AirPort Time Capsule mid-2013 (image 004)

Following a brief period during which both the AirPort Extreme wireless base station and the AirPort Time Capsule wireless appliance were unavailable for purchase from Apple’s retail stores in the United States, the devices are now back in stock at most retail locations and are once again available for Personal Pickup, MacRumors discovered.

The temporary stock shortage was due to Apple needing to comply with the United States Federal Trade Commission’s June 2 deadline for router software security rules.

“Starting June 2, 2016, permissive changes will not be permitted for devices approved under the old rules, unless they meet the requirements of the new rules,” wrote FCC in December 2015.

“All devices partially or completely approved under the old rules cannot be marketed starting June 2, 2016 unless they meet the requirements of the new rules in all the bands of operation.”

The stock shortage gave us hope that perhaps these devices were up for a refresh at Apple’s annual developers conference but that likely won’t be the case.

Source: MacRumors

  • rahnolds

    So this is why we got the v7.7.7 Base Station update recently. Unfortunately it still doesn’t resolve the ongoing IPv6 issues plaguing Apple Routers. Cox Communications points the finger at Apple saying it’s how they’re handling it, while Apple points the finger right back at Cox Communications saying it’s because they’re doing a “dual-stacked” rollout.

    You guys should dig in and do a write up about that problem.