ios 10 message bubbles

Also getting a big update in iOS 10 is the Messages app. New features include inline rich links, which open YouTube videos, images and other types of media—videos now play right within the app!—a built-in Camera viewfinder, and some great emoji improvements.

These improvements include 3x bigger emoji images within your messages, so you can see the icons in greater detail, and predictive emoji. Apple calls this “emojifiable.” So the Messages app in iOS 10 can essentially guess emoji images for the words you tap on.

ios 10 messages tap to replace emojis


Messages includes powerful animations, such as balloons, confetti or fireworks that can take over an entire screen to celebrate a special occasion, invisible ink to send a message only revealed after a friend swipes over it, and for added personalization, handwritten notes.

ios 10 messages background animation

Bubble and Screen Effects

Also new in the Messages app is what Apple is calling “Bubble effects.” This allows you add nice little transitional effects to your Bubbles and even the full screen for the person you’re talking to. Some of the effects demoed on stage include swipe-to-reveal, zoom, full screen of balloons and much more. This is actually really cool-looking, and you have to see a demo of it in action to really understand.

ios 10 messages invisible ink

Third party app support

iOS 10 also brings the power of the App Store to Messages, opening up new opportunities for developers to create fun new ways for users to communicate in a thread, including stickers to be peeled and pasted into conversations, the ability to quickly personalize GIFs or edit photos, send payments or schedule dinner or a movie, all from within Messages.

ios 10 messages stickers app store

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  • lemonhead

    buggy much?

  • Ivan Potter-Smith

    Watching them text live on stage is painful

  • Y2J

    Is there seriously no dark mode? I don’t give af about all the stupid messages “features” that I’m never going to use.

    • SkyFall

      tvOS got dark mode, macOS has dark mode, watchOS only has dark mode why the fck iOS doesn’t have it….

      • Y2J

        That’s what I’m saying! I was thoroughly let down with iOS 10. It basically just focused on the messages and music apps. The new lock screen is nice tho

      • Lance Baker

        There are usually a lot of little things discovered once the betas are out. Let’s give it a little time.

      • Y2J

        True, so we shall see. I’ll be very confused and upset if they don’t bring it to iOS because it’s on literally every other platform they have. It’s something I’ve wanted since iOS 7 lmao

    • Syed

      You can go to Accessibility->Invert colors

      • Y2J

        Then everything that’s not black or white looks horrible

  • Satyam Panchal

    Hehehehe apple smash android on iOS 10

  • D. Trump

    Definitely not regretting going to Android after 9 years with Apple.

    • igorsky

      See ya.

      • Disasterpiece

        LOL… like, why is D. Trump here anyways??

  • therealjjohnson

    Man, this was dope to me. I was expecting this much of an improvement in iMessage. One of the most used apps on my phone. I personally cant wait.

  • I wonder how many iOS 10 features my iPhone 6S+ won’t support -_-

    • Y2J

      If it doesn’t support EVERY feature I’m going to be pissed

      • You and I both, man. It’s not like there’s any hardware insufficiencies.

    • therealjjohnson

      Seeing as everything shown off today has 3D touch basically, why don’t you think it would work? I on the other hand, current have a 6Plus. I don’t have 3D touch. Cant wait until the new one drops/

      • Jon20

        I was wondering the same thing. I have an iP6+ and nowhere did he say the functionality for non S models. I’m curious.

  • Highlander

    Still no remote messages nor anything similar web based.

    • therealjjohnson

      Well, if youre using a mac computer you can still use iMessage if you are connected to the internet. Are you looking for iMessage on windows? Currently you can access messaging from the phone, iPad, watch, and computer. What else is there?

      • Highlander

        Pretty much, yes. Just like Remote Messages (jailbreak) Or something similar to airdroid.

        I have to say, airdroid is the only good thing android has.

        I am finally happy to see lock screen information.

        The only bummer. Its still ways out.

      • therealjjohnson

        I doubt Apple will ever go out of there way to make a windows version on iMessage. If you want to use iMessage via a computer that would probably want that to be a Mac.

  • Jon20

    I did find a lot of the new features in messages sort of gimmicky Android/FB Messenger-ish. Personally, I don’t see the need for those Emoji/”Slam It”/Confetti adding features. They could have incorporated more useful, functional features like Google’s G Board but with Safari instead. To me, these features look a little too kid-ish. I just want to get in and send my message, not a Cartoon Network Episode. Maybe I’m just looking at it from an adult functionality perspective.

  • Col Sanders

    Still no ability to stop a message from being sent natively without jailbreak?

  • Amiel Toribio Morales

    No force to send message as sms ??wheres that option gone? Only shitty things added and deleted the important features in imessage.