ios 9.3.2 browser jailbreak

Only last month, well-known Italian iOS hacker and developer Luca Todesco teased a really nifty browser-based jailbreak that appeared to work on iOS 9.3.2.

Although the jailbreak would never be released to the public, Todesco says that Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 release closes an important exploit used in the jailbreak, which was shown off just last month.

Apple patches another useful jailbreak exploit

As Todesco, better known as qwertyoruiop, notes on Twitter, iOS 10 closes a very powerful 0-Day exploit that he calls GasGauge, which played an instrumental part in the brower-based jailbreak that he showed being installed from the Safari web browser back in May.

For anyone who missed the chance to see the jailbreak in action, it works a lot like the popular jailbreakme website did. You can see it in action below:

Passing the torch

Since the exploit is closed in iOS 10, Todesco appears to have chosen to release the 0-Day exploit to the public in the hopes that a current jailbreak team or hacker will be able to make use of it before it’s too late.

It’s said that the exploit works on iOS 9.3.3 beta and earlier, which means it has the potential to provide a jailbreak to a large number of people who have gone without for so long.

The hacker also notes that iOS 10 put a heavy foot down in security, noting that the first iOS 10 beta not only closes his browser-based jailbreak, but also another jailbreak project he was working on.

It’s no doubt that finding these exploits is a tough job of its own, but then you also have to have the resources to test the exploits on several devices, code a jailbreaking application, and then move it out to the masses all while keeping regular stability updates.

It takes a team

Since Todesco, being a one-man team, didn’t have these resources, his decision makes sense and it is hoped that his posting of the exploit out to the public will allow it to reach someone who could.

Currently, the only two jailbreak teams that have delivered jailbreaks for the most recent iOS firmware versions are TaiG and Pangu, both of which been very quiet these last several months.

Pangu did release a jailbreak in March for iOS 9.1, but it was highly criticized for being released for a firmware version that many people weren’t on, or that was impossible to be downgraded to.

Wrapping up

Will Todesco’s 0-Day exploit soon lead to a public jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 beta and earlier? No one knows at this point in time, but we can all cross our fingers can’t we?

One thing we know for sure is that anyone who was working on a jailbreak for iOS 10 probably has to start at the drawing board again. It would seem iOS 10 has a strong focus on software security as Apple continues its active stance against jailbreaking.

Do you think a public jailbreak will launch before the release of iOS 10? Share in the comments!

  • 9to5Slavery

    Dam.. I love browser based…

    • Mike T4

      Probably wont be a public jailbreak before 10 release. Will be waiting anyway

  • Johnny

    The JB days are over.
    And i see no reason either to JB iPhones anymore.
    Most of the shit i tought was good to have is almost already there in the stock iOS

    • onesimpleclik

      Agree. Through each update, Apple has added features to iOS, that are pulled directly from jailbreak tweaks. It’s almost completely unnecessary to jailbreak these days, as iOS provides a much better user experience than it previously did.

    • smtp25

      Oh is Movie Box there? Filzila? iTransmission torrent client?

      • You can install Movie Box without a jailbreak…

      • Ozzie

        How I have 9.3 and I can’t find anyway to put it on my 6plus. I always get the can’t install app

      • Try this one

      • Ozzie

        I went to page but it’s in Chinese and it won’t let me download the DL client

      • Did you visit the page on your iPhone? I’ve not tried it on computer but on iPhone it shows exactly as above, I can’t link as it won’t be approved. On the iPhone it’ll simply install a profile and the app for it.

      • Also give this one a go

      • SkyFall

        You mean those apps (apart from Filza) that are used to mainly download pirate content?? Wow makes me wonder why Apple won’t add them..

      • Jim Hart

        iFile and iBlacklist are two I used to use.

      • SkyFall

        I used iFile but once Filza was released i used it more. It had a better design in my opinion. I can see Apple adding a File manager in iOS 12/13. But a tweak like iBlacklist i don’t think they will add it its too advanced to add it.

      • smtp25

        Yes those ones, Hence why I still want to JB so I can continue to pirate

      • Big Rod

        So you’re just mad you can’t steal content and apps. You should use Android, that’s were all the freeloading welfare slobs hangout.

      • smtp25

        Yes, I want to continue to watch movies and free IAP. You’re not one of those people who never break the law are you? Never speed in your car at all? Ohhh only some laws shouldn’t be broken.

      • Big Rod

        Amazingly stupid example. Speeding isn’t stealing from other people and taking away their ability to make a living. Wow, what a dolt. It’s amazing that not only do you have no shame, you actually think you’re justified in stealing. Amazing how you generation glee slobs see the world, it’s a result of the poor educational system not teaching how economies work. Anywho go work for free for a few years on something, then come back and tell me why that’s the same as doing 70mph in a 65mph zone.

      • smtp25

        Big rod, may I call you big rod? I’m trolling you. But yes speeding ‘can take away a persons ability to earn’ if you kill them with your reckless speeding Big Rod. And no I don’t try to justify piracy. Nor do I think selectively breaking the law providing they are not IP laws is ok. Slow down Big Rod, think of the children.

    • Quilliv

      The jb days are over for you sure for the majority not at all and never will be

    • Saulo Benigno

      I only JB my phones because of iGotYa.

      It’s the only tweak that I care.

    • John Tremendol

      Bullsh*t. Cydia is infinite. There are so many things you can do with jailbreak that even some rooted Android can’t do, Non Jailbroken iOS is out of question.

      • Al-x Roy Spiker

        WTF, really? You can edit every single java file that android is made out of in order to do absolutely anything you want with it. Way better than IOS.

