broken apple watch repaired

I broke the screen of my Apple Watch yesterday. Or maybe more accurately, my two-year-old son grabbed my Apple Watch as I was taking a shower, slipped and fell with the watch hitting our bathroom tile floor face down. It happened all before my eyes, although I didn’t know he was holding the watch in his hand. The strange sound I heard when he fell alerted me something wasn’t right though. My wife confirmed seconds later that the watch was what I had heard and that the screen was shattered.

Surprisingly, I didn’t even yell at my son, or lose my cool, but as I was finishing up showering, I started pondering my options. Because I don’t buy AppleCare for any Apple products I purchase, I knew this was most likely going to cost me a pretty penny. Boy was I right!

Looking on Apple’s website, I quickly found out that replacing a screen on a stainless steel Apple Watch would cost me $329, which really amounts to over half the cost of the watch brand new. There was just no way I was going to pay that amount of money to have my screen replaced, a process that would take days by the way, as the repair happens in a repair center, and not directly at the Apple Store.

Of course, I took to Twitter to voice my frustration with the repair cost, and as I expected, a few people suggested that it would have been a good idea to purchase AppleCare to cover the watch. In hindsight, yes it would have been a good idea, but in the grand scheme of things, I still think AppleCare doesn’t financially make sense, especially if you take good care of your stuff like I do.

The math doesn’t add up

Just like any insurance plan, AppleCare only financially makes sense when something bad happens, whether accidental, or just the result of things breaking sometimes. If nothing breaks, you just end up paying for nothing.

To make myself feel better about my decision of never buying AppleCare, I did a quick math to find out how much I would have spent on AppleCare over the course of the last five years. In this simple table, you see what I believe are all the Apple products I bought within the last five years (although I feel like I’m missing a few).

In the left column, you have the name of the device, and the AppleCare cost for that product. Note that AppleCare is linked to a specific device, so you cannot have one AppleCare plan covering two iPhones for example.

Some of you may note that these numbers aren’t accurate because you can transfer AppleCare from one device to another, and I could have, for instance, transferred AppleCare plan from my iPhone 6 to my iPhone 6s. Sure I could have done that, but the problem would be that my iPhone 6s would have ended up getting coverage for the remaining one year of ApplePlan, not for a full two years. Besides, I still use my iPhone 6, so I would have needed to keep its coverage.

I also suspect that some people think that these numbers aren’t accurate because you don’t have to buy AppleCare for all products, but just a few select ones. Well, I think AppleCare is an all or nothing kind of deal. You either buy AppleCare for all your products, or you don’t buy AppleCare at all, because what’s to say that one product is less likely to get damaged or just stop functioning properly? You can think your iMac has less chances of getting accidental damage than your iPhone, and you’d be right, but you can never know for sure, which is why I believe if I was a believer in AppleCare, I would purchase it for all my Apple products.

As you can see, the grand total amounts to $2,448. Now the question is, how much did I spend in repairs at the Apple Store over these same last five years?

Well, in the last five years, I have gone to the Apple Store for repairs only once, and that was to replace an iPhone 6 screen. The total cost for that screen replacement was $109. Add to this $329 for the potential cost to replace the screen of my newly broken Apple Watch, and you get a grand total of $438.

$438 is the cost of repairs I have completed (or could have completed since I didn’t get the screen of my watch repaired) over the course of the last five years.

There is still a difference of $2,010 that really would have been money paid for absolutely nothing besides the peace of mind of knowing I am covered by AppleCare.

Those deductibles will get you

But wait, because it gets even better than that.

People probably don’t realize that when they purchase AppleCare, but there is a deductible should you bring in your device for an accidental damage, which means you still have to pay Apple money to fix a broken screen for example, even if you’re covered by AppleCare.

Let’s take the example of my broken iPhone 6 screen which cost me $109 to get fixed by Apple.

Should I have been covered by AppleCare, here is what it would have cost me to replace that screen:

Cost of iPhone 6 screen replacement with AppleCare
$99 AppleCare plan + $79 deductible = $178.

As you can tell, if I take advantage of AppleCare only for accidental damages, it’s still not as good of a deal as not using AppleCare at all and paying full price on the repair.

Wait, wait, wait! It still gets better than that!

AppleCare covers you for two accidental damages, so let’s say that I break two screens on my iPhone. This would cost be $218 to repair ($109 x 2) if I didn’t have AppleCare, but this is what it would cost me if I did have the coverage plan:

Cost of two iPhone 6 screen replacements with AppleCare
$99 AppleCare plan + $79 deductible + $79 deductible = $257.

