iOS 10 Spotlight Search teaser 001

Since installing iOS 10 Preview on my iPhone 6s I’ve been discovering these little gems that, in my personal opinion, will make this particular revision to Apple’s mobile OS the most worthwhile upgrade yet.

Aside from major new headlining features, it’s the little things that make our hearts sing. One of such subtle refinements is the ability to quickly get to Spotlight Search from any app.

iOS 10, like its predecessors, lets you pull down on any Home screen to reveal the Spotlight search field at the top of the screen, but you already knew that.

Spotlight on iOS 10 is also on Home screen 0 at the top of your widgets and you can get to it from any app via the Notification Center, like before.

But as an iDownloadBlog reader pointed out in comments, there’s an even quicker way to reveal Spotlight Search when using apps: just swipe down the Notification Center about an inch and you’ll be taken instantly to Spotlight.

“This only works when you are in an app, not the Home screen, because you can just swipe down anywhere to get to Spotlight,” our reader explained.

iOS 10 Spotlight Search from apps iPhone screenshot 001

As an added bonus, you’ll get vibratory feedback when pulling the Notification Center down just the right amount for the Spotlight field to show up.

This gesture takes some time getting used to, and it doesn’t always work consistently as it should. I’ve found this cool little gem of a feature to be quite buggy, but am sure Apple will perfect it in future iOS 10 betas.

If you can’t get it to work, restart your device and try again. And make sure that you’re swiping down the Notification Center when using an app, not when you’re on the Home screen, because it doesn’t work from the Home screen.

How do you like this neat trick?

  • Joost

    This is perfect in combination with the taptic-engine.

  • There’s so much in iOS10 that I don’t think the general use will ever find half of these features. Which could be an issue for them, but for us techies it’s a delight to find these little features/easter eggs 🙂

  • Chris

    An other cool feature is you can swipe down the widget view from the lock screen to use spotlight, if you don’t like tapping on that little bar

  • Humza Rizvi

    Apple needs to add a privacy button for phone calls in CarPlay I don’t don’t have to keep unplugging it if there’s someone else in the car

  • zebonaut

    oooooh. Just discovered that. Thanks. That IS nice.

  • Sohail Wahab

    Love it, I hope they fix all the bugs and just after that some hacker release a killer jailbreak. Boooooom!! I’ll switch to iOS 10

    • John

      You know this is the first beta released to developers. Suggesting they fix “all the bugs” is a long way off ESPECIALLY since they are still fixing bugs in iOS 9.

  • Legend

    IOS 10 IS A BEAST. It’s over for Samsung lol

  • James G

    Awesome. I’m using spotlight on iOS more and more. The more accessible it is, the more I’ll use it.

  • Is it enough though? I don’t think I’ve seen/heard many people use the app and it’s not like it’s got ‘everything’ in there either?