iOS 10 keyboard tapping sound

Aside from the headlining new features, including a revamped Lock screen, a vastly improved Messages, a lot smarter Maps and more, iOS 10 sports a bunch of refinements that make for a more pleasing experience overall.

One of those tidbits is an all-new tapping sound when using the stock keyboard on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Here’s what it sounds like.

Check out the video below for the new keyboard tapping sound.

Though it’s a subtle change, the clicking sound will instantly feel new to users who’ve grown accustomed to the traditional sound of pressing keys on the iPhone’s keyboard, which hasn’t changed since the iPhone’s inception.

For those wondering, as much as I poked around in Settings I couldn’t find the option to customize the keyboard sound.

Are you in approval of iOS 10’s new keyboard clicking sound?

At first, I thought it sounded weird, but then I got used to it in no time.

  • Personally I like the new sound a little better. It’s less harsh than the old one.

    • Karan Srivastava

      I love this sound but it’s to slow how to increase this new keyboard sound
      Plzz help

      • Steve

        you are out of your mind

    • Steve

      You are an idiot big time.

      • And here I thought having my own opinion and knowing why I hold to it meant that I was actually a thinking individual. Fortunately I have you to let me know where my IQ stands. Thanks!

      • Steve

        Your opinion is now and always will be valued, I apologize for that remark. My dislike for the sound and inability to change it causes me to take it out on those that feel the opposite.

  • OMG, you’re not gonna create a new article for every little iOS 10 tidbit, are you?

    • I’m kind of confused as to the order of posts here too. There are a lot of MAJOR changes that iOS 10 brings. For instance the Health app is 100% new with all new features, new interface, new reports everything. But instead we get a video demonstrating the keyboard clicks :P. Oh well…

      • fiiiiine

        I’m glad he posted this, I was interested.

      • Oh please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it shouldn’t have been posted, but there are a LOT of other things that seem like they would be more interesting to hear about first. The app overhauls, the new notes sharing features, their new video editing app inside photos, etc. Comparing keyboard sounds is cool and makes for a decent post, I was just hoping to see some of the bigger things first is all.

      • fiiiiine

        So what everyone else is posting about, pretty much. 😉 I’m personally glad I can come to iDownloadBlog and see posts about nuances like this. I’ve wanted Apple to update the keyboard click sound for yeaaars.

    • yentrog31

      Can’t you skip the ones that don’t interest you? What I do.

  • Iliya Motamedi

    i hate keyboard sound don`t mater what song if i hear same sound for about 60-50 time in minutes i go crazy O.o

    but i have problem if i disable this keyboard sound my phone dont vibrate when i use flip switch ! and i dont understand if its work !

  • Joseph Apodaca

    How did you get rid of the carrier logo?

    • Paresh Bhatia

      When u record video on quicktime it clears the carrier name and also shows 100% battery with full cellular signal

  • zebonaut

    love the new sound.

    • Steve

      what a stooge

  • rvs007

    What able adding an option for haptic feedback so I don’t need to jailbreak the next ios upgrade to get HapticPro?

  • Shankar Dasika

    lol keyboard new clicking sound? an entire article for that?

    looking at the title made me laugh hard lol keep up the good work

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    I really like it! Maybe I’ll turn on keyboard sound again.

  • czbird

    Sounds like Geiger counter lol

  • Guy

    Not bad sounds way better

  • Saulo Benigno

    Why not creating a video showing the old then the new one? So we can compare?

  • iDude

    sounds like popping out your zit.

  • Zachary Price

    This sounds exactly the same as when you’re collecting dirt, cobblestone or what have you in Minecraft, lol!

  • ShadowBlader

    I really like the new sound a lot better than the old one.

  • Michele Lohry

    I hate it and want it to go away. I tried going into settings to turn off keyboard clicks, but it’s still there. How can it be turned off?