So there, you have it. Replacing two screens with AppleCare still costs you more than replacing two screens without AppleCare.

Back to my Apple Watch…

Cost of AppleCare for Apple Watch is $69, plus $79 for accidental damage repairs. So yes, this is the perfect situation where AppleCare would have been a great deal because I could have gotten a brand new screen for $148, instead of the $329 I was quoted by Apple.

But again, if I apply my reasoning that you either get AppleCare for all your devices, or you don’t get AppleCare at all, I’m still better off not having ever purchased the coverage plan.

AppleCare is more than just an accidental repair coverage

I just took the example of a broken screen, which really is the most likely reason why you’d want AppleCare. But to be fair, AppleCare is still a great deal if you downright destroy your phone or dunk it under water. In this case, there is no possible repair, and you get to get a new iPhone under your coverage plan. This is, to my knowledge, the only real advantage of using AppleCare.

I understand that this post only treats AppleCare as a coverage for accidental repairs, but I must note that I am aware it is much more than that. It is a great way to not have to worry about your Apple products for the next couple years (or more) as it also covers hardware failure and more. For example, if you buy a $249 AppleCare coverage for a MacBook Air and need to have the screen or logic board replaced two years down the line, this is still a good deal.

Yet, in my years of Apple experience, I never had such an issue where AppleCare would have helped. My five year old MacBook Air and iMac for example are still running perfectly. Again, this reinforces my idea that, in the grand scheme of things, I am better off not buying AppleCare.

Wondering about my Apple Watch?

I decided not to get my Apple Watch repaired because I believe the $329 price tag is just ridiculous. Instead, our Dealmaster Cody helped me find a great deal for a refurbished stainless steel Apple Watch for only $349 (no tax). Yes I know it is refurbished, but so would be my Apple Watch if I had sent it to Apple for repair. Furthermore, with this refurb, I get 90 days of extra warranty (hopefully enough to get me to Apple Watch 2), an extra charger, and a new band. Not a bad deal in the end.

Of course, I could have chosen to go with a Sport model, but these look too utilitarian to me. Call me a snob if you want! Besides, even refurbished or open box Apple Watch Sport weren’t that much cheaper as the best I could find was $299.

I also look on Craigslist and there was no good deal around me.

Make the decision that’s best for you

At the end of the day, I don’t want to influence your decision in purchasing AppleCare coverage or not, because it really depends on how many Apple devices you own, how you use them, how often you upgrade them, etc.

I know for me AppleCare doesn’t financially make sense. But I’m sure some of you have stories to share about how AppleCare might have saved you thousands of dollars.

Now tell us: do you buy AppleCare? If so, do you buy it for specific devices or all of your devices? Any success or horror story to share?

  • Burge

    I can claim on my household insurance for my devices, and with my MacBook Air I pay a monthly subscription to the place I got it from and this covers everything for only £9.60 ($13.84) and I can stop this when ever i like. I’ve never taken out AppleCare

    I have to ask why leave it in reach of small hands this is asking for it.

    Also in the UK the best place to get Apple products from is John Lewis you get 3 years warranty instead of the standard 1 year warranty from Apple.

    • Why leaving a product in ready of kids?

      That makes me believe you probably don’t have kids 🙂

      If you did, you’d know they always find a way to get to whatever they want. My son for example opened a drawer, used it as a step stool to grab stuff, including my watch, that was laying on the bathroom countertops. So it was out of reach. He just found a way to get in reach.

      • Burge

        Got 2 of them. But luckily for me one has left home now he’s 19 and the other is 14 and she has her own iPhone now, I got fed up of her trying to use mine.

      • Jerry

        Damn dude im sitting here really regretting I didnt get the apple care+ from bestbuy. Now I know that its a must with the watch. Apple is crazy to be charging us this much for such a tiny screen that its no where near the quality of the phones.

    • John

      Except that UK consumer law for all items sold within the UK is 6 years regardless of what Apple tells you about a 1 year warranty and John Lewis telling you its 3 years. The law states that its 6 years as directed by the EU, but retailers try to mislead consumers by ignoring that fact and because not many people know about that law, they don’t ever complain. But i do 🙂

      • Burge

        But after the first year it is for you to prove it was like that when you got it. You will have to pay for a independent report to back up your claim.

