Here comes “Captured on Galaxy S7” ad

By , Jun 20, 2016

Samsung ad Captured on Galaxy S7 image 002

You don’t need to be an advertising expert to figure out that the latest campaign for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge bears striking resemblance to “Shot on iPhone,” one of Apple’s most successful ad campaigns which has won many awards since its debut nearly two years ago.

As CNET reported this morning, Samsung started airing a brand new commercial for its new Galaxies.

Titled “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7”, the video was conceived to show off 4K video capture capabilities of the phone.

Check out Samsung’s new ad, embedded below.

Don’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

“The Samsung campaign doesn’t appear to claim that its ad was shot by real people, as the Apple campaign does,” CNET noted. According to the video’s description, the sample of ultra high-def 4K videos was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

I must admit that I’m not a big fan of this commercial.

Unlike “Shot on iPhone” which highlights photographs and videos shot by real people and evokes a sense of being connected to one another, “Shot on Galaxy S7” feels disconnected and sterile to me—it actually reminds me of a stock footage reel.

How do you like this new Samsung ad?

Source: CNET

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  • :|Alain|:

    So Original!! Hands Down Samsung.

    • Shinonuke

      At least they are showcasing the functionalities instead of comparing themselves with Apple in a ridiculous way

      • :|Alain|:

        Well yeah. At least they did. I’ve never liked samsung’s campaigning or the company itself but you’re right at least they didn’t compare

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    It looks like they strapped the phone to a drone.

  • Tim

    It might come as a surprise but I highly doubt those ‘real people’ aren’t just paid actors. Just like pretty much any reality show these days.

  • Nallaikkumaran

    Ahahaha. Hello iDumbasses sites. In fact, Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign is copycat from “Taken with Samsung Galaxy camera” (2013).

    ‘Captured on Galaxy S7’ ad campaign (May 21, 2016)

    This is a non story. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. Have you no shame? Not at all. Shameful. I think all this fake just a propaganda for apple. Sorry, Apple. Very sad. Just proof to show how dumb Apple fans are. S7 is the best camera phones in the world right now (Dual Pixels camera – A first in the smartphone world).

    • leart

      you just convinced only yourself with this pathetic waste of letters

      • John Smith

        He has a point though. Every time Apple takes some ideas from others, they’re hailed as taking a creative spin on it. Any other company that does the reverse, taking ideas from Apple, is labeled as being a money hungry thief. The whole point of the “free market” is pushing each other to their limits to innovate past what is already available, whether it is “stealing” or gimmicks. This is why the patent system is flawed. It prevents proper growth and only causes these kinds of divisions.

      • leart

        if you analyze a comment from a “person” that’s starts with “Hello iDumbasses” good luck with that, I’m not interested ..
        I even not disagree or agree with your comment .. it’s your opinion..
        I just hate trolls that’s it

      • Nallaikkumaran

        Look that BGR and 9to5Mac. They”re iDumbasses.

      • Rowan09

        The campaign he speaks of was done for the Zoom and Samsung chose 32 prominent instagrammers to do the campaign. The shot on iPhone campaign is suppose to show regular people using the camera. Apple’s execution was and is better. I don’t remember seeing any banners with people’s pictures in train stations or on highways for the Samsung campaign.

      • Nallaikkumaran

        What part of “you are a complete brainless idiot” do you not understand? This site and its writers are apple-biased. I am telling the truth. They try to hide the truth.

        In fact, “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S6” -.Samsung Galaxy S6 4K Ultra HD Video Sample (Publish Date: May 18, 2015)

        Check out tube “Capture on Galaxy s7 – Samsung Galaxy S7: Hyperlapse (Publish Date: May 21, 2016)

        This is a non story. It’s not really an issue. This article seems to lack research. They have no idea what they’re talking. You’re supporting a company that does nothing but steal from others and then use their media influence to make people believe the other companies are stealing from them. This site campaign against Samsung. How honest are Apple and fans?. Ugly dirty mind and jealous people are?. People need to compliment others more often. I just said. You refuse to accept this.

      • leart

        dude if you think that your the first troll here and your original.. your wrong … the Internet was full for years.. Samsung was forced to admid that payed some poor college kids to bad mouth competition .. if you are doing it for some benefit than ok, you must eat to.. but if your doing it for free.. than we have e new FAGDROID in this site.. welcome dumbas hahahaha

      • Nallaikkumaran

        Waiting for another useless and brainless iSheeps troll. Hey…You’re here. Hehe… .. iSheep still dancing… How much does Apple pay u? I hope it is a significant amount. I don’t have time to reply all your stupid comments.

      • leart

        sorry i was busy enjoying my new toy

      • leart

        damn your level of hysteria is growing ..

      • Chris Owen

        I agree this guy just feels insecure about Samsungs success so he finds a site like this one and tries to brag about it and piss people off

      • leart

        hello FAGDROID.. to be honest your NOT doing a good job, jour comments are to much hysteric to impress people..

    • Gregg

      And you think insulting people will make the competing product more appealing and this site’s readers will take your opinion seriously??? Genius…

      • Nallaikkumaran

        This site campaign against Samsung. How honest are Apple and fans?. Ugly dirty mind and jealous people are? I am telling the truth. They try to hide the truth. This is a non story. It’s not really an issue. This article seems to lack research. They have no idea what they’re talking.

      • leart

        your sick

      • Gregg

        Obviously you don’t get it.

    • TechnoBuff

      In as much as i get your point and you happen to be right for what it is worth.
      You made a bunch of myopic Apple fanboys on this site seem right with your name calling, which made a mess of your facts.

