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The Board of Commissioners of Catawba County approved a new lease agreement on Monday that would permit Apple to build a renewable energy facility which uses fuel cells to generate electricity from the gas, Hickory Record said today. The lease provides the Cupertino firm with about 3.7 acres on the Blackburn Resource Recovery Facility in Newton.

The county will sell about 40 percent of its landfill methane, a greenhouse gas, to Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc., which will treat it for use in Apple’s facility.

“For the first five years, the annual rent owed to the county will be $1,500 per acre, for a total of $5,569.50 per year, according to the lease,” the publication said.

“From the sixth year onward, the rent price will fluctuate based on changes in the Consumer Price Index for the South Region, but will never go below $1,500 per acre.”

According to a Catawba County spokesperson, converting the methane gas into electricity will be “the next great energy source that is clean and safe for citizens across the entire country”.

The lease lasts for 16 years with an option to go five years longer.

Yesterday, news broke that Apple’s newly created limited liability company, named Apple Energy, LLC, will sell excess electricity generated by its solar farms in Cupertino and Nevada.

Photo: The three Jenbacher engines the county uses to make electricity from methane. A portion of the landfill site will be leased to Apple for a renewable energy plant.

Source: Hickory Record

  • Shinonuke

    For engineering savvy people, like yourself, gets technical with these terms. To the layman, it doesn’t matter how you call it as long as it works. Same applies to words “theory” for scientists or “antisocial” for Psychologist/Psychiatrist. You hear people use it casual conversations “not sure why that is but my theory is…” Or “his kid will not to talk to people because he is antisocial.” Get my drift?

  • Glad to see Apple concentrate on things like this. Mainly because they say they want to leave the world in a better state.

    Whether this is going to be make a massive difference, I don’t know. They’ve gotta start somewhere & atleast they’re doing something

  • tariq

    Reasons why I have to like apple lol. Not because they’re good at what they do. But because what they do is good