  • Is there a way to turn it off? The space bar and delete keys always make a keyboard noise even with keyboard clicks set to off in Sounds. Am I missing something here or is that just a bug?

    • Jonathan Dionne

      Got that bug too… so annoying I just fill a feedback for Apple dev. team and switch the phone to mute until it’s resolved.

  • motormaticinjeksiirithargamura

    Honestly, I personally like this, it improve my typing speed pretty well, I don’t need to see the keyboard anymore when I miss press the delete or space keys, as it has different sound each.

    For ‘allready fast iphone keyboard typer’, it’s nothing perhaps, but this is my favorite feature at the moment,,,

  • Bill Kroll

    I like the new sounds, but I don’t like that you can’t control the volume of them. Would be nice to have them a lot quieter.

    • Józef Piłsudski

      What device do you use? I have an iPhone 5s and the keyboard sound is very quiet… -.-

  • ptram

    It’s sonic skeumorphism. The older sound was airy and abstract, while this one is the sound of the old clicky keyboards. It’s more intrusive, and not connected with the abstract look of the user interface.

  • William Liau

    how come mine does not sound loud as in the video? barely able to know there is actually sound for typing in ios 10…anyone facing same issue? or there is way to turn that volume up? Thanks

    • Józef Piłsudski

      Hi! I have exactly the same problem as you on my iPhone 5s iOS 10.0.1. And also the sound of charging and lock screen is queiter than the old one (iOS 9). I’m not satisfied with the quiet sound of typing because it is hard to hear this for example in a car. I don’t know why Apple did this to us… -.-

  • JustinG

    I want the old back!

  • Gauraang Khurana

    I am going back to iOS 9
    The new keyboard clicks and the lock screen sound sucks.
    I just can’t take this sound. It feels like using an android device.

  • Just Me

    No, I hate it. Sounds like a percolator.

    • Steve

      I agree. Can’t figure out how these idiots like it.

  • waleed ware

    its the same as android sound, also the lock sound same as android, WTF apple…!!!!

  • Yoty Topy

    I spent almost an hour trying to figure out if there is a way to restore the old click sounds to no avail:(

    However, knowing someone shares my ‘nitpicking ‘ does make me feel better:)

    What is the opposite of schadenfreude?

  • 87Agg

    I feel the new sounds lessen security. If someone knows you’re unlocking your screen or typing a password into an app or website, then they can hear when you use the shift or backspace keys. This isn’t paranoia, just a question of why give away info when you don’t need to?

  • Kendra

    I hate it hate it hate it. I hate it so much I went looking for articles about hating it. I feel better for having found this.

  • No this is driving me nuts. I want my old sound back

  • Cynthia Manchester

    Hate it. Yuck. Icky. Sticky. Muted. Gross. Blech. Make it go away, please.

  • eugeniebfein

    Hate it. I disable keyboards sounds BUT I CAN’T in the calculator. REALLY annoying when using it in public. CAN’T silence it at all.

  • wudntulik2know

    It sucks. And so does the fact that the despot Apple doesn’t ALLOW its customers to change it.

  • Kirce

    I HATE the new sound! It is so annoying. It reminds me of a smartass teenager popping their gum, or the sound of someone talking with a bunch of mucus in their mouth. How do I change it! Help!!

  • guairdean

    The keyclicks are, at the very least, annoying. I don’t know why someone decided that the clicks need to be different for different keys, I’ve never needed to play a tune on my keyboard. If Apple deigns to allow us to turn on the old sounds, it’ll make me very happy.

  • MattA

    The keyboard sounds like a Tivo. I hate the Tivo sounds.

  • Brett_Bellmore

    I kind of dislike the fact that the bottom row keys sound different, hollow.

  • welz Wilkie

    I really hate the new sound can we go back to the old one…

  • Steve

    I hate the new sound, can”t understand how anyone can like it. It’s annoying sounds like something is wrong with the phone. Apple is pathetic, they don’t care about the consumer.