WWDC for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 001

Just ahead of WWDC 2016, which kicks of with a keynote presentation on Monday, June 13, at 10am, Apple issues a timely refresh to its official WWDC app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The refreshed app has an all-new dark interface and now runs on the fourth-generation Apple TV so you can watch WWDC action from the comfort of your couch.

WWDC on your television

“A tvOS version of this app is now available, so you can stream and download videos from WWDC 2016 and previous conferences on Apple TV,” writes the company in release notes accompanying the free of charge download.

WWDC 5.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

“This update supports live streaming on iOS and tvOS. It also supports multitasking on iOS 9 on iPad”. In addition to tvOS compatibility, the app also gained a revamped all-black Home screen icon and a cool-looking dark interface, as shown above.

Pricing and availability

WWDC for iOS is a free download from the App Store.

WWDC for tvOS Apple TV screenshot 002

To install the app on your Apple TV, search for ‘WWDC’ on the tvOS App Store. Or, if you already downloaded the app on your iOS device, you can find it in the ‘Not on This Apple TV’ sub-section within the Purchased section on the tvOS App Store.

  • All of their designs seems to have a dark mode style to it. Maybe we’re finally getting a dark mode option for iOS 10? If so, that would be amazing!

    • SkyFall

      Well if not this year, I’m pretty sue they’ll add it next year. They got to show those glorious blacks on the OLED iPhone 8 Display…

      • I still have no idea why it’s taking Apple so long to use OLED displays on the iPhones.

      • SkyFall

        They became lazy over the last few years. If they wanted they could have added them this year…but then again the 10th anniversary iPhone wouldn’t have this “Amazing, Innovative, New Technology”. But i wouldn’t mind not having an OLED display for another year if they upgraded the display resolution to 1080p on the 4.7 and 2k on the 5.5, but i doubt its gonna happen.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        QHD on bigger model would sell like hot cakes.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Moreover I’ve seen s7 edge and 6s plus side by side and the difference in resolution, image quality and sharpeness is very much there and noticeable.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Even though it’s not amoled this year, a system wide dark mode would be much appreciated, it’s better than using sharp white background in midnight .

      • SkyFall

        Maybe it’ll happen but i doubt it. The app seems to take design cues from this years WWDC theme which is coding and Swift. The app colours are the same as the background on the WWDC page. If Apple unveils a dark mode then it’ll be awesome but most likely next year.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Let’s hope for the best

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Dark everywhere is not so good.

      • Have you ever used your iPhone in the dark? It’s really really bright even in the lowest brightness. Having an option to toggle it on and off would be a nice addition.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        The toggle option would be good

  • Noohar

    No 3D Touch…fail