iOS 10 3D Touch folder iPhone 6s screenshot 001

iOS 10 makes extended use of 3D Touch-driven gestures on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. For instance, you can 3D Touch the bottom row of icons in Control Center to set flashlight intensity, start the timer, go to your last calculation and jump directly into a Camera mode.

You can also clear all notifications with 3D Touch and now I’ve stumbled upon another handy 3D Touch shortcut on iOS 10: folder renaming and seeing apps inside a folder with missed notifications.

Simply press a folder on your Home screen and then select Rename in the shortcuts menu. This has the same effect as tapping the folder and then its tittle like on prior iOS versions. If you look closely at the screenshot top of post, you’ll notice that the shortcuts menu also lets you see a per-app breakdown of the received app notifications.

iOS 10 3D Touch folder iPhone 6s screenshot 002

Suppose I have a folder filled with stock apps I don’t use. I can see from the folder badge that these apps have received a total of 71 notifications.

Before iOS 10, I had to actually open the folder and then swipe through multiple app pages to tell from their app badges which ones have unread notifications. Now I can just 3D Touch the folder and instantly see in the shortcuts menu that of those 71 notifications 68 hit Mail and the remaining three the Podcasts app.

What’s more, I can then drag my finger to select the app from the shortcuts menu to launch the app with unread notifications and act on those missed alerts. That’s yet another great time saver with 3D Touch on iOS 10.

How do you like folder renaming with 3D Touch? Is this going to save you time as opposed to tapping a folder and then its tittle in order to type a new name?

And are you excited that 3D Touch shortcuts menu now displays a breakdown of any received notifications specific to apps inside the folder?

  • I’ll admit, I didn’t know this tidbit.

  • Noohar

    So many Ad Blockers installed

  • Jamessmooth

    “Apple Crap” hahahaha

  • These are the kind of shortcuts that caused me to return my iPhone 6S. Maybe I’m weird, but I never store multiple pages of icons in a folder so checking the badge break down is already a single tap. Furthermore as opposed to pressing firmly, and then swiping down and releasing to rename, I just tap and long press to rename. I don’t feel like these shortcuts give me anything I’m missing or save me any time. This is why I’m so excited for the live views into apps in notifications, widgets and icons. It actually gives it something unique that I can’t do already nor can do manually nearly as fast.

    • Merman123

      You returned a phone because you didn’t use 1 feature ?

      • Basically. I mean, I figured at the time I didn’t have any complaints with the existing 1GB of ram and the 3D Touch didn’t really strike me as anything I needed at the time. That left me with a slightly faster Touch ID scanner and a better camera. So in each case I had to ask myself if those features were worth $1,100 to me. And the simple answer was no. Now that I’m seeing the full implementation that Apple has for 3D Touch I’ll probably upgrade to the iPhone 7 but at the time none of the new hardware or features was enough to make me say, Yes! That’s worth my spending over $1,000 for it. I know that’s personal opinion but it was my rational.

  • So here’s a fun bug… On iOS 10. If you open a folder and long press so that your icons start to wiggle and then tap off to the side to close your folder everything stops wiggling as expected. However if you open any folder after that the icons are all still wiggling in the folder and if you drag one out of your folder to the springboard all the apps become rather erratic in their behavior for long presses. I’ve seen apps one at a time enter the wiggle effect, apps become stuck with the “x” delete badge visible until shutting of the phone and more. Anyways, I found it entertaining…