wwdc 2016 ios 10 lock screen widgets

Apple is holding its anticipated keynote presentation at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this morning, which has kicked off the five-day WWDC 2016 developers conference, and they just announced iOS 10, the tenth major version of the mobile operation system powering the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

For iOS 10, there’s a completely redesigned Lock screen that now makes it easy to respond to notifications with a lot richer 3D Touch support, the ability to enjoy widgets full screen, a time-saving feature called Raise to Wake and more.

Quick interactions from the Lock screen are now a lot easier than before because the whole Lock screen is now much more interactive. With a new feature called Raise to Wake, you can see on what’s your Lock screen without having to press a button—you just lift your iPhone to your eye level.

Notifications on the Lock screen can be 3D Touched, which can come quite in handy when responding to a message on the Lock screen. In fact, 3D Touch’s Peek previews are no longer static.

For example, you can 3D Touch on a Messages notification on the Lock screen to not just peek at it, but also type out your response, see what you exchanged in a thread and even enjoy inline media.

The Lock screen on iOS 10 also lets you slide over to the right to get to the Camera app faster than before. Or, you can slide over the other way to show widgets on the Lock screen. And speaking of widgets, they can show you even more information by tapping the More icon on the widget.

And that’s what’s new, ladies and gentlemen, for the Lock screen on iOS 10.

Do you like it so far?

For more info, check out Apple’s iOS 10 Preview webpage.

Source: Apple

  • Tom Hopkins

    I can’t wait till iOS 10 releases!

    • MrTarek

      So cool

  • Mukund Bhatla

    The wallpaper anybody?

    • T. Allen


  • assumes

    They better add the notification limits back in iOS 10..

  • Troy

    Looks like the IDB app lol

  • Javiers

    This lock screen actually looks nice. Reminds me of”IntelliScreen X” JB Tweak. I hope iOS 10 takes full advantage of the whole 3D Touch.

  • Mesut

    Dark mode…

    • James G


  • John Tremendol

    Holdup if right swipe is camera & left is widgets, how are we supposed to unlock the iphone? Swipe down?

    • OWashe

      I wondering the same thing…

      • igorsky

        From what I’ve read, swipe to unlock no longer exists. You simply touch the home button.

    • hush

      There was that small text “touch home to unlock”

    • Socratis Vasiliou

      it says on the lock screen over the home button ( press the button to unlock) fingerprint will unlock the device

    • tiltdown

      I think you can access camera and widget using EDGE SWIPE.

    • The text at the bottom of the screen reads “Press Home to Unlock”. If you have a fingerprint scanner and a valid finger it will immediately unlock your phone. If you don’t have a fingerprint scanner or a valid fingerprint it will take you to the password entry screen.

    • Arnaud Louis

      A quick click on the home button and the phone is unlocked. Touch ID has gained some speed in the process. You just need to get used to it, I test it since this morning and it’s really great 🙂

    • Bassam

      You have to press on home button

  • gtgaitan

    Love it! Makes me think this is foreshadowing an iPhone without a physical home button?

  • edwilk55

    Impressed…finally. 🙂

  • Walcy Carroll

    looks promising, hopefully the features will be well implemented, but it still feels at first glance like apple is playing catch up with ….’widgets’

  • M_Hawke

    So…why is it a “lock screen?” Why even have a lock screen anymore?

    • James G

      So you can glance at information without authenticating your device and being dropped into a home screen or a single app?

      • M_Hawke

        Well, I suppose that’s what the raise to wake is all about. But just a ton of stuff on that lock screen now. Might as well just unlock the phone…

    • Because it’s the screen and functionalities available while your phone is locked? I suppose theoretically if you didn’t have any security on your phone (a really bad idea) it would be possible to eliminate it though but I seriously doubt apple would ever make this an option.

      • M_Hawke

        But there’s so much information on that lock screen now. Why even have it?

      • Repiuk

        Exactly my thoughts, how do I prevent others interacting with the widgets on the lock screen when the phone is locked. There should be some mechanism in place preventing unauthorized people interacting with the widgets.

        Guess that there will be some sort of security knowing Apple but it will reveille itself in the coming weeks/months.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    My question is what if you don’t have a device that does 3D touch? Will you still be able to long press these notifications?

    • James G


      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Damn. Well I’ll be getting the 7 this year anyway, but I might try the beta on my 6 Plus later.

      • James G

        It’s an assumption on my part (to clarify my previous comment). But history shows us if they preview a feature that relies on a new mechanic like 3D Touch, they limit that new feature to devices with that hardware.

        Then again, iPads still don’t have 3D Touch and it’d be strange to continue omitting that feature set on those devices.

      • You’re correct. It required 3D Touch to work. (Although apple could always change that in the future)

    • Fede777

      Support for rich notifications is optimized for 3DTouch, and in iOS 10 beta 1 the feature is available only on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Future betas will provide access to this functionality for users of iPhone models without support for 3D Touch. From reddit, from the developer release notes.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Thank you sir!

      • Jonathan Obino

        Any link to that thread on reddit?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Although one thing I LOVE is finally(when I get a 3D touch phone), is to clear all notifications! FINALLY!

