Apple has packed your Mac with enough power and capability to accomplish the majority of your digital needs, but tech development is always ongoing. A wide range of breakthrough apps offer new system enhancements every day, and who doesn’t want to keep up with the latest and greatest in tech?

Now you can give your system a remarkable upgrade in productivity, speed and more with The World Class Mac Bundle, offering 8 top-selling Mac apps for an appealing $29.99.

This assortment of Mac apps are highly rated and well-regarded, sharpening your Mac operations on a wide range of features. Protect yourself against hard drive crashes, keep tabs on the details of your entire system, replace your Mac dock with customizable options and so much more with the apps included in The World Class Mac Bundle.

The bundle includes:

Data Rescue 4 – $99 Value

Macworld gave Data Rescue 4 a 4-star rating, calling it the “best hope for recovering data from a physically functional drive”. Recover your photos, videos and documents after a hard drive crash or a reinstallation of your OS, or after you mistakenly delete them.

Hype 3.5 – $49.99 Value

With Hype 3.5 you’ll be able to create larger-than-life interactive animations for an unlimited range of projects, from web pages to e-books to app prototypes. Utilize HTML5 and CSS3 without learning how to code, and share your creations across desktops, smartphones, and tablets alike with this essential program.

Freeway Pro 7 – $150 Value

Designing professional websites has never been simpler, and with Freeway Pro 7 you don’t even need to know how to code. A simple drag and drop method gets you going, and you’ll be surprised by just how far you can go in creating a fully functional, professional site.

Painter Essentials 5 – $49.99 Value

Corel Painter Essentials 5’s one-of-a-kind tools offer an incredible range of tools, from award-winning Natural-Media brushes to an assortment of realistic painting tools and effects.

uBar 3 – $20 Value

Replace your Mac dock with uBar, offering supreme customization such as tab grouping options, window previews, in-dock reminders, and more.

iStat Menus – $18 Value

Keep your Mac’s vitals visible in the menu bar. Detailed network information and per-app stats keep you in full command of what’s going on with your system, which is why MacStories call it one of their “must-have apps.”

Dropzone 3 – $9.99 Value

Simply drag a file to the top of your screen and drop the file into the right folder, app, or action icon in the grid that pops out. No need to open multiple, excessive windows–it’s as easy as drag and drop.

Xee 3 – $3.99 Value

Browse folders with ease and archive files for a wide range of image formats, organizing your images as you go. Browse folders, Zip, RAR, 7z, CBZ, CBR files & more without opening each file to see what it is. A wide assortment of tools offer high-quality resizing, extracting image metadata, and comprehensive touch control.

Individually, you can expect to pay upwards of $400 for this collection. You can give your system a serious upgrade for 92% off.