Apple announced iOS 10 yesterday at the company’s WWDC 2016 Keynote and awed the audience with some pretty neat new features.

Of course, the battle continues for those who want more control over their devices, and because of that, we want to know whether you’re going to be updating to iOS 10 this Fall, or if you’ll be keeping your iOS device(s) jailbroken on iOS 9 or earlier.

Jailbreaking: iOS 9 or iOS 10, that is the question

The jailbreak community is resilient, and it continues to stand strong despite the lack of any new jailbreak tool releases for any firmware past iOS 9.1. Unfortunately, those who are on a later iOS firmware have no jailbreak, and there doesn’t appear to be any indication of a jailbreak tool launch before iOS 10.

With that being said, the most likely candidate for a jailbreak at this point in time is not iOS 9.3, but rather iOS 10. Any jailbreak tool development teams out there are smart enough to know that burning exploits early is never a smart idea, and are going to be waiting to see how iOS 10 pans out to see whether or not their jailbreak exploits are compatible with the new iOS 10.

However, because there have been no active updates from any jailbreak tool development teams, the intentions of those teams are very much under wraps. It’s hard to predict whether or not anyone is actually even working on anything at all, and most of the demos we’ve seen recently will never see the public because they are using methods the hackers don’t want to share right now.

Choosing the right path

Since there’s no real indication of any jailbreak for later iterations of iOS 9, or even for iOS 10 for that matter, it’s very much a 50/50 gamble to choose between upgrading to iOS 10 or staying put.

Jailbreak teams have, in the past, released a jailbreak for firmware that isn’t even being signed anymore, and history does tend to repeat itself. On the other hand, that jailbreak release received so much hate mail from frustrated jailbreakers who couldn’t use the tool, that it’s unknown if they’ll do anything like that ever again.

The ideal solution is to get everybody on the same firmware and then release a jailbreak tool for it, but since downgrading iOS firmware is no longer possible with Apple’s new security measures, the only real way for that to happen is for everyone to be on the latest firmware and for a jailbreak to exist for it.

But that’s the problem… developing this kind of stuff takes time, and by the time it gets done, Apple’s already pushing betas for the next major iOS release.

So what do you do?

Tell us iDB! Share your opinion in the poll below.

Wrapping up

It’s a hard choice to choose between iOS 9 and iOS 10. There’s a glimmer of hope for a jailbreak on both firmware versions, and the jailbreak tool development teams are being very hush-hush about everything.

In the end, iOS 10 looks like a solid release, and it’s an easy decision for me to upgrade because I have more than one device; one that can be jailbroken, and one that can have the latest firmware.

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Discuss your choice in the comments below!

  • iltas

    any one help us can i update my ip6s+ to ios 10 is it good for battery drain

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Is it even a question, or was that merely rhetoric? Too many percs with JB. IOS 10 just doesn’t tip the scale for me.

  • besrate hogsa

    yes for ios 10

  • DSN1138

    how do you do this for apple watch beta?

    • Jose Rivera

      There is a sub Reddit full of this… Google it! Hahaha “iOS 10 beta configuration profile download Reddit”

  • jalexcarter

    Why is there even the option “I’m staying on iOS 9 to wait for a jailbreak” in the voting? You can easily try out iOS 10 and then just downgrade back to iOS 9 pretty much whenever you wanted to until it releases publicly in the fall and Apple stops signing iOS 9

  • BriOnH

    I’m on iOS 8.4 JB still. Will upgrade to iOS 10 without a JB but it’s going to be a hard transition. I want watch OS 3. Can’t even be on watchOS 2 right now :(.

  • Zaye

    I don’t care I still have faith I’m on iOS 9.2

  • I don’t think that the Jailbreak worth it anymore. Didn’t saw a mind blowing new feature in a while and most of the existing ones are already on iOS 9.

    I just hope that they improve the layout of the horrible lock screen on iOS 10. Couldn’t believe that Apple made that. So ugly.

  • Zaye

    They deleted my comment about still being on Firmware 9.2 #dontdiscriminate I’m verified like everyone else #9.2JBbelievers

  • Jayy

    I’m Jailbroken right now and I love my device, but I’m probably going to have to update to iOS 10 cause what if my women is trying to send me the new heart touch thing that’s on the Apple Watch and I can’t even see it cause I’m on iOS 9

  • nvog

    I’m more than happy using 9.0.2 jailbreak on my iphone6 and I’ ll gladly keep it until either the new jb surfaces, or new iphone7 arrives, whichever first….

  • Still 3 by 3 Apps in a folder, so I wait and use FolderEnhancer (4 by 6 Apps on an iPhone 6!)

  • Flowty

    “My device won`t get iOS10” is missing.