      • John

        tbh ive never had to do that. I just quote the EU directive to customer service and only once have i had an issue with a company refusing to honour. Mind you i have only ever used this argument maybe 3-4 times and only when im pissed off with the product so it maybe just luck.

      • Burge

        Like you say not many people know about it and that includes the store staff. Also this could change because of Brexit You in or out ?

  • Ds

    I bought buy AppleCare+ on my idevices that I will likely use most (iPhone, iPad Pro, Macbook Pro). I don’t really care to cover my Apple TV or my Nano with AppleCare+ because out of all my Apple products those are the cheapest ones I own.

    I had recently purchased a iPad pro in January and purchased AppleCare+ with it. 2 days after purchasing the device I went to go install a screen protector and was using my iPhone as an overhead lamp. I know not the smartest decision in the long run as it resulted in my iPad Pro screen becoming completely shattered before I even got a chance to clean the screen of the iPad before installing the screen protector (my phone slipped off the shelf above my ipad). I took the iPad Pro to Apple the following Friday and ended up paying a grand total of $55 for a new iPad Pro instead of paying $599 (without tax and shipping) for a screen replacement.

  • Liam J. Kowalski

    With every Apple device I buy, there come the same question: AppleCare or not? I always go without because, like you, I don’t see why I should pay the extra for covering my already expensive devices when I never really take advantage of it? That’s because I usually look after my stuff.

    In the past few years I’ve got an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6s, a MacBook Pro (Early 2011), an Apple TV 2G, an iPod touch 2G, an iPad Air 2, an iPod nano 6G, an iPod nano 7G and an iPod classic. That’s a lot of devices I cumulated.

    So what did actually get a repair? My iPhone 4 had a scattered back (I fixed that with tape) and after 2,5 years of usage a scattered screen because a friend dropped it on the floor of a bar while calling his girlfriend. His household insurance covered that.
    My MacBook Pro was plagued with that pesky Graphics-issue and got its logic board replaced – twice. Apple refunded me this last year.
    My iPhone 5s had a bending screen because it was loose at the top. That was covered by warranty (see obligatory 2-year-warranty in the European Union).

    So buying an AppleCare Protection Plan really doesn’t make sense for me, unless I want to throw out money. But then, I’ll have the same thought process when buying the next Apple Product: Will I need AppleCare?

    Greetings from Austria.

  • Javier Lopez

    I have never bought Apple Care and I own:
    iPad Mini, iPhone 6S, Macbook Pro, Apple TV 4, Airport.

  • therealjjohnson

    “Well, I think AppleCare is an all or nothing kind of deal. You either buy AppleCare for all your products, or you don’t buy AppleCare at all”

    Lmao. This is just silly. I had written a long comment but erased it. Just too silly to justify with tha long comment.

    • Scott Curry

      So which of your Apple products are more important to you that warrant purchasing it for? Do you base it on cost? Size? What’s your criteria?

      • therealjjohnson

        I won’t purchase apple care on a $99 Apple TV. It’s sits inside the home and will likely never drop or fall. And it’s easily replaceable. An iPhone has a higher probability of being dropped or lost. It’s also a lot more expensive to repair or replace. Same with an iPad.

        Didn’t purchase on my watch either. I’ve never cracked a regular watch face so I doubt I’ll ever crack the Apple Watch face either.

        For me the statement is so off base because it doesn’t take into consideration variables. Just like your question to me, you asked the criteria because like almost all things, the details matters.

      • Scott Curry

        I would never purchase for AppleTV either. It sits. 247. Mine has only moved once in the last 3 years…lol

        I just never thought it was worth it until I bought my Apple Watch, and then thought ‘should I?’ with it being so exposed but honestly, I’ll probably upgrade to a new one before anything really goes wrong with it and a tough-armor case for it for $20 saves me a lot of worry.

      • It’s not silly at all. You mention not purchasing AppleCare for Apple TV, but why not? It’s only $29, and it covers your Apple TV for two years.

        Sure you’re not likely to drop your MacBook Pro, but what’s to say the logic board won’t fail after 2 years?

        You can’t pick and choose. Well yes, you can, but it doesn’t make sense to put more weight on one device over the other, especially because AppleCare doesn’t just cover accidental damages (i.e. a drop). It also covers hardware problems that may happen out of the blue and for which you have no control at all.

        It’s like playing roulette. Your odds are much higher if you always put a chip on the same number rather than than putting a chip on a different number every time.

