Running out of storage space is a near-inevitability for all of us, with our ever-widening assortment of media, apps and programs putting more strain on our hard drives than ever before. Give your MacBook a serious storage boost with Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks, which allows you to add up to 128GB of storage to your MacBook without a bulky hard drive attachment. Reclaim your storage freedom for just $33.99

You can finally stop carrying around that clunky USB drive with Nifty MiniDrive’s spring-loaded, flush-mount SD card slot, which fits snugly on the side of your MacBook Pro or Air. You can automatically secure your files with daily backup options, providing valuable peace of mind in the event of data loss, accidental deletion or other unfortunate occurrence.

With a design and color scheme to match the aesthetic of your computer, Nifty is your non-intrusive solution to system storage overload. Those anxiety-laden scrambles to delete less-important files and free up space? That struggle is unlikely to ever end unless you get a new computer, or give your system a boost with Nifty.

While this great offer is for the Nifty Minidrive for 13″ MacBook Air, other options are available for MacBook Pro models in the drop-down on the deal page. Grab your own Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks today for $33.99.

  • Isn’t this just a truncated micro SD to SD adaptor without any memory of its own? For that price I could probably buy an actual short SD card with a decent storage capacity like the StorEdge or something.

    • Mark S

      But will it be as aesthetically pleasing? I think not! I personally would not want to be on the receiving end of all the scorn from hipsters at the coffee shop using some blase run of the mill storage card in my Mac.

      • Hmm, true that. There are other plug-and-forget memory cards that will sit cleanly flush against the MacBook’s SDXC slot, and they’ve tried to make it match the Mac’s style but I don’t know how close they are aesthetically.

  • JustCause

    Oh how about that, a 128GB storage drive for a measly $34 bucks!!! Yet crApple still won’t make the base model iPhone 32GB instead of 16GB. Then again why should they when their fans will just drop the extra $100 bucks for the bigger sized model. SMH

    • Fede777

      Ehm, that 34 is just for the adapter (Does not include MicroSD card)

    • The Minidrive is just a micro SD to SD adaptor, it doesn’t have any on-board memory of its own. You’ll have to separately purchase a 128GB micro SD card to put in it.

      The marketing is a bit misleading with this product. It’s like selling a USB hub and claiming that it can “add up to 1TB” of memory to your computer. Technically it can if you connect a 1TB HDD, but that’s not included with the product.

  • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

    They dont even still sell MacBooks with hard drives so why say ‘ hard drives’

  • Joostiphone

    I will just wait for China to procedure something with a price of $3 instead of $34.

  • rahnolds

    Be warned. The Nifty MiniDrive Pro is the least reliable, lowest quality, designed for Apple, product I’ve ever had the displeasure of owning.

    In total I purchased two MiniDrive Pro units for my mid-2012 rMBP, which is, allegedly, a supported device.

    The tolerances are too tight for the MicroSD card, but not tight enough for the SD slot.

    My first Nifty MiniDrive Pro “ate” a 128gb Kingston MicroSD card– which I purchased from Nifty as apart of the bundle they offer. It was stuck inside. I eventually got it out, but had broken both the Nifty enclosure and the MicroSD card itself in the process. I thought it was something I had done wrong and Nifty support certainly made it sound that it was. I shelled out the money and bought another Nifty MiniDrive Pro from their website.

    Kingston, amazingly, replaced the physically broken 128gb MicroSD card, no questions asked. Kudos to Kingston, truly the only redeeming thing out of the whole experience.

    My second Nifty also “ate” the replacement 128gb Kingston MicroSD card. While I was able to get the second Nifty working, the MicroSD card was forever stuck in the Nifty prison. In total the second unit worked for about 4 months, albeit with constant and ongoing mounting problems.

    – Mounting Problems. The Nifty could not sit flush with the slot on my mid-2012 rMBP, which is what their marketing photos depict, but also couldn’t be fully inserted in the slot either. If I pushed it all the way in, it’d sink 3-4mm into the chassis and fail to mount. If I pushed it in just enough to sit flush, which was the desired experience and what they depict on their site, it wouldn’t mount. It would only mount if you nestled it into a “sweet spot”, which for me was about 1.5-2mm sunk into the Chassis, it would still randomly mount/dismount without warning but it was sporadic.

    – Data Loss/Corruption. Due to the aforementioned mounting issues, the card eventually corrupted while files were being read/written and the drive dismounted without warning. I was never able to get the Nifty working again- bizarre as typically you can just repair, or worst case re-format, a corrupted disk. Not this one, at least not while it was in the Nifty enclosure and I couldn’t remove it without breaking both devices.

    – Terrible support. I brought the issues I had to Nifty directly in search of help. They, in effect, told it was my own fault and had nothing to do with their hardware. I’m still baffled that I am, according to Nifty, the only person who has had a MicroSD card get completely stuck inside their Nifty enclosure.

    Now I have a Samsung T1 (external 1TB SSD) velcro’d to the lid of my Macbook. Aesthetically it sucks and sure I have to plug/un-plug it every time I need to use it but it’s already outlasted both Nifty drives combined, is faster, has more capacity, and ultimately does what I need reliably.