iPhone 7 Home button MobiPicker 002

Many sources are adamant that we’ll have to wait until a tenth anniversary iPhone next year for a bezel-less device with an integrated Touch ID sensor and no Home button. As for the upcoming iPhone 7 revision, the most recent leak from MobiPicker suggests that the iPhone 7 might come outfitted with a touch-sensitive Home button that sits flush with the surrounding bezel, requiring users to perform tapping actions due to the absence of any moving parts.

UPDATE: As our reader Dave pointed out on Twitter, this may actually be an Android device although the image he shared appears to depict a device with a Home button that does have a bezel so it’s inconclusive.

  • Interesting, especially since in iOS 10, you have to physically push the home button to unlock the phone, unless I’m mistaken.

    • Actually, they released raise to wake with iOS 10, meaning you’d only really need to rest your finger on the fingerprint scanner to unlock. Pick up phone with finger already on the scanner = pretty instant unlocking!

      • gg915

        Actually, it does say push home button, even after raising to wake. Can Confirm.

      • Hendo27

        Is rais to wake something you have to turn on? I’m running the beta and it doesn’t work for me. If you do turn it on and off where is the option?

      • gg915

        Hmmm, i was under the impression it worked across all devices. It’s was just on when I installed the update. Maybe only newer devices? I’m running IOS 10 on my SE. I have my brother’s 6s as well.

      • Jay Dee

        How stable is the first iOS 10 beta? I want to test it out on my daily driver but a little worried about it being super buggy.

      • gg915

        It’s pretty stable. I have an occasional freeze or app crash. The music component is pretty buggy. It’ll hang if I skip a lot of songs in a row. I can’t open the camera app if the music app is playing. It keeps showing the iCloud graphic in certain parts of the app. After about 10hrs of moderate usage in LPM, I’m down to 42%. I’m on an SE.

      • gg915

        I don’t really see a setting for it.

      • John Wickham

        Not every device has the capability.

      • It’s 6s & 6s+ only at the moment

      • So it does!

      • Heath

        My understanding is that the raise to wake function is being implemented because of how rapid the touch id sensor in the 6s models unlocks your phone. Because ios10 has revamped the lockscreen and there are many more notifications(and widgets) to interact with, they needed to find a way to wake the iphone without pressing the home button and thus instantly unlocking the phone. It makes sense that it only supports the newer 6s models(and the SE), because they have the most power efficient chips that allow iphone to have untethered “hey siri” or gyroscopes always active waiting for you to raise iphone and wake the screen.

      • ericesque

        I’ve seen a couple forum discussions that seem to confirm it’s 6S and 6S Plus only. There will be a setting under Display & Brightness for Raise To Wake on supported models.

      • gg915

        It works for me, SE. Maybe i’m lucky

  • Grolubao

    Being doing this for so long with VirtualHome…

    • Mark Swain

      Was just thinking that, doubling tapping for the app switcher.

    • Y2J

      Oh how I miss that tweak

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        On hi Chris

      • Y2J

        Hey everyone needs a break from their job now and then

  • dc7007

    And there will be a new gesture for Reachability?

    • igorsky

      Can make it triple-tap. Or just use “Hey Siri” going forward. If you’re going to talk to the phone anyway, it seems redundant to use anything other than “Hey Siri”.

  • Joey_Z

    Apple tested this technology on the new Macbook’s touch pad. It might be very hard to tell from a home button with actual moving parts.

  • When I get iPhone 7, I’m just gonna erase that circle and have no home button at all

  • I really want to install iOS 10 on my iPhone but I don’t have a secondary iPhone to test it out 🙁

    • ChrisLinke

      Back yourself. I’ve used it on my primary device.

  • iDude

    Every ‘touch sensitive’ things could leak easily. 😀