      • therealjjohnson

        I can pick and choose with some products because I can replace a Apple TV quicker than I can replace a MacBook. $100 bucks or so vs $1200 is a big difference. If there was one investment to protect its fairly easy to determine which one it would be.

        If you upgrade phones each year like I do then if there is a problem with the device it’s likely covered under the warranty anyway. I don’t switch MacBooks as often as I switch phones. So I would opt for apple care for a MacBook over a phone.

        It’s just not an all or nothing type of decision.

      • That’s why I said in the post that this is my opinion and that your usage will vary.

        Personally, I think it makes more sense to buy AppleCare for an iPhone than a Mac, because I am more likely to drop my iPhone than my Mac is likely to have a hardware problem out of the blue for example.

        Again, it’s all personal preferences and opinions. I’m certainly not saying my way of looking at it is the right way.

      • It makes perfect sense to pick and choose. Some products are a lot less likely to break than others. It’ll save you money (as I thought was the whole premise of this article in the first place) if you pick and choose and don’t buy AppleCare for products you feel will most likely not take any kind of damage.

      • drbballwater

        RE: the roulette comment, um no. 1/38 odds every single time. It does not matter at all whether you move your chip or do not. Each individual outcome is independent of any other outcome. I’d love to hear your rational however!

      • You’re right. My roulette analogy was terrible.

      • techfreak23

        That whole “I’m not clumsy and I take good care of my stuff” line is completely arrogant. You don’t think that most people try to take good care of their expensive products? You’re not just covering yourself from your mistakes, you’re also covering yourself from the mistakes of others or even just life. I had one of my customers pass on it for his 12.9″ Pro because he’s “careful with his things” Called me a week later telling me that he was in a small accident and his iPad was on his wife’s lap which got sent straight into the dash shattering the screen. What would have cost him a total of $150 ended up costing him over $600.

        That being said, I always buy APP+ for my mobile devices. I had to have my Sport replaced because I fell off of my longboard and slammed my arm on the concrete, one phone screen repaired due to accidental, and a post limited warranty issue that got me a new phone twice. Got a scratch free model with my 6 to sell in the second year because of the crescent front camera and a hairline crack on the rear camera lens. Would’ve had to pay out of pocket for both of those. It’s also part of the reason why I don’t put a case on my phone because it gives me complete peace of mind even if I completely destroy the thing. They’ll give me a different phone if the cosmetic damage to the rest of the phone is extensive enough.

        I’m less inclined to do it for my computers because I rarely have issues.

        The biggest thing about AppleCare for the computers, at least for the type of customers that shop at my store, is the tech support. It’s really nice for them to be able to call and have someone troubleshoot remotely or just answer general questions.

      • Nick was here

        I have had the iPhone every year since day one of the iPhone back in 2007. I am careful with my phones, buy a case and screen protector when they’re on sale, and don’t buy the AppleCare. Total cost of screen protectors and cases, due to using Slickdeals, is under $50. I have replaced two screens myself, parts costing $34 each, for a total of $68. Grand total: $118.
        All because I’m careful, can repair stuff myself (because this was in a time before Apple offered reasonable screen replacement costs), and take care of my stuff. So, nothing arrogant here. Just learn how to protect your stuff.

      • chikaraginger

        You will generally find that insurance on items that are more susceptible to breaking also costs more. Insurance is sort of an all or nothing thing for all the things that you care about breaking. Apple Care is honestly only good if you intend to break the device just before it expires in order to get a new device if and only if your device would command a much higher resale price. Apple has done the math on the insurance and there is a reason that Apple pushes you to buy it. High profit margins. In addition because quite a few people buy it there is little incentive for Apple to lower the cost of repairs.

      • makeittalk

        Not a question of more important. Its a question of how much risk a device is exposed to. iMac – not much at all, MacBook – somewhat, iPhone – almost every damn day. I buy Applecare for my iPhone and never for my MacBook or iMac. Take good care of your stuff and you’re dollars ahead…for the reasons noted in this article. If a MBoard fails on a device, pay for it from the money you’ve saved over time.

    • Jibbley Gravey

      I stopped reading after that like. Guy was clearly an idiot after that sentence. lol

    • makeittalk

      Yup, read that and though WTF? What? Although I agree with the general gist of the article, AppleCare is obviously far from a binary all or nothing.

