Spotify on Monday told The Telegraph that it now has more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide. But of that 100 million, only roughly 30 million or so are paid subscribers—so the ones that dole out ~$10 a month.

For comparison, SVP Eddy Cue announced during last week’s WWDC keynote that Apple Music now has 15 million paid subscribers. Now that’s just half of Spotify’s count, but still very impressive for a service less than 1 year old.

Spotify has confirmed that it has more than 100m monthly active users on its music streaming service today. Based on its last count, the Swedish company is adding 1.8m users to the service monthly, and 30pc of users are paying subscribers. 

The news comes as Spotify overtakes Skype as the most highly valued European startup, worth roughly $8.5bn, according to tech investment bank GP Bullhound. 

Spotify, which launched in 2008 and came to the United States in 2011, is the world’s most popular streaming service, but increased competition from Apple and Google, and rumors of Amazon joining the fray, threaten its dominance.

Source: The Telegraph

  • Burak Kederli


    • Luke

      Big improvements coming?

  • Valinor

    I dont get how people like using Apple Music….. Tried the trial and after 2 weeks couldnt stand it anymore. Switched back to spotify.

    • therealjjohnson

      Never had an issue. I type the artist I’m looking for then hit the download icon. Pretty straight forward. Or just hit the “for you” tab and her a bunch of mixes based on what I like. Pretty nice playlist too. Plus its in the actual music app. Not sure whats not to like…

      • Valinor

        I dont know, I think the whole experience is not made for me.
        I find Spotify better fitting with its discovery functions and playlists.
        Its a bit like android vs ios I guess. Android is ok, but the ease of ios and the smoothness is better accepted by my brain.

      • Chris_Topher12

        I have tried both Apple Music and Spotify exhaustively. I’ve also tried iHeartRadio, Deezer and Rhapsody.

        I’m a self confessed Apple fanboy.
        BUT I still find Spotify easiest (and most enjoyable) to use.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Keyword “I”

    • Blip dude

      May be a different circumstance for me, but it’s not only one less to worry about (not that it’s a big deal), but simply just having to open the music app and find something I wanna listen to is one reason why I use it.

      When I had Spotify I simply ended up going back to the music app. Why?? Well, I was able to discover tracks that I never heard of or simply didn’t know about a certain artist, but If I wanted to listening to a song in my phones library I had to go back and forth between Spotify and iTunes, so I ended up using Spotify a lot less at the end of the trial.

      So I guess Integration would be the proper term, the option to load the Music that I own (From purchases, downloads and CD/Vinyl rips), and then later adding a song I didn’t have in my library or just simply discovered later on to my phone for offline listening is definitely great if it means not going back and forth between apps.

      I will personally never be completely sold on Streaming alone, because if an Artist removes their song of that service, there goes the music as well. This isn’t the case If I already have the song purchased and stored on backup drives, hence why I can never go full spotify. This “Tidal Only” or “Only on Apple Music” BS is something I won’t buy into either.

    • Luke Pruitt

      Same here!

  • Quilliv

    People actually use Spotify?

    • Chris_Topher12

      Yes, 100 million of them. Read.

      • Chris
    • Jayy

      Yeah I’m one of their users, Spotify is the best music streaming service in my opinion!

    • Juan Dela Cruz


  • QP

    Only reason to use iMusic is Siri integration. Spotify is better over all points of view, period. I did buy iMusic 3 or 4 times and i always ended it switching on sppotify. IF Apple will let spotify talk to siri there will be no reason at all to use iMusic which even destroyed my iTunes library.