooms on Monday, starting at $22,355.

Both the coupe and the four-door sedan variants of the Accord are outfitted with the expanded LED exterior lighting and sport a built-in seven-inch touchscreen with native CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Other features of the 2017 Accord include HD Radio, heated rear seats, front and rear parking sensors and more. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with Honda’s Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies.

Both sedan and coupe variants are available in a variety of trims, with 4-cylinder and V6 powertrains, 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions, as well as with a continuously variable transmission.

The significantly refreshed 2017 Accord Hybrid is also available with a new version of Honda’s two-motor hybrid powertrain technology. As mentioned, the 2017 Honda Accord is scheduled to arrive in showrooms Monday, June 27.

Last but not least, Honda fans might be interested in a new Sport Special Edition which offers the basic style, features, performance and value that helped make it the most popular car in America. Some of the perks of the new Accord Sport Special Edition include seats with red stitching, heated seats and “Special Edition” badge.

CarPlay is getting some interesting new features in iOS 10, including support for VoIP apps like Skype, a more intuitive Apple Music interface, the ability to rearrange and delete third-party CarPlay apps and more.

Source: Honda

  • Greg Warren

    “…Honda currently uses Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system in the 2016 Accord…”

    “… the company announced that CarPlay will be returning in the 2017 Accord…”

    Am I missing something here? Was there ever a question as to whether or not it would be back for future versions? When I read the headline at first I didn’t realize it was in the 2016 versions already. So this article is pretty much to say “hey, we’re not dropping the feature!”…?

  • BobNation

    is it possible to install CarPlay in a different car or you need to buy a whole new one?

    • Sailor_V90

      I myself would like to know that!

    • Greg Warren

      Manufacturers have to supply the firmware update to their vehicles to support CarPlay. Or you can install an aftermarket stereo such as Pioneer’s NEX model lines (4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, etc).

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    Is there a feature on carplay where i can use Google Maps for navigation? I would like to be able to reach my destination. Just saying..

    • Blip dude

      LOL!! I personally recommend Waze but only if you’re flooring it past 90MPH on the highway while trying to avoid cops at the same time. I like Google Maps though as it does more.