Apple is planning to bring its encrypted messaging service iMessage to Android, reports MacDailyNews. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the site says that the company plans to announce the move at its WWDC keynote next week.

If true—and that’s a big if—the move would push Apple further into the messaging space as it tries to grow its ‘Services’ category on the back of dwindling iPhone sales. Note that the Cupertino firm already offers Apple Music on Android.

Apple will announce that iMessage encrypted text messaging is coming to Android users at WWDC next Monday at WWDC 2016, according to a source familiar with the company’s thinking.

[…] The source notes that plans are constantly in flux leading up to Apple keynotes and the timing of the announcement could change, but that the iMessage instant messenger service would “definitely” be coming to Android this year. As this is a single-sourced item, it’s been filed under “rumor.”

Now, MacDailyNews doesn’t have much of a track record in reporting on Apple’s future plans, and we’ve seen zero corroborating reports thus far. So we’re taking this report with a large amount of skepticism, and advise you to do the same.

Another issue we’re having here is coming up with good reasons for Apple to make such a move. Android has built-in messaging, and there are hundreds of third party options. Plus Apple doesn’t make money off the current iMessage model.

Could Apple do this in hopes of wooing more Android users over to iPhone?

What do you think?

Source: MacDailyNews via MacRumors

  • therealjjohnson

    If this is true then I really believe they are going to introduce a iMessage payment service then. It would make sense to have iMessage on as many phones as possible then.

    • John Wickham

      That’s just about the only way I can see this making sense. There are several people who only own iPhones because they’re iMessage exclusive. Apple could lose a lot of territory to Android if they open up the platform like this.

      • Madhu Renduchintala

        100% agree. The only way this makes sense is that if there will be some sort of payment options available in iMessages. A large reason of why some of my friends stay with Apple products is because of iMessages and the ease of being able to send text messages from their Mac, iPad, or other Apple device.

    • I thought about that, but how do you make a payment system on Android?

      On iPhone, they have Touch ID and the secure enclave that securely contains all your sensitive data (such as the key used to generate dynamic security codes unique to each transaction).

      On Android, they can’t control part of that hardware, and there is just no way Apple will release a finance-related app without the highest possible security standards, in both hardware and software.

      For this reason, I believe that IF (giant IF) Apple releases iMessage for Android, it will not have a payment service attached to it.

      • therealjjohnson

        I was thinking along the way of how Chase Bank runs their QuickPay service via their app. You can send money, but you need the persons phone number or email address. Then you get a message asking if you want to accept of reject the funds. You register that information with the Chase Quick pay app so no banking information is ever given from party to party. If they request to send money or receive money, you receive an alert and can choose to accept or deny. This could be done via iMessage vs Chase mobile app etc.

        Not sure if thats what going to happen, but thats what popped in my mind

      • Benedict

        Why can’t Apple control the security of the hardware? If the get the rights for the fingerprint scanner, they can use it to pay with their service. On devices without, Apple Pay then just won’t work or – like Android Pay in this case – they use a passcode.
        But why should they include a payment service in iMessage?

      • You make a point, but I’m still not sure they’d want to go down that way. That’s still not enough control for Apple imo.

        Additionally, the vast majority of Android devices don’t even have the hardware in place to accommodate these security features.

      • Benedict

        That’s true. But IF they already release iMessage for android, they give away alot of their beloved control already. The next step won’t be far away then…

      • Burge

        There will be no payment method, why pay for a service when there is always a free alternative and there’s load of them.

        The UK mobile operators tend to give you unlimited texts why would I pay for a service when I’ve got unlimited texts, So more importantly why would an android user pay to use the Apple ecosystem when they get unlimited texts ?

        If anything iMessage would die within the UK.

      • Rowan09

        Not charge for iMessage include sending money through iMessage, etc to take on Paypal, Square, etc.

  • TwinSon

    That would be H-U-G-E. But I would probably still make it an iOS exclusive. It’s one of the main reasons to own an iOS device.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Agreed. Competitive advantage.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I seriously doubt this will come to fruition. Sure Apple Music has an Andriod app, but that’s because they have to go multiplatform if they want to compete with other services like Spotify on the market. iMessage isn’t something Apple makes money off of even on the iPhones. It’s just one of the software exclusives of the iPhone, and honestly one of my favorite features of iOS. With so many other messaging apps already out there, I see no reason why Apple would need to open up iMessage, let alone to Andriod. May as well make it for Windows so people have less incentive to buy Macs.

  • Benedict

    This would mean that people have one more reason to switch to android. From Apple’s perspective, I don’t think it is a good idea in the first place but I guess they have no choice if they want to keep iMessage competitive.

  • John Smith

    Off topic but I need some help. I recently replaced the rear housing of my iPhone 6S to the black + gold logo one, and initially everything was working perfectly. However, I did forget to put a few screws back here and there. Today was my first day at work with the upgraded casing, and I noticed the “no service” popping up most of the time. It wasn’t like this before. If I go to the second floor of the building, it works fine. Once I’m on the first, no service. Any ideas what I could’ve done wrong while transferring all the parts over?

    • Martynet

      good luck 😀

    • J3ff

      doesn’t sound good dude! Best of luck with this issue. Your warranty is gone on the phone for sure now and you will be stuck with a defective phone. Hope its not an issue and your just in a dead spot.