    • Al Fresco

      just because you are closed minded doesn’t mean there is no reason to jb anymore

      • Johnny

        Well this is my opinion and i spoke for myself
        I see i stepped on your toes thou u are frustrated that they dont release any breaks for 9.3.2-9.3.3
        in MY opinion theres no reason to jb anymore.
        Have a good day/evening.

      • Al-x Roy Spiker

        For one, there is jailbreaks already for those versions, and two, maybe you can not find a use for all those advanced features, but I bet more than 50% of people will find them useful.

    • mickey

      iOS is better than before but there will always be a reason to jailbreak: customization. Sure some can live without it but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason. For me it’s still a pain to be on stock iOS. Tweaks like swipeselection, tage, priority hub, snapper, swipeexpander, springtomize (to name just a few) are ones that I use daily and certainly prefer to be with than without. No it’s not a deal breaker like it once was but I’ll always jailbreak if I can for the customizations apple still doesn’t let us have.

    • Brent Shelton

      VirtualHome and BrowserChanger to make Google Maps the default. Only two things I would use it for. Maybe Springtomize to add another column of icons.


      apps like pdanet and pandora downloader are the main reason i have an iphone. without them , i really dont need an iphone. i would go with a galaxy.

  • Lit

    Why not release the browser jailbreak if he’s releasing the exploit anyways? =/

    • Me

      because then he has to support the jailbreak. Releasing the exploit, others make a jb, he sits back and doesn’t have to support anyone.

    • Cause he loves attention

  • n0m0n

    Well I jb just for auto muter.
    I just don’t understand why there isnt any auto mute to set the one to mute for certain set calendar appointments.

  • Burge

    He says Apple closed it. So what it’s not like he’s made it available for people to use.

    • Yeah, now that it’s available for the public, a team who was skilled enough could use it.

  • Guava Angel Rosas

    Please Gosh Please..
    We all desperately need a new ray of hope for the jailbreak community..l
    With the awesome new iOS 10..Many new features could be brought over to go to older softwares and we could finally all have the tweaks and files we have desired from Cydia!

  • Mark S

    Who cares the dork won’t release it anyway he just wants attention.

  • avd98

    Could someone help me? I know that this is still the first beta of iOS 10 but anyways, I was thinking about upgrading my 6s, but first wanted to know how is it working. Those with ios 10 already installed, how is the battery? And standard apps (like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, snapchat) are running normally? Are there any big instabilities?

    • Y2J

      The only issues I’ve had are replying to texts from the lockscreen and the occasional crash. Some things lag but nothing horrible. Oh and replying on disqus takes you to the very bottom of the page every time you type a letter so it’s impossible to see what you’re typing as you type it lol

      • Steve Harold

        Yeah the whole Discus thing is the worse. I find battery better.

      • Stefano Marsella

        I have had that problem since iOS 9.3

  • zoLa siWisa

    If I hear another teaser. Please help me God. I am going to snap. Please say no more about that and that developers who will never release …..Smhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Scott Curry

    Seriously, who cares what this idiot is doing in his mom’s basement? Do we really need to know the exploits of a braggart showing off his ‘talent’ while saying ‘no you can’t have it’? What public service does it serve at all? But I guess when sites keep reporting on him…. Better to be infamous than famous, I guess.

    On JBing…Are there some tweaks I miss? Sure. I miss having a different wallpaper every time I look at my phone’s lock screen. I miss theming my home screen’s icons (Although let’s be honest, hardly any theme’s covered ALL icons, so it always still looked ‘not quite right’.) So I will sat, IMHO, JBing may not be dead to me, but it’s certainly in a coma, and the family is talking about pulling the plug…

    • Well now that the exploit is public, you can get to work on creating a jailbreak for all of us 🙂

  • Sorry but who cares? Why are people wasting time jailbreaking betas when Apple is just going to patch them?

    • Blip dude

      This is something I always thought about. I always assume it’s better to keep mouths shut until the final version of an update is released. I’m just waiting on 9.3.3 to come out of beta because I feel like that’s when we’ll see the final iOS 9 Jailbreak.

      • N-ninja

        At least some of us understand why Luca todesco didn’t release his exploit till now, but because of some of these peeps, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think there will be an iOS 9.3.3 jb, well not regarding this exploit, as by now Apple will have patched it!

    • This jailbreak was for iOS 9.3.2, not a beta. It just happened to work on iOS 9.3.3 beta.

  • TheDarxide

    As long as the window signing is open, there shouldn’t be an issue making the 9.3.2 Jailbreak public. Everyone thinks that EVERY single iOS device will be iOS 10 compatible, when it’s not true. I know I’ll have at least one device where iOS 9.3.2 is the last it will go, and since signing will always be open for that device, a jailbreak would be nice.

  • GTA 5

    hahahahaa i did that too on like every display device

  • jalexcarter

    Honestly I don’t know how Apple can be so against jailbreaking when they take features originally thought of by devs of jailbreak tweaks and consistently implement them on major software releases. They’re practically doing their jobs for them. Thanks to all of the devs who work on jailbreaks and jailbreak tweaks and apps, I would be so lost without you all, haha!

  • Tom Nghia

    For me, Jailbreak isn’t dead.
    I was forced to update to iOS 9.3.2 after my iPhone 6 got into a Bootloop after experiencing serveral crashes on Jailbroken iOS 8.
    (I installed several incompatible tweaks and forgot to go into save mode to remove them)
    And while iOS 9 provides a lot of things I had installed via JB by stock, there’s still a few reasons why I miss my JB.
    So for me the JB days aren’t over

  • Sheila Thompson

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  • Patrick Yeager

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