  • Scott Curry

    Finally someone breaks it down financially on why the cost of AppleCare is so horrendous and not an alternative to just outright paying for repairs in general without it.

    I will say this, however…Someone could make a KILLING if they started a business that sold Apple insurance. The phone owner pays the broker the amount for the AppleCare + say a one-time $25 fee for startup, and the insurance broker then has the record of it and handles all repairs with half deductible for the phone owner. If you had 100 iPhone 6s’, and have to pay for 5 new screens out of that bunch at $40 per, that’s a net of $2300.

    • Burge

      You can get this type of insurance in the UK and also covers theft it’s more costly than Apple care but you pay monthly for it so can end it when you wish.
      You can also add more devices to it to get a cheaper rate.

  • Picked up Apple Care for my watch since it was a new device and frankly an odd one for me as I usually don’t wear watches. I just wanted to make sure any defects were covered, at least defects that Apple Care would cover me for. Though it is a bit odd for me to purchase Apple Care for the watch when I have it in a big case to make sure it doesn’t break. I don’t bother with Apple Care on my ipad, iphone, macbook etc because those are daily use items and not first generation material. Granted I did get a first gen macbook 12 retina but that was used, plus I knew what I was getting with that purchase. Apple Care makes sense for some items, but for the most part.. its not worth it.

  • It’s worth it on a high end macbook pro retina or iMac. Since everything is welded on the same board, it’s ultra expansive to replace something on it.

  • TeddyBearStand

    Why would one only get their screen replaced with AppleCare+? I have broken my phone screen once and it was damaged beyond a screen fix. It was an 99+89 dollar deductible vs paying 350 for a new phone. AppleCare+ is definitely an asset, and more worth the investment than buying a bulky case.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Dont get Apple care, just get a good case and screen protector(not glass). You’re welcome lol

  • Okay, got it. You don’t need Applecare+. Big whoop. Yeah, I got it for my Apple Watch. It got a hairline crack a few months later. Guess what? Apple replaced it for free – they sent the replacement before I returned mine. Another advantage of Applecare+ is getting your iPhone, iPad, or Watch replaced before the 2 years are up. In doing so, you’ll have a new battery with new internals. Heck, the battery the included on my old iPad Air was better than the original. Bottom line, portable devices need sort of “insurance” because you’ll never know what or when something happens.

    • techfreak23

      You got lucky with a hairline. I wasn’t as lucky…

  • Nevertrending

    329$ you cant be serious D:
    Those screens are literally just glued to the watch, pretty sure you can buy 10 yourself from ifixit or ebay for same that price

  • iByron

    “Well, I think AppleCare is an all or nothing kind of deal. You either buy AppleCare for all your products, or you don’t buy AppleCare at all…”

    Can’t buy this as a premise. It’s really true that my Mac mini sitting squarely on my desk with next to no moving parts and no glass parts at all stands far less chance of damage than my iPhone which goes in and out of my pocket, gets mounted in my car, is held awkwardly in one hand while I walk over concrete pavement, and finds itself perched precariously on sinks, counters, desk corners, and even the occasional urinal (can’t let nature’s call keep me from my turn at Scrabble or that YouTube video of cats singing Carmina Burana). And what damage the mini might sustain sitting on my desk would likely be far less catastrophic than what could happen should my phone fall face down onto pavement/bathroom floor/other hard surface.

    Full disc: I don’t buy AppleCare either. I’m very careful (urinals notwithstanding), I don’t have kids (or pets), and the only other person who I willingly give my phone to is and adult who’s even more cautious than I am. But there’s plenty of reason to buy AppleCare or some other insurance for my phone and really good reason not to buy it for the Mac mini.

  • Dennis Hutchins

    I had an issue with my iPhone 6+ when I bought it new from the Apple Store (full price) and had it activated and had an issue with someone on the other end that couldn’t hear me. I called apple and they tried to help me through the process and said you need to take it to the store and have someone look at it. But first you need Apple care. I said I just bought the phone 2 days ago new from Apple. They said they can’t do anything till you put Apple care on it. So I did and the guy ended up fixing in a matter of 30 seconds at the store. I said I want a refund on my Apple care as this phone still had a full warranty and I didn’t need Apple care to fix this problem. They wouldn’t do anything about it.

    So that warranty is up in September and I won’t renew it. But I will be getting Apple care on my MacBook Air that I just bought. Because you never know what will happen.

  • askep3

    Was the 6’s screen broken within the year insurance you get from Apple anyways?

