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There’s a new stock app in iOS 10 that most people will probably want to get rid of: Home. Home is the missing link in Apple’s strategy for the connected home, which now supports even more categories of HomeKit-compatible devices like smart cameras and door locks. It’s not just a new Home screen app: Home is built right into Control Center and it also works from the Lock screen of your iPhone.

And with iOS 10’s interactive Home screen with support for rich notifications, your security camera, for instance, can send you an alert if it detects an intruder and you can even watch a live video feed right from the Lock screen.

wwdc 2016 Home app

Remote access to your home and automation with HomeKit devices is now easier than ever because the fourth-generation Apple TV acts as a HomeKit hub for remote control. The new Home app is also included in watchOS 3.

Source: Apple

  • Burge

    Another app you can not remove if you don’t use it.

    • Alex-V

      Simple put it in a folder on a other homescreen

      On a android phone..like Samsung ..you even get third Party Apps that you can not remove..i know this because i had a s6 Edge before

      • David Barajas

        Everything I didn’t want on my Nexus was removed.

      • Alex-V

        yeah..sure..the original google nexus is still the best android phone…very clean user interface 🙂

  • Y2J

    Stop putting apps that I won’t use on my homescreen!!

    • igorsky

      Move these apps away from your homescreen!!

      • Y2J

        It’s still annoying having a pointless folder full of crap

      • igorsky

        Really? Even when you’re not looking at it? Sounds like a case of OCD.

    • doctauri

      You should try a Verizon or AT&T Samsung phone. TONS of useless crap.

      • Y2J

        Yeah I’ve demoed them at stores before and that was more than enough for me lol. If i were to ever switch back to Android it would have to be another nexus phone. I’ve been really interested in Windows Phone for years but there are NO apps