Late Thursday Apple announced it’s discontinuing the Thunderbolt Display. In a statement provided to several news sites, the company said remaining inventory is still available through its retail channels and Authorized Resellers, but production has been stopped.

The 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, which had a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, was first introduced in 2011. For the last few years, rumors have swirled that Apple is preparing a 4K or 5K replacement for the display line, but thus far none of the reports have materialized.

“We’re discontinuing the Apple Thunderbolt Display. It will be available through, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last. There are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users,” said an Apple spokesperson in a statement given to TechCrunch.

Today’s news will certainly fuel further speculation though. Did Apple make this announcement because it’s decided to get out of the standalone display market completely? Or does it have a higher resolution offering in the wings, but it’s not quite ready to tell us yet?

The most recent rumor suggested that Apple was planning to introduce a new 5K display with an EGPU at WWDC, but of course the keynote came and went without any mention of new hardware. Perhaps the company will be ready to show off something by September.

What do you think?

Source: TechCrunch

  • Inseltraeumer

    MacMini next?

    Edit: But I don’t think so.

  • TheShade247

    Well that gives us a hint, Mac mini will be dying soon

    • Bill

      I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion.

    • YewDontSay

      You forget about the Mac Pro. Still needs a display and that’s not going anywhere.

  • becoolyolanda

    yeah – just throw the $1000 discontinued display in my cart with that 3-year old $8000 MacPro. I just took out a 2nd mortgage and I just have to have the latest and greatest computer from the company that can still “innovate my a$$” -by forcing us off our workstations and instead stare at our hands from dusk to dawn.

    • YewDontSay

      What I find funny is if you get a 2009-2012 Mac Pro tower and max it out, you’ll have a computer faster than the 2013 model for less than a quarter of the price.

      • becoolyolanda

        Thats what I did – couldn’t be happier – rock solid…
        even got the old matte theater displays to go with it – of course the upgradeable holy grail is the •4,1, MB535LL/A•

      • YewDontSay

        I got a 27 inch older Cinema Display refurbished. The 30in older ones are nice but the color accuracy sucks after a year. I can’t use it for graphics work.

  • Of course thy didn’t announce new hardware in June. When have they ever done that? (Apart from iPhone 4)