  • Blip dude

    Purchased a used 32GB iPhone 5 once (it still had iOS 6.1) that came with AppleCare and still had 15 months left. I felt like I paid too much for it but I figured iOS 6.1 installed was probably the main reason why it was more than $400 when the 5S was already going for that price at the time.

    Anywho, 5-6 months after I purchased the device it began have serious battery issues (it would go from 20% to 1% in only 30 seconds at one point. It was confirmed at Genius Bar that there was indeed issues with the device and it was swapped for a new one, no charge. While I was pissed that I was now officially stuck with the modern UI I was ultimately happy to have had those issues fixed.

    This was the only time I had a device with AppleCare, I have never officially (or intentionally) purchased AppleCare on a new device. I’ve dropped my phones screen flat once or twice under my ownership and never had a crack or even a dent. This is why I hate Best Buy when they assume that it will happen to my devices because I clearly don’t know better.

    Oh how about the kids you say?? Well, my nephew and niece know better not to touch what doesn’t belong to them. It wasn’t an issue when they were 2-5 years old as they were too busy fighting each other over what to watch on Netflix on TV. Even at the age of 6 and 9 they still didn’t touch our devices without our permission and supervision. Because of their good behavior, they received their own Kindles for Christmas last year, and they’ve yet to complain about how “this isn’t an iPad” either.

    We did however have to get a 2nd Apple TV (yes it’s Jailbreakable, no I’m not going to do it), because they would not stop bragging about how they wanted to watch TV and me and my brother had the only Apple TV and Roku Stick in our place (we are cord cutters, Parents have a Smart TV in their room and kids don’t actually live with us), so the end result was a 2nd Jailbreakable Apple TV that is now exclusive to the living room for them to use when they visit.

  • iDude

    I have never or ever will buy apple care……………….. then i farted wtf.

  • Jibbley Gravey

    This guy can’t compute NPV to save his life… All your calculations are wrong both literally and logically. Leave this kind of stuff to actual finance guys…

    • They might not be exact but it’s pretty clear in my experience that I saved money by never buying AppleCare. Even if you cut in half my AppleCare cost estimate over the course of 5 years, I’m still saving money by not having purchased any coverage plan. It’s that simple.

    • M_Hawke

      Hey, since it bothers you, how about if you crunch the numbers yourself and post them here? His point is still taken, BTW…

  • Luke Per

    where did you get your new watch from?

  • Zach Krase

    While I see where your coming from, I do purchase AppleCare for only a few products. The Watch and iPad. Replacement costs for those are so much less than the cost of a replacement without AppleCare. I’m very cautious with my phone and if I have to replace the whole device I’ll pay the $300.

    • Chaagii Ganbaatar

      Just last month I bought iPhone 6s from Japanese carrier without Apple care. Then I dropped twice already 🙁 by first drop it got scratch on the edge of cover and the second time screen got hairline crack with additional cracks on the edge. when i checked display repair it costs $129 but Apple care’s price is same and i can get my phone replaced by new one right?. What would you recommend? I don’t like the color. its rose gold and also if i have only screen replaced the cover scratch will be there 😛

  • I’ve been thinking of getting Apple Care for my iPhone 6s ever since I got it when it came out.

  • Ying Zheng

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Apple Care is pretty much like buying an insurance with your car or house, you can’t buy one insurance for two vehicles or two properties, how often do you really claim on them if you’re a safe driver or live in a good neighborhood.

    Therefore, if you have so many devices, then it’s probably not worth the money as you have higher chance that something will break, maybe a content insurance to cover the entirety your belongings… just a thought.

    • numpty

      (Actually, quite a few companies will insure two vehicles on the same policy these days…)

      • Ying Zheng

        That I would need to look into, however, I wouldn’t assume it would be at the same cost as one vehicle right?

  • 5723alex .

    I suppose you don’t have car insurance and home insurance as they come into play when accidents happen, which are rare. Imagine how much you can save in 5 years.

    • numpty

      Both of those policies tend to be legal requirements if you ever want to drive that car, or if you need a mortgage to buy that house. Otherwise I’d imagine a lot of people probably would take the financial risk of not bothering.

  • Jayson Cirin

    330 dollars to replace the screen on the Apple Watch is stupid when the cost of replacing the display on a MBP Retina 13 si 350 euros here in Europe.

    • numpty

      A Macbook display is pretty old and cheap technology, comparatively speaking.

