Flying JB demo

Chinese hacker Min Zheng has showed a demo of Flying JB earlier today, a jailbreak for 32-bit devices running iOS 9.2.1 or lower. The video demo shows off an iPhone 5c going through the jailbreak process as well as Mobile Terminal running on the device once jailbroken.

What may sound like exciting news at first is actually nothing to call home about as the limitations and actual usage potential of Flying JB are extremely limited.

As Min Zheng explained in a tweet, Flying JB is based off inpuTbag, a fifteen year old kernel HeapOverFlow vulnerability that has been fixed by Apple in iOS 9.3.2, hence the reason this is released now. Because the exploit has been fixed, there is no reason to keep it under wrap any longer.

Number one on the list of limitations of this tool is the fact that it supports 32-bit devices only, meaning it could potentially work on iPhone 5 and lower only. These devices also have to run iOS 9.2.1 or lower. These two requirements alone make Flying JB much less interesting right off the bat.

If you are lucky enough to pass the first round of limitations, the real kicker is that Flying JB is not really a working jailbreak. First, it doesn’t come with a GUI or a proper tool to facilitate the jailbreak process, but more importantly, Flying JB apparently lacks a sandbox escape, meaning that despite gaining root access, the jailbreak is still confined behind the security walls Apple built into iOS.

If all this still sounds good to you and you want to take Flying JB for a spin, the developer has made the source code available on GitHub. We doubt many of you will be adventurous enough to try this, but if you do, please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

  • Satyam Panchal

    Still bullshit I am still wating for latest version of iOS jailbreak

  • George Taber

    Does this mean that other JB teams will be pushed into releasing their jails to the public since these exploits are released?

    • Burge

      No it doesn’t mean anything at all. This only works on 32bit devices and I think you’ll find that any exploits used with this are not being used in any 64bit jailbreaks that are in the works.

      • I have an iPhone 4S, which is a 32 bit device as well as run on iOS 9.2.1. I am new to JB and my purpose of JB is to install iOS 6.3. I have done it before while my device was jailbroken. I see in this blog, stating this JB is still confined under Apple security, does this mean I cannot have Open SSH and flash ios 6.3 through Behind ( the app used to flash ios 6.3 to 4S) ?
        Please enlighten me

      • Burge

        Your not going to go back to iOS 6 at all. The only firmware that allowed you to move around iOS’s was iOS 5

      • Acolz

        You are wrong actually, there is a way to downgrade the 4S..

      • Burge

        just found this and I stand corrected. But if you want to live with the limitations then go for it.

      • Burge, like I told earlier, I have downgraded to iOS 6.3. I just need SSh, will that be possible ?

      • Giacomo Menchi

        Same aim here, but no way to understand how to jailbreak. Someone who knows how to use it?

  • Michael Bemelmans

    Still no words from the JB Teams?

  • Bradley Hines

    If I could and had the requirements I would do this in a heartbeat regardless if It’s not even that good. I’d be greatful and try and see if anyone found a way to load cydia on or something. It’s nice knowing that these versions are jailbreakable. It means that Apple hasn’t really taken away jailbreaking.

  • TommyS

    don’t expect anything my fellow jailbreakers. it’s been too long, all we’re seeing ist only releasing teases, demos and shit. yet nothing happens. ridiculous!!

  • Dan G

    A jailbreak of little interest… lets make a new post on it! xD

    • We don’t write a post about it, we receive 20 emails asking us why we don’t write about it.

      We do write a post about it, people complain we shouldn’t promote that kind of useless jailbreak.

      Either way, we lose. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Steve Harold

        I found this very interesting. Haters will hate though. And I have an old 5C laying around somewhere and it is on 9.2 so I may give this a spin.

      • Dan G

        Oh, I hear ya. I wasn’t aware that was happening, which is just stupid. People should know by now if there was something legitimate to post, it would be.

      • Paresh Bhatia

        you should see this kind of post which is not posted by iDB https://www_idevice_ro/2016/04/01/guccira1n-ios-9-3-1-jailbreak-a-fost-lansat/ (replace “_” with “.”)
        then you understand

      • tariq

        I liked the article!(:

      • Hehehehe

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? 9.2.1? WOW, hacker, you’ere amazing!
    And now what? We have 9.3.x installed. o_O

    • Burge

      And your effort can be found where ?

      • Bill

        It’s efforts can be found right in its avatar…the ability to be gagged. Why it needs to display the bedroom stuff it does with its boyfriend for the whole world to see is beyond me. Some people are just too damn proud of everything.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry, my effort is not available for you.

  • Hassan Moosa

    On the video, phone has full WiFi range, but on the setting it says “not connected” why?

    • Fanboy 

      When you use QuickTime on a Mac to record your iPhone’s screen, it automatically replaces your status bar with full signals and battery and removes the carrier to give it a clean look.

  • Yawn. Most of us are on iOS 9.3.

  • Burge

    I love how people complain about stuff like this and are not happy that it doesn’t apply to them. If your that frustrated about not having a jailbreak for your device learn to code and make your own.

    This hacker has done this because they wanted too yes it has limitations but it wasn’t done for you just like all jailbreaks

  • james098

    its amazing the amount of people that complain about something that is being offered to them for free

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Still, why not release it? If it would help jailbreak 9.2.1 on 32-bit devices, I see no problem. Release a jailbreak one by one if necessary.

  • Quvanny

    This is starting to get pathetic ……

  • Quvanny

    Many people are on iPhone because of jailbreak no jailbreak means no more iPhone….

    • Burge

      No ture at all. There is more devices and I mean a lot more devices that have never seen a jailbreak.

    • 5723alex .

      (JAIL) broken iPhone devices are <1%.

      • Burge

        It’s as high as 1% ? I thought it would be less. More like 0.05% at best.

  • The jailbreak exploit was patched in iOS 9.3.2 but we can only use it on 9.2.1 and lower???

  • Bill

    Ironically, I’ve seen her bedroom stuff as well.

  • Giacomo Menchi

    I have an iPhone 4S on iOS 9.1 and just willing to downgrade (I just need OpenSSH and access to kDFU mode), someone knows how to use those GitHub files?

    • fiiliippoo .

      Yes pls, i have iPad2 on ios 9.2.1. And just need OpenSSH as well to downgrade. I hope, its possible, there must be a way. Do you know somebody please?