    • Chris Owen

      Are you kidding me? Wow. First, if you think Apple and it’s fans are dumb why are you on a site that almost exclusively posts news about Apple and it’s products. Second, if you want to talk about being a copycat look at the design scheme of the S7, How original. And Samsung Pay, Again Original. You’re Pathetic.

      • Nallaikkumaran

        Who copied?

        The iPhone 6 is a basic cloning of Samsung design (Samsung Ativ S – 2012).

        iPhone 6 copycat from Samsung Ativ S (2012 -Windows)

        Samsung Ativ S (2012- before Apple 6) – Apple iPhone 5 (2012)

        How original. And Apple Pay, Again Original. Apple pay copycat from Android. You’re Pathetic.

    • Rowan09

      The campaign you are speaking about is not the same at all. Samsung took 32 prominent instagrammers and have them take pictures with the Galaxy Zoom and upload them to Tumblr. Similar yes but not the same. Regardless the shot on iPhone campaign is suppose to be real and regular people taking pictures not professionals. No need for the insults because you took time out your day to come on an “I blog” and complain about Apple products. Android or non Apple users are the most ignorant people. When they released Apple Music for Android people gave it bad ratings just because it was an Apple product which is better than Google music. Google maps is released for IOS and Apple users download it and for the most part give it, it’s respect.

      • Nallaikkumaran

        Oops, S7 Camera is Beast, and the whole world knows it. S7 is the best camera phones in the world right now (Dual Pixels camera – A first in the smartphone world). Check out tube – S7 4k videos. iPhone 6s camera is a JOKE.

      • Rowan09

        I own the S7 Edge and the 6S Plus. In low light the S7 Edge does win and it does focus faster. I’ve never really done any other test though besides those 2.

    • Shinonuke

      Just to make it clear that Samsung had a “taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera” ad that show how well there camera work. Them pictures weren’t even taken from a Galaxy phone. Their advertisement was misleading as they gave the impression that it came from a Galaxy phone

      • TechnoBuff

        How did you know they weren’t taken from a Samsung phone?

      • Shinonuke

        If you’re able to get a decent resolution of the advertisement then you will see their tiny fine print on their advertisement, that stated that the pictures were taken from the Samsung camera and not from the phone, while showing actors/actress using their Samsung to take pictures.

      • TechnoBuff

        Are talking about the same video embedded in this article???
        I have a good 32 in monitor and couldn’t see anything of that sort apart from captured with samsung galaxy edge??
        Why not take a screenshot to disprove that.

      • Shinonuke

        No, not same video that was embedded in this article. If you really want to know then you can search the Internet. I couldn’t upload anymore due to size requirements. Look at the bottom left corner “screen imagine simulated”

  • therealjjohnson

    That doesnt look like cell phone video I’ve ever seen before.

    • Mike

      I have the Note 5 and I can say that the videos come out this clean depending on which quality you shoot at and lighting. I’ve taken a lot of pictures and video that blow the iPhone 6 plus away.

  • Cristian

    I really don’t understand why they destroy Apple when they just obviously copy them so hard. Are they doing it on purpose?

  • askep3

    What a joke

  • Honestly, their ads for the Galaxy S7 were pretty good. Now it’s just going to be trash because they want to copy Apple.

    • Nallaikkumaran

      Who copied? In fact, Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad campaign is a copycat from “Taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera” (2013)

      Check out tube”Captured on Samsung Galaxy S6″ -.Samsung Galaxy S6 4K Ultra HD Video Sample (Publish Date: May 18, 2015).

      Check out tube “Capture on Galaxy s7 – Samsung Galaxy S7: Hyperlapse (Publish Date: May 21, 2016)

      This is a non story. It’s not really an issue. This article seems to lack research. They have no idea what they’re talking.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Shot on the new swinesung lagaxy ASS-7

    • Me


    • Mike

      can you even run two apps one screen?

  • Alan

    Why do ads have to polarize people? The focus should be on the quality of the image, not the originality of the ad. Let’s be honest – there aren’t many ways to showcase the quality of a camera. I enjoy the footage on both Apple’s ads and these ones.

  • tariq

    They should just do “customization” ads since that’s what androids selling point is, or at least the VR since they give that free.. I have the s7edge, camera is great. But this is just extremely unoriginal. Samsung can do better than that

  • leart

    I’m a senior designer and now I’m specialized on web pages.. looks like your interested in design and web pages… do you want to give you lessons ? or if you want I can give you work through Internet if you are able te build simple pages by your self . but I will not do it haha

  • Chris Owen

    Do YOU even know what you’re talking about? Apple Pay launched BEFORE Android Pay.

    And how is the iPhone 6 a copy of the Activ S? Does Samsung own rounded edges and a thin bezels?

    • Nallaikkumaran

      Oops, Do YOU even know what you’re talking about? Google Wallet launched BEFORE Apple Pay.

      And how is the S7 a copy of the iPhone? Does Apple own rounded edges and a thin bezels?

      • Me

        Google wallet compared to Paypal dude, not Apple pay or android pay.

      • Chris Owen

        This is very sad now you’re trying to use my words against me. Wow.

        Like I said if you don’t like Apple or it’s products, or it’s fans stay off our site.

        I’ve tried to see things from your perspective, but I can’t get my head that far up my ass.

  • FabioPeterhans .

    But the videos look really good, at least the quality.

  • TwoSim

    I want watch the under water ad of Samsung S7E

  • Tommy

    I find ads by both Apple and Samsung somewhat deceiving. These shots were taken by professionals or via the addition of some tool to get that end result. Shots taken by mere mortals like us don’t turn out that good. No matter how hard we try.