Dark Mode in Messages

One of the most circulated rumors for iOS 10 was the inclusion of a dark mode. However, the WWDC 2016 keynote came and went without any mention of the expected feature. After digging through the iOS 10 beta, it appears maybe Apple didn’t neglect dark mode after all.

Jailbreak developer Andy Wiik has shared a few images on Twitter that appear to show the Messages application sporting a new dark theme. After spending some time in the initial beta, Andy was able to force the unreleased dark mode theme to run inside of the iOS simulator.

More specifically, while examining the headers in iOS 10, Andy found a reference to CKUIThemeDark inside of ChatKit. He wrote a quick tweak that forced ChatKit to use the dark theme over CKUIThemeLight. Then he loaded it into the simulator, which shows off the new mode.

Right now, it appears unpolished and is only implemented in the Messages app. This does confirm that Apple in fact was (or is) working on a dark mode, however it is uncertain when or if we will see this included as an actual feature.

One possibility is that this dark mode will be reserved for an upcoming iPhone sporting an OLED display. If that is in fact the case, we may see more information this fall with the announcement of the iPhone 7.

Something that Code.Red mentioned in the comments is also a possibility. He theorized it could be for the new full screen animations such as fireworks, lasers, or shooting star. In all of those animations the app looks much darker. As a rebuttal to that, the images do show the dark mode throughout the whole app, not just inside the message thread. It seems they’ve added it to CKUIThemeDark, which is for the entire ChatKit interface and not just the animations or thread.

  • Troy

    Maybe is an upcoming feature for 10.1 or 10.2

    • Norbi Whitney

      That would be my guess too

  • Code.Red

    Might this be something used when the UI gets dark for things like the laser show and fireworks bubble effects?

    • Dexter

      That’s actually a very good point you make. I didn’t even think of that.

  • Guava Angel Rosas

    Ray of hope for us!
    Better integrate that into iOS 10 Apple…

  • THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  • Vichea Skyball

    Dear iDownloadBlog in iOS 10 it have keyboard khmer or not?

  • Jon20

    Not to discredit the guy or this article but, it seems to me more like this guy is showing a dark theme from a jailbroken iPhone. Look at his status bar… the signal circles are gone and it says “CARRIER”. Not sure if this is normal through a simulator but it’s kind of fishy to me. Anyone see that or feel that too?

    • lapfelix

      That’s normal. It does that in the simulator.

      • Jon20

        Ok thanks. Not familiar with simulators but thought that was weird.

    • Melvco

      This is standard iPhone simulator behavior.

      • Jon20

        Ok thanks. Not familiar with simulators but thought that was weird.

      • Sir.Rhommi

        It’s good you asked though

  • Hopefully they do not soft lock the feature to only work on iPhone 7.. that would really be disappointing as we all know it can be implemented in any device.

    • Probably will be limited to iPhone 5s and above.

      • Blip dude

        Oh god I hope so. If Dark Mode does become a reality in iOS 10, then I’ll officially have at least 1 major reason to skip a Jailbreak.

  • I hope this happens. I was sorta let down with iOS 10 with no dark mode in the keynote.

  • FCBKris

    My clock app automatically opens in dark mode.

    • Steve Harvey

      That’s stock to match

      • hush

        In this case they could have merged the clock app and watch app.

    • Actually it stays dark in iOS10 on iP6s, no matter the time. Right?! I did not manage to get the white iOS9 UI…

      • FCBKris

        Yea it stays dark no matter the time. Thats why i thought it was it was related to the “dark” theme that everyone is talking about.

  • therealjjohnson

    One of the most overhyped “features” over the last 3 months. First it’s not a feature, it’s a setting. Second, it’s not that serious people, really.

    • John Smith

      In terms of iOS customization, it really is a big deal. Other operating systems allow a wide range of modifications, however iOS has been very resistent to any (without Jailbreak). It realy is a big deal, and could be considered a feature.

    • Blip dude

      Even if it’s a setting as you mention, it is an important one and I certainly wouldn’t call it overhyped.

      If you and others like the all white everywhere UI crap, that’s fine!! But for those who can barely stand it even in broad daylight, this is a long overdue setting.

      So it may not be extremely serious, but it’s serious enough to where Apple should’ve added this years ago.

      • therealjjohnson

        iPhone been out for damn near 10 years…what were y’all doing all this time?

      • Blip dude

        You think this was an issue for the first 6 years?? Because no it was not. There’s an reason why prior to iOS 7 there was really no need for a Dark Mode: Skeuomorphism!!

        Go and see if there were any complaints, Jailbreak Tweaks or request about a Dark Mode iOS 6 and before. iOS 7 and the introduction of All White UI is the reason why Jailbreak Tweaks such as Eclipse and Nightmode began to surface.

        With Skeuomorphism it wasn’t a complete necessity for a Dark Mode setting, as the UI was obviously different. post iOS 7 on the other hand yes there is.

  • Tobias9413

    I just want them to bring back the panoramic wallpaper option they had on the iOS 7 beta. If my iPhone 5 could handle it then I’m pretty sure the news can definitely do it. Also, anyone know if I can get the panoramic wallapers from ios7 on a jailbroken 9.2.1?

  • It’s a very minor feature. No need to show during the keynote.

  • Good news, but did you notice that Apple included an automatic switch to dark mode in iBooks in iOS 10?! Also by taking a look at the alarm clock (with the new dark interface), the private mode in Safari and iTunes (movies section) you can see how easily Apple could implement a new dark UI as for X El Capitan 😉

  • FCBKris

    If the claims about the next iPhone coming in a blue color are true, than this combination will be amazing.

    • T. Allen

    We want dark mode everywhere!!!!!

  • Sharde

    I just wish 3D Touch would of came to the iPhone 6 when iOS 10 gets released