ios 9.3.2 ipad pro

Nearly two weeks after pulling this version for bricking 9.7-inch iPad Pro devices, Apple has released iOS 9.3.2 today, presumably fixing the bricking issue once and for all. Carrying build number 13F72 this iOS 9.3.2 update is specifically for the 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro. The update is now available both over the air, and as a separate download.

Shortly after the release of iOS 9.3.2 on May 16, a small number of 9.7-inch iPad Pro users started reporting that their devices would apparently get bricked and return Error 56, making the device unusable. Four days later, Apple pulled the update, advising those unable to restore their device through iTunes to contact their support team.

The changelog for this version of iOS 9.3.2 is exactly identical to the initial one:

iOS 9.3.2 fixes bugs and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad. This update:

  • Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE
  • Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail
  • Addresses an issue that prevented typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages
  • Fixes an issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex voice, where the device switches to a different voice to announce punctuation or spaces
  • Fixes an issue that prevented MDM servers from installing Custom B2B apps

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

On May 23, Apple released a beta for iOS 9.3.3, which didn’t include support for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It’s safe to assume that a beta build should soon be available for that device now that Apple seems to have fixed the original issue that plagued some of these devices.

If you have a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, please let us know if you were affected in the first place, and what you did to fix the issue.

  • Johnny

    This is a no thank you update.
    I dont thrust apples updates anymore

    • Jerry

      I updated my iphone 6s plus to 9.3.2 and it deleted my phones internal hard rive of all my manually installed music and all my podcasts. Was on the phone with a senior advisory for about a hour and supposedly there’s a fix coming.

      • Oscar

        Happened to me too. Sign out of Apple Music in the Music app. Sign back in, then enable iCloud Music Library via Settings>Music

      • Jerry

        My Apple Music shows and the songs that are matched from my library and Apple Music show but the songs I manually installed are all greyed out

    • Marcus

      Change your profile picture.

      • Picapollo


      • Johnny
      • Marcus

        Because it’s a Satanic symbol that depicts Jesus upside down. I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but your profile picture symbolizes evil.

      • Johnny

        Call it what you want Marcus
        Its a cool pic i am not religious
        Im not that weak .so i dont need to believe in nothing.
        If you are a christian? Well sorry for you but its your choice.
        Relegion is the root to all evil on this grey shitty planet.
        And still i will not change my picture
        Its my Google picture

        Have a good day now and try not to bother so much about what others think or do or use.

      • Marcus

        Christianity isn’t the root of evil on this planet. I would argue that Islam and Communism are. Everything that Jesus Christ represents is good and positive. Even if you don’t believe in him, you have to agree that he was a good person that did good.

        Also, if God and Heaven turn out to be fake… What is my loss? Nothing at all. If God and Heaven turn out to be real… You’ve suffered a major loss. It’s never to late to start believing.


    Currently a bunch of Apple systems are down, just an FYI to those trying to update or purchase items.

  • Charlie

    Mr Jobs would never allow this to happen

  • ElzoRillo

    They should issue an update for iPhone too! Since the last update every time I finish dictating anything it won’t stop the ding and it keeps doing it like when you leave a car door ajar!

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