Tweaks of the week

Despite the dry Cydia pipeline that continues on due to the lack of a fresh jailbreak, existing iOS developers are still launching jailbreak tweak releases.

This week hasn’t been much more impressive than the last, but nevertheless, we’ll still recap on everything that’s new. We’ll start with our favorites, and then we’ll finish off with the rest of this week’s releases.

Our favorite release this week

Prenesi 3 – FREE

Prenesi 3 Facebook video download progress

Prenesi 3 is a great new tweak for Facebook users who rock jailbroken devices.

With it, you can tailor the Facebook app for iOS to your personal needs by enabling internal features, changing the way the app behaves, and adding more functionality like video-downloading, directly into the app itself.

Everything is configured directly through the Facebook app itself, and it works with iOS 7 and later with the latest version of the Facebook app from the App Store.

You can learn more about the features Prenesi 3 has to offer from our full review.

Other releases this week

DarkGBoard: Enables a darker background for the GBoard keyboard from Google (free)

LetMeSwitch: Enables manual keyboard selection from a third-party keyboard (free – review)

TextSender for Pebble: Lets you send text messages from your Pebble watch ($0.99 – review)

Although it might not be anything jaw-dropping, it’s worth noting that the jailbreak tweaks released this week are mostly for utilitarian purpose rather than to provide eye-candy.

If you’re itching to find more tweaks that are compatible with your jailbroken device, we suggest staying tuned to iDB! You can also head over to last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup to see if there was anything you missed that you might be able to use.

  • Jayy

    Nice, downloading DarkGboard. The white keyboard doesn’t go with how I have my Jailbroken phone set up.

    • Reilitas

      I love the “Juice” theme from Swiftkey. It’s a nice orange colour! I’m guessing you love the system-wide nightmode so you go with that, I suppose I’ll take it to another direction with orange and blue.

      • Jayy

        My theme is actually dark and orange so that could work, I mean guy check that out!

      • JayDee917

        What theme is that? Looks dope

      • Jayy

        Dominion iOS9
        The dock is from another theme called “Rounded iOS9”

  • Thomas Gehman

    Any update on a 9.3 jailbreak?

    • K A K A S H I

      did you see an article about it?

  • Brave Heart

    I can’t seem to find proton… Which repo is it on? (It doesn’t seem to be on thebigboss repo)(I refreshed a couple of times with no avail)

  • Firedomain

    I installed LetMeSwitch & ironically it prevented me from switching keyboards! When I was on the giffage keyboard I’d try to switch & LetMeSwitch would pop up, but selecting any keyboard did nothing! Weird…. Had to uninstall just to switch keyboards :s