  • Jason B

    Lol, this concerns me more! Note, prices are very conservative if everything was bought new… That’s a pretty decent car if you double that over a period of 10 years!

  • slow_moon

    I own:

    – iPhone 5s (w/AppleCare, expired last year)
    – iPhone 4s(unlocked, used when travelling. No AppleCare)
    – iPad Mini 4 (no AppleCare yet)

    – MacBook unibody 2008 (no AppleCare)

    I have had various iPods over the years, too, none with AppleCare.

    The AppleCare for my 5s was paid for monthly through my mobile carrier and cost $80 over 24 months so I thought ‘why not?’.

    I didn’t need it during the first year but in the second year I used it for:

    1) replacement Earpods after I caught them under my chair!)
    2) replacement iPhone in the 23rd month (battery life dropped over time and the power button would sometimes press itself)
    3) replacement Earpods a few days after the AppleCare expired (they weren’t broken but I figured I might as well try getting brand new ones)

    I found out Earpods outside of warranty are cheap, around $15($25 for a new pair) so I would have spent about $30. What can I say? I love the Earpods 🙂

    As for the phone itself, I could’ve sourced a replacement battery and power button if I didn’t have AppleCare or considered other options.

    As for my iPad, I bought AppleCare abroad for very cheap($30) but I’m having trouble registering it and need to call Apple. I may still get AppleCare here if I really can’t register this one as the iPad was a present so I don’t mind spending the money.

  • Gary LE

    It seems that $329 is for the replacement of the watch instead of repair so if it is then its more cheaper than what Cody has bought. I think I remember going to Apple to get an ipad air (magnets loose) repaired but they actually replaced it with a refurbished model instead.

  • Galaxy_Surfer_007

    Would appreciate an update! Apple Care for the MacBook Airs costs only $183– and there doesn’t seem to be a deductible any more! In contrast, Square Trade is now charging *more* for the no deductible plan than the amount of its deductible plan! I.e., you may pay $100 or more for non-deduct, but the claim deductible is $75.

    At this point, if all this checks out, then Apple Care is the way to go — it’s also 3 years, not just 2, has no deductible, and costs LESS!

  • Stockholm Gardens

    Just going through it with my daughter, year and half iphone6, she’s been without a phone for over a week and we found out today it is finally being replace with a refurbished phone. Totally not worth it! After the cost of the plan, service fees and inconvenience, just go buy a new phone!

  • bradbortner

    I’ve been a fan of applecare since my iphone 4. It died in year 1.5, with some strange error about a backbone break (I have no idea). They replaced it for free. Another time, I accidently left my phone on a driveway in the heat. It died. They also replaced it for free. I’ve never broken a screen or otherwise damaged my phones, but those two cases convinced me to keep buying it for phones. For may applewatch sport, however, I did not. It did not cost enough to justify the price of the insurance.

  • Bloma

    Holy crap, $2,448, but look at how many apple products you’ve bought! It must be over $50,000 worth. It’s not how much it costs but the percentage of AppleCare costs to total cost of apple products.

  • harpoon11

    what a stupid article!!! grrr

  • ladyhenry

    I pick and chose which products get warranties. I would buy one for the watch as it can get banged around and the crystal has been known to come off. My ipad never goes anywhere and I am cautious with my phone.

  • Ruff

    Didn’t think about this. Unethical life tip! Thanks

  • Kyle Freckleton

    I really can’t stomach this article at all. To say that being careful with your device is all you need to keep it from breaking is absolutely unintelligent, there are thousands and thousand of careful users with devices that break every year, and those with AC probably felt happy they bought it, accidents happen every day.

    Secondly, your device list seems to suggest that you are already wasting tons of money on yearly updates to all these products lines. If you have the money to buy 7 phones in 5 years then you clearly don’t have a lack of income. Many users do not have the cash to upgrade as frequently and when they buy an iPhone they will need it to last for two years at least, this is where AppleCare really works out well. Of course it’s not a value for someone like you, but remember you are not the normal customer.

    In my opinion, anything Apple makes that is intended to be mobile is worth the cost of AC. Have a $3,300 MacBook Pro and it gets damaged while traveling? Well thank goodness you have AppleCare because that $350 you paid will provide you with 2 perfect replacements down the road… no matter the reason they broke.

    TLDR – Don’t buy over $20,000 worth of tech and then write an article slamming a decent warranty program for being nearly 10% of that cost.

    Get Real.