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New images surfaced on Tuesday of what is said to be a chassis for Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro. Cult of Mac says they were sent the photos by “an anonymous source who claims to work for one of Apple’s manufacturing partners in China,” but that of course cannot be confirmed.

The so-called spy shots are interesting because there’s a noticeable gap in the laptop chassis, just above the keyboard. The oddity lines up with a recent investor note from prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which called for this year’s MacBook Pro to feature an OLED touchpad.

From Kuo’s note:

While long overlooked, the MacBook line is the brightest spot for Apple’s 2016 rollouts. This is particularly true of the two new MacBook Pro models, to be introduced in 4Q16, as they will have a thinner and lighter form factor, Touch ID, use OLED display touch bar (to replace physical function keys, located above the keyboard) and adopt USB- C / Thunderbolt 3.

And two more photos:

macbook pro

Other than the mysterious keyboard slot, other details we can glean from the images include what looks like 4 USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and thin speaker grills on either side of the keyboard. It’s hard to tell if this MacBook Pro is thinner than its predecessor, but if it is, it’s not much.

Early rumors suggested that Apple could unveil its new MacBook Pros at WWDC, but Kuo says they won’t be ready until Q4.

Source: Cult of Mac

  • Elias Chao

    Damn! I will miss the Magsafe connector.

    • Vince Reedy

      They really need to incorporate MagSafe with USBC. I’ve seen 3rd party stuff, but would like Apple to do it.

    • Christopher Lim

      Maybe…. They might have MagSafe 3? There is a pretty large space to the left of the USB C on the left side… Maybe they have one that works like the apple watches magnetic charger? So… Flat surface? Hopefully anyways.

    • Chindavon

      Hate that Apple is starting to omit the magsafe which is one of THE BEST features on a MacBook.

  • Nolan I.

    That trackpad is huge!

  • techfreak23

    The loss of MagSafe is truly a tragedy… USB-A is also going to be hard to stomach. I need to hurry up and upgrade from my late 2011 13″ MBP before they make all of these changes!

    • Vince Reedy

      If you aren’t interested in the new version, save yourself some $ and wait until they hit the market. The 2015 models will go down in price.

      • techfreak23

        I’m aware of that, it will just be a lot harder to find the exact configuration that I want. Baseline models are easy, but anything more is a struggle. I’m not a basic user looking for a $1299 model or a $1499 model, which are relatively easier to find. I would be looking for the 2.9GHz i5 with 16GB of RAM and the 512GB SSD. Those are custom builds from the factory and usually don’t sit preconfigured in a warehouse. I work for an Apple reseller and I know what the supply line is like after a new release.

  • Jon20

    I wonder why they are considering getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone but not the MacBook? Strange…

    • techfreak23

      There’s more real estate on the MacBooks to keep that plug. The main reason for the drop on the phone, at least based off of the rumors, is to add an additional speaker for more of a stereo sound. Unlike USB-C, Lightning is a proprietary connection so they would make some money off of sales from an adapter for those that still want to use a 3.5mm jack. You know they won’t include that with the phone.

  • canor

    I wonder how the arrow keys would sit in that place.

    • I barely use the arrow keys. Seems pointless to me.

      • techfreak23

        Just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean nobody else uses them…

    • Arrow keys will be the way they are now: left, right, and between them half-up, half-down.

  • From reliable source:

    2016: OLED function keys
    2017: OLED number keys
    2018: OLED Q-P keys
    2019: OLED A-L keys
    2020: OLED Z-M keys
    2021: OLED the rest

  • Chindavon

    The right side of the so called touch bar, looks like a finger print sensor might go there.

  • rockdude094

    Who the heck designs a headphone jack insert ahead of the i/o ports ???