  • I wonder if the raise to wake feature will use the Motion Coprocessor or the Accelerometer? If the Accelerometer is always on and running the battery life will suffer but if it’s the Motion Coprocessor then only the last couple phones I think can use it. It will be interesting to see which ones are able to use this feature. I’m hoping it’s not limited to the latest iPhone 6S phones (like Hey SIRI is).

  • Disasterpiece

    straight off IntelliScreen and Android… #AboutTime

  • OWashe

    First party apps can be deleted

  • iOS 10 is really a huge deal, its coooool…. can’t figure out how can we type password cause you have widgets on left… ?

    • Correct you no longer swipe to unlock you press the home button to unlock. If you have a fingerprint reader and a valid fingerprint it auto unlocks. If you’re missing one or both of those it takes you to the password entry screen.

  • BobNation

    Will 3rd party apps have their own widgets?

    • The widgets area is the same as on iOS 9. It just has a different look and feel and is now available by swiping left & by pulling down the tray at the top of your screen.

  • Can anyone confirm if raise to wake works for them? I just tried it on my iPhone 6 and it didn’t work nor could I find any setting for it which leaves me with the sneaking suspicion that this is going to be an iPhone 6S only feature like “Hello SIRI” 🙁

    • Panoss Karav

      I think so too!! I have it on my iPhone 6 Plus and didn’t work. It’s so bad!!

    • David Pace

      6s only

      • iNeedANameHere

        It also works on iPhone SE

  • For us with iPhone 6 and no 3D touch support, how will it work?

  • Awarefulness

    Am I the only one who’s lock screen doesn’t have the widgets? It doesn’t do anything when I swipe to the right…

  • Has anyone figured out how the raise to wake works? Keep trying on my iPhone 6.

    • iNeedANameHere

      iPhone 6s, 6S+, and iPhone SE only from what I am seeing.

  • So after playing around with iOS 10 here are my initial thoughts. The new widgets while really cool look rather cluttered. On the widget panes I almost feel like I’m using some Android OS and not the polished interfaces I’m used to from Apple.

    The Health Kit app is 100% new and I really don’t like it all. There was something about seeing the graphs every day that I liked (being a visual learner) and just seeing numbers for each bar is kind of let down. Also as one who only tracks activity and not nutrition or mindfulness it feels like there is now a lot of wasted material in this app. The stuff I wanted to see is harder to get to and the stuff I don’t care about is EVERYWHERE. I’ll probably stop using this app…

    The Photos app takes FOREVER to scan the library. I may have to reset the phone to see if it just locked up but I haven’t been able to see it in action yet.

    Folders have a cool new effect when you open them that I really like.

    Removing Stock Apps is awesome!

    A lot of the fonts and icons have been updated making things easier to read.

    As far as the watch goes apps still take a long time to lead the first time. After that they stay in memory and background update (at least the ones you use the most) and opening them after that is instant!

    Watch apps that fetch data like weather, email etc. Are super fast thanks to the background updates. However apps that stream interactive content like games are still as laggy as ever (for now at least perhaps devs will be able to fix that later)

    There’s a lot of other things, but they are basically what you would expect them to be after seeing the keynote. All in all I like the update, but the visuals for the widgets and the new health app are the only two real complaints I have at this point. Can’t wait for the real release when everything is polished and stable and more of my friends are using the new Message app!

    • Jamessmooth

      That was my exact concern about the widgets… They would be cluttered and look bad. When I saw them for the first time I was immediately bummed.

      • Yeah the functionality on them is great but I had the same reaction that you did. I’m still hoping that they will unveil a dark mode that will somehow make these items look better, but they just look like a stack of app windows all in a row and it just feels bad IMO (like looking at a weird spreadsheet or something). Not only that but currently the background shade of gray in the boxes isn’t consistent which I don’t understand and also annoys me. Another thing is that if you are working from the widgets from the lock screen the phone will often forget you exist and shut off on you in the middle of working (although I’m sure this will be fixed in short order)

  • Hmmm… Here’s a tip. Once you start the scan in the memories tab of your photos app don’t reset your phone even if it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. It no longer wants to scan my photos and it says I have no memories (LOL)

    • Ok so an update, It turns out that it did in fact continue to scan my photos. It just no longer told me it was doing it and finished about 8 hours after I had told it to start.

      However I discovered on my Mac that the memories feature will only run scans while connected to power “or sufficiently charged” (whatever that means). So it is possible that it didn’t even start scanning my photo library until I went to be that night and plugged it in. So if anyone is just trying this now, that’s something to keep in mind. I’d try connecting your phone to power and then trying to scan for memories. It just might make the process go a WHOLE LOT FASTER.

  • siddique

    Crap IOS 10 ,, no big release …never expected..

  • Piet Patrick

    Raise to wake not working on iPhone 6

  • sg1969

    looks like crap, to be honest…. 1 widget should not use up a quarter of your screen. I hope they can be resized or have a “mini mode” or something.

  • Anh Nguyen

    I have ip6 and already installed Ios 10 , raise to wake work only on “s” Iphone? I have Ip6, thank you

  • Bassam

    I try iOS 10 beta and the notification is so ugly.
    First when I saw it I can’t wait to try it but when I try it it’s disappointed.

  • Niteesh Kempusagara

    Just one more thing… Can I get the announced “Raise to Wake” on iPhone 6?