  • Charles222

    If it includes cellular continuity to sync my Droid Turbo’s texts to Messages on OS X, I’d be game.

    • I see no reason that they couldn’t do this by having you sign in to your iCloud account on your Android device. That could be part of their strategy to get people trying out Apple hardware?

      • Charles222

        It can happen by accident if you throw a sim from an iPhone into an Android device without turning off text message and call forwarding first. Turns into a mess pretty quickly, though; still, shows it’s possible.

        Personally I think Apple’s getting ready to pivot away from the iPhone as being the center of the company; it’s getting to be about that time. Exclusivity won’t matter as much as your stuff being everywhere; Microsoft is proving that very well with being the third or fourth richest company on the planet and barely selling phones at all.

      • I totally agree, and whether or not this rumor pans out, I think Apple is already thinking that way too.

  • asdlb4

    This is great news for those of us who have family members or friends who can’t join in on “exclusive” iMessage conversations because they are on Android. I’m pretty sure this has affected almost everyone at some point.

  • Apple should definitely introduce a new color to differentiate iMessage for iOS (blue) from iMessage for Android. Perhaps brown?

    • DOOManiac

      Why? iMessage is iMessage. The only reason they differentiate from SMS is because the capabilities are different.

    • Albert

      Tongue in cheek? lol

  • Micki

    This basically means that’s all major phone companies will be cutting up their phone contracts as of texting and calling since iMessage is the new big texting and I message is free

  • Y2J

    Please bring it to Windows Phone/Windows 10 and then I can comfortably switch to Windows Phone and regret it for other reasons.

  • Matt

    Do it and I am switching. iMessage is pretty much the ONLY reason why I still don’t have that Galaxy S7 😀

    • J3ff

      im thinking the same thing man!

    • TJ

      I was thinking about doing that but I’m way to invested in the Apple ecosystem, Apples giving the iPhone exclusives up and it sucks.

  • zoLa siWisa

    Do anyone remember what had happened to Blackberry when they gave away BBM to all platforms… That was the death of Blackberry devices… Peaple stop buying them. Though iPhone is a better brand, I still hope it will not be like that…

    • Rowan09

      No blackberry died and then they released BBM to try and stay relevant.

      • zoLa siWisa

        It’s kind of dead… I do see your point though. Though it went crashing massively. It is been 3 and half years now and still trying to stay relevant.. Tell me that’s not dead or played out. Their signature baby BBM is just not as cool no more. More especially carriers change the way they did their data planning..

      • Rowan09

        I love iMessage because it’s baked into messages, I don’t need any additional app, I don’t to even have to give my phone number only my email address. With so many messaging apps it’s just too much for bbm to compete. Making it cross platform could work because it would be an app with limited features like Google did with maps.

  • DOOManiac

    Remember when Jobs announced iMessage and said they planned to make it a cross-platform standard? I’m still waiting.

    Forget Android, I’d love a Windows app so I can message from my PC like OS X users can…

  • J3ff

    If iMessage goes to android apple will be losing a lot of customers!! I know for sure I will be switching over to android if they get iMessage, the convenience on my mac book is tremendous and one of the reasons i don’t want to switch to android.
    Who else is going to move over to android if this happens?

    • mickey

      I certainly might. Sure I have a lot invested in the iOS and OS X ecosystem but the disparity is not like it used to be. iMessage is one of the few things that stand out. If I could send a decent quality picture or video via sms/mms I wouldn’t care but that simply isn’t the case. To be honest I’m ready for a better screen and 2017 seems eons away. Also hate to think of where the jailbreak scene might be (for the worse) by that time.

      • J3ff

        So true! I don’t think we will see a jailbreak anytime soon. There are jailbreaks out there but they are keeping them to themselves. The motor z force is looking sweet! 21mp camera and a 3,500 may battery. It’s almost double the specs of an iPhone on those aspects!

      • Mike

        On android there’s an app called MightyText which can replace the default texting app. MightyText also has an online website that lets you text from it. So you can text from anything that has internet.

  • James G

    How about a server side message Database so that if I delete a thread on one device it delete on all devices? Just encrypt it in iCloud already. Or give me the option to so you can keep your privacy claims.

  • askep3

    If they give android a feature that was exclusive to iPhone that’s one less reason to switch, isn’t it?

    • Rowan09

      Kind of the same argument when they made iTunes, but I believe it can be an introduction with limited features so people can like it and get the full experience with an IOS or Mac device

  • Guy

    That wouldn’t be a great move by Apple.

  • This reminds me so much of Blackberry opening up BBM to other platforms. I seriously hope it’s not for the same reason.

  • TJ

    I wish Steve Jobs was still here

  • Introducing it to Windows 10 PC seems like a better idea. Then I could using on my work computer. I see most android users just sticking up their noses and saying “Oh Please!”. 🙂

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    It’s called a COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE. I’m against this. Such a move wouldn’t put Apple on a competitive advantage in this aspect as this is a big pull factor to get people on Apple hardware because of the awesome iMessage and FaceTime service. This service should be proprietary and in-house only, also for a number of other good reasons. I’m against such a move. I hope this doesn’t materialise and